Thursday, May 6, 2010

World Record: 45 second flight

In unreleated news:

A TV station camera crew has captured a flying fish traveling through the air for 45 seconds, in what could be a new world record.

The footage was taken on Monday, from a ferry near Kuchino-erabu island in Kagoshima prefecture, southwestern Japan.

The fish flew alongside a ferry that was traveling at roughly 30 kilometers per hour. The fish was able to continue flying by occasionally beating the surface of the water with its tail-fin when its flight height became low.

An expert says the flight time beats the previous record of 42 seconds reported by an American researcher in the 1920s. He says the flight of 45 seconds must be close to the fish's biological limit, as brachial respiration is impossible while flying in air.

And some additional video, showing these wonderfull creatures:

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