Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Russian FFC's

Our teammate Alejandro is currently in Russia preaching the good word of the nylon.
One of his students uploaded a few videos on his first few jumps. Check it out!

Coaching Jump #2 by Alejandro Lopez Arces at the Tora Tora Boogie in Kolomna, Russia. Flying a Phoenix Phantom 2 Wingsuit. Great feeling of freedom..................... Just spread your arms / legs and away you go.......... Fly for much longer than a normal freefall and can travel many distances.

My 3rd Coaching wingsuit jump. Alejandro Lopez Arce from is taking me through the motions. I get a little cocky and try a Barrel roll which went well. Not bad seeing this is my 3rd jump. Suit is a Phoenix Phantom 2.
Jump made at the Tora Tora Boogie in Kolomna, Russia - check out

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