Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wingsuit Cloud Surfing

Hans Schoeber posted a video, playing with his wingsuit and camera.

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News articles

A short news article explains a bit more on the Nissan Outdoor Games, and highlights the newly selected Jury members for this years edition.

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Another media feature highlights Loic Jean Albert, and his wingsuitflying exploits:

Click here for the article
Click here for a google translated version.

And finaly the German media chimes in with some wingsuit mentions:

Click here for the article
Click here for a google translated version.

Heli Boogie FlyBy

Mindblowing jump from a helicopter 700 m above the mountain top where they fly by the "Ørneredet" restaurant on the way down. Wicked!

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Mucho BASE

A birdman 'firebird' and tonysuits 'fusion' fly of Brento (Italy).

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Wingsuit Game (Web Based)

A new simple webgame, enabling you to fly a wingsuit through the Norwegian Fjords has appeared online.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

RBA - Space Needle Swoop

The Iconic Seattle Space Needle Took A Back Seat To An Insane Wingsuit Flight Above The City. Locals All Across The City Were Looking To The Skies In Wonder As The Red Bull Air Force Performed Never-Before-Seen Wingsuit Jumps For A Project Dubbed Red Bull Seattle Swoopers.

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Baffin Island Hatchlings

Enjoying the stormy downtime at Baffin Island (arctic circle), a bunch of bored BASEjumpers make the most of their time.

Weather days, you gotta love em!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Flight Circus

And time again for some soup from our own kitchen.
A small selection of first flights from the past few months!

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Wingsuit proximity flying in Switzerland and Norway

A few clips from flying in Switzerland the last two weeks, plus some old ones.. First shot is from Trond Teigen ( ) Music by Ladyhawke. Basejumping in Lauterbrunnen, The Eiger, Jungfrau, Kjerag and Bispen

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Wingsuit Rodeo

This was a fun Wingsuit Rodeo exit, I feel off but whats amazing is how slow I can mange to get my fall rates.

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Russian FFC's

Our teammate Alejandro is currently in Russia preaching the good word of the nylon.
One of his students uploaded a few videos on his first few jumps. Check it out!

Coaching Jump #2 by Alejandro Lopez Arces at the Tora Tora Boogie in Kolomna, Russia. Flying a Phoenix Phantom 2 Wingsuit. Great feeling of freedom..................... Just spread your arms / legs and away you go.......... Fly for much longer than a normal freefall and can travel many distances.

My 3rd Coaching wingsuit jump. Alejandro Lopez Arce from is taking me through the motions. I get a little cocky and try a Barrel roll which went well. Not bad seeing this is my 3rd jump. Suit is a Phoenix Phantom 2.
Jump made at the Tora Tora Boogie in Kolomna, Russia - check out

Wingsuit Flying & Soccer

Rolf Brombach flies his wingsuit with a (we suspect, judging the amount of flags and national colors) soccer fan.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Oxygen Wingsuit Team - Video

Team Oxygen Springtime Wingsuit Flights at our home dropzone, Skydive Hoevenen. Music artist is "DJ Shadow" with "What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 1- Blue Sky Revisit".

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Empuria Brava - Wingsuit Hotel Swoop

ProBASE World Cup contender Johnny Utah swoops the Bali Hotel in Spain in his Wingsuit!!!! This flight is Siiiiick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Vector Festival 2010 Wingsuit edition @ Empuria Brava

A nice video showing some of the flocking from the Empuria Brava Vector Festival 2010.

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Jump4Heroes BASE Jumping The Eiger

Jump4Heroes BASE Jumping from The Eiger in Switzerland to raise money and awareness for The Royal British Legion and Help For Heroes

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oxygen Wingsuit Team - Trailer

A cool trailer showing the Belgian Wingsuit Team 'Oxygen' training hard for the 3rd International Wingsuit Competition.

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1st Artistic Wingsuit Competition 2008

A long video, but for those interested, may be worth watching.
The 2008 videos from the first Artistic Wingsuit Competition. Following the 2 way + camera format, also popular in freeflying. The competition will be entering its 3rd edition, in Terni, Italy this year.

Check out for more details.


A compilation video, showing round 1 to 5 from the 1st International Wingsuit Competition in 2008.

The score was for Points and Camerawork.
In the 2009 edition, a 'style' score was added, to put more focus on flying the wingsuit at higher performance levels.

The contest

April 2008, skydive center Spa in Belgium was host to the first International Artistic Wingsuit Competition.
Competing over 5 rounds, teams of two performers flew a series of docks and transitions, captured by their cameraman.
Judges Hans Schoeber, Christian Waard and Patrick De Guillebon watched the videos per round as soon as they came in.
A special page on the website with live webcam feeds and constant scoring updates proved to be incredibly popular. Receiving an enormous amount of views from throughout the world.

A special handicap scoring system made sure all rounds ended up with comparable scores, even though the difficulty level went up a notch with each one. Especially the later rounds with more backflying proved to be difficult. Points were also awarded for the camera flying.

The teams from Tony Suits and Phoenix Fly put up a big fight for the 1st place.
But when team FlyLikeBrick managed to outscore the Phoenix Fly team in round 4, team Tony Suits smelled blood and made a leap for the gold by winning the last round, and thus taking 1st place in the competition. Phoenix Fly took home the 2nd prize, with FlyLikeBrick winning 3d.


There where many amazing prizes made available by the events main sponsor Cypres, as well as FlyYourBody, Birdman, Phoenix Fly, TonySuits, Paralog and Extreme FlyWear.

FlyLikeBrick also managed to take home the DoDo Award. A special cash prize made available by SkyJester for the most spectacular tumble in competition. There was also a raffle for everyone attending, with special prizes made available by Cypres and TonySuits.

For the next edition we will be revising the rules a little, and working towards getting everyone to 'fly' more.
But the general rules and framework of the competition proved to be working and the competition was a big succes.

A big thank you to all the sponsors and the wonderfull dropzone Spa, and an even bigger thank you for all the teams who traveled and jumped in the freezing cold to make this competition a reality!

The score

1st place
team: Tony Suits
performers: Jeff Neberkopf, Tony Uragallo
camera: Tristan Whitmarsh

2nd place
team: Phoenix Fly
performers: Kristina Raskina, James Boole
camera: Robert Pecnik

3d place
team: FlyLikeBrick
performers: Alejandro Lopez Arce, Jarno Cordia
camera: Costyn van Dongen

4th place
team: DNB Nord
performers: Kaspars Sprogis, Daiga Martisevska
camera: Raitis Saulitis

5th place
team: Pinky and the Brains
performers: Pascal Nijs (aka Bassie), Karin De Fraiture
camera: Bavo Vleminckx

6th place
team: SkySwoopers
performers: Mette Høgaard Kristensen, Benny Skovhede
camera: Bo Wienberg

7th place
team: Teuge
performers: Johan Wiltink, Henny Wiggers
camera: Saskia Zegwaard

For more information, check out

Wingsuit Scarmble

A short video, showing a Norwegian wingsuit meeting.

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Wingsuit Cloud Surf

Elias Gerris posted a new video on his YouTube account:

Small wingsuit cloudsurf at my home dropzone, Skydive Hoevenen. Thank you Bavo for altering the diveplan and punching it towards the clouds! :-)

Check it out!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

From our own backyard...

In between all the posting here on WWWN,, and of course real life happening, we even find time to do the odd wingsuit jump ourselves!

Jarno and I (Costyn) were at Skydive Rotterdam yesterday evening for a funjump. Unfortunately once in the plane we were told we would not be going any higher than 5000ft. So here's one of Fly Like Brick's shortest videos ever. :)


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lodi Wingsuit Weekend

The Ill Vision wingsuit squardron in action over Lodi

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French BASEjumper JimStar sadly had a less than perfect landing after a great wingsuit flight.

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A History of Human Flight

Corey Blade talks us through the awesome history of Human Flight.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Pilot Chute in tow & low cutaway

Josh from the USA uploaded this scary video to his YouTube account:
My first parachute malfunction... Pilot chute in tow.... Super low reserve opening.... Cypress fired after reserve deployment.... Open at 300ft.... Next time don't wait so long....

Check it out!

Sweetspot No. 14 - Tom Erik Heimen in Norway

A nice BASE video, showing some additional footage (previously seen in the DVD seven sunny days).

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Anemoi - Wingsuit Team

The Anemoi Wingsuit Team from Argentina posted a video on their trainingjumps for the 3rd International Wingsuit Competition (to be held in Italy, September 2010)

Carlos Parola
Diego Sánchez
Juan Mayer

Team SUNS - Wingsuit BASE

Gravity surfers SUNS rippin' some swiss BASE spots. Photography by Bubu's 3rd eye...

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Friday, June 11, 2010

FlyLikeBrick - Flight Manual 08 - Recovery Techniques

There is a new Flight Manual (instructional video) available on, this time on recovery techniques for instability.

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UK 2 ways

SmileyNeil posted a series of videos on jumps from two weeks ago.

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Mile-Hi Skydiving Center

Somehow All-Caps always reads as screaming, so check out this one:



First WingSuit Flight

A first flight posted by AlexDancer from moldavia:

1st and 2nd wingsuit flight - S-fly Acces

MicheleSkydive posted 2 videos of Guiseppe Verde making his first 2 wingsuit jumps.

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Where the wind blows

Translated from French:

"Monvié Great, when it is windy, you will burn a life!"
Sometimes you can not imagine how strong Is The Wind at bottom of the cliff ... At Last jump, wingsuit impossible to fly low and pull scary for us!
images & editing: Jeronimo / June 2010
warning: base jumping or paralpinisme is a dangerous sport. Do not reproduce what you see on these images.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wingsuit Ocaña

Some Jumps from This Weekend. Flying a Firebird.

Flight of the Buzzard

Here is the First flight on my new suit The Phat Bird : Buzzard. It flew alot better than the last model. I have done a second jump but no video. Flew even better on the second jump. No issues with ripping or wing inflation. Everything stayed pressurized rock solid and held up on both jumps

Head Camera

Video buffo di un salto con la tuta alare fatto questo sabato a Molinella. La telecamera era attaccata ad un'asticella sul casco. Alla fine è venuto ripreso il mio faccione con l'espressione impegnata e il resto del corpo sembra muoversi come una marionetta :-)

translates via google to:

Funny video of a jump with wingsuit done this Saturday to Molinella. The camera was attached to a stick on the helmet. It finally came on my face again with the words involved and the rest of the body seems to move like a puppet :-)

Check it out!

Vector Hunters

From Spain comes this great short video made for the Vector Festival.

Check it out!

Nancy Boogie 2010

Via our news submit, we got this video, showing some nice formation flying from France.

Check it out!

Feel The Emotion - Beautiful Lies

B-Complex's track "Beautiful Lies" used as the back drop to wingsuit flying. check out it!

68 Wingsuit Record

California, 68 wingsuit skydivers trying set up a new US record. Watch the jump!

Check it out!

Solo wingsuit over Gap, June 2010

Solo wingsuit over Gap, June 2010

Check it out!

And also from the same flyer, this video

Monday, June 7, 2010

"No Pull Find"

DouggsLooseDude posted a video of a tense moment he experienced on a wingsuit BASEjump, when he was unable to locate the pull handle the first and second attempt. Check it out!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Wingsuit flyers accused of being UFO's

Blue Skies Magazine has a fun news item on 2 wingsuit flyers, jumping wingsuits for charity, being arrested for UFO behavior.

Check out the new item here

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Norwegian bastards

The Norwegian bastards in Romsdalen is out testing there Wingsuits in different weather.
Eiliv Ruud
Tom Erik Heimen
Bjarte Bø

Check it out!

Flight Control posted a nice video, showing some work currently being done in 3D flight control with quadro-copters.

Not really wingsuit stuff, but one of those geeky related subjects most of us dont mind seeing.

We don't know whether we should be terrified or overjoyed. We've just come across a video demo from the University of Pennsylvania's GRASP Lab that shows an autonomous quadrotor helicopter performing "precise aggressive maneuvers." And trust us when we say, nothing in the foregoing sentence is an overstatement -- the thing moves with the speed and grace of an angry bee, while accompanied by the perfectly menacing whine of its little engine.

Wingsuits in 3D

Copying my post from

For those that don't know, next to the skydiving/wingsuit flying madness, I also run a post-production company specialised in 3D animation and special effects.

Recently Ive been getting a lot of work in terms of stereoscopic 3D, and as part of a concept tests/work showcase I got to play with some (2D) skydiving footage. now has a new project showcase added, with some wingsuit flying in 3D.

Some of this footage started life as video some as pictures (mostly shot by Scotty Burns), but all shot with a single camera. The depth was added via a combination of 2D and 3D techniques.

Note: Anaglyph (Red/Cyan) glasses are needed to properly view this footage.
So whip out the funky glasses and enjoy.
This is just a teaser. There is a LOT more wingsuit 3D coming soon!Cool

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Douglas Spotted Eagle featured

With this news site seemingly being turned into the DSE blog, we have another post featuring wingsuiter Douglas Spotted Eagle.

Utah local news site Tooele Transcript Bulletin Online has an article about DSE and his recovery from his skydiving accident, which he had about a year ago.

Read the article here.

RedBull Skydive Team

Next to the Red Bull Airforce, there now is a website for the Austrian Red Bull Skydiveteam, with a load of new content.

The Red Bull skydive team is a demo team, that does a lot of jumps at Red Bull events. Showcasing a range of freefall, CRW and wingsuit flying in team colored wingsuits.

Be sure to check out for more!