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Improving World Wide Wingsuit News

Hi readers,

We've been doing World Wide Wingsuit News for a while now, and we post what we think you guys are going to enjoy and find interesting.

We were wondering if you had any suggestions or ideas on how we could make this site more interesting and/or fun.

For example, there aren't many comments posted with articles; I guess people either have not much to say about them or don't know about the comments feature? I've put an extra section in the right-hand column, 'Recent Comments' where comments recently posted to the articles are shown. Perhaps that can entice people to start discussions?

I've also added a poll, just to try it out.

What other things would you like to see here?

Let us know in the comments! :)

First flight of Crystal Lotz

Justin Shorb's girlfriend Crystal Lotz did a FFC with Justin. Here's the video she uploaded to Vimeo:

Flocking with a Pilatus Porter

This video was recently posted to YouTube, but I'm not sure if it's recent or not (I haven't seen it before). At any rate, it's pretty cool: Cedric Dumont flies a PF Vampire next to a Pilatus Porter. I think it's the Porter that's owned by Belgian skydiving club PCV. If you have more info on this video, please comment in the comments section!

Monkey see monkey do @ Soulac

User SiskoBen uploaded this video of a jump he made with Alex:

Flock above Soulac, France

Yorick posted this video of a sunset jump he did with Arjan, Bernd, and my teammates Jarno and Alex.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mushroom to Grindelwald

"Hayduke Midlfinger Sr." posted this wingsuit BASE video. He writes:
Flying from the normal Eiger exit to Grindelwald Camping.
Arm strength seems to be the limiting factor here. After 2+ minutes it was very difficult to maintain max glide. Someone with the same suit and stronger arms should be able to arrive higher. I will have to drink more milk.

At about 2000m vertical and about 5.4km distance, the necessary total glide ratio is 2.7:1 including the freefall start and the pull altitude, so in reality you have to fly at better than 2.7:1 for more than 5km.

Fly By Wire training jump

German wingsuit team Fly By Wire posted a video of a training jump they recently did. Unfortunately they had to cancel their plan to join the Wingsuit Competition in Terni this year. They are planning on being there in 2011 though.

Maine State Wingsuit Record

Jeff Nebelkopf posted this video of the Maine state wingsuit record which, looking at the video, is now a 5-way V.

Monster Puffy Surfing Madness and Utah Canyon Jump

Ted Biggs posted this video of some funky cloud surfing

And a video of wingsuit flights above some canyons in Utah

Wingsuit flock over Moorsele, Belgium

Our friend Hans Schoeber uploaded this video he made during the boogie at Moorsele:

Wingsuit BASE jumps by Roch Malnuit

Roch Malnuit has uploaded a bunch of video's recently to Vimeo. I'm going to put them all in this post:

Summerfest Wingsuit 2010

With Vimeo search finally working again here's the first of a bunch of videos that have been uploaded to Vimeo recently:

Summerfest Wingsuit 2010 from Trix Onik on Vimeo.

Paraglider perspective of a wingsuit flyby

A paraglider with the username Suermel26 posted this to YouTube. Maybe it was Jeb? The location in this video is the same (checkout the screenshots from the 2 videos below).

Flight from 18000ft in Montreal, Canada

Pascal Coudé sent us this video of a jump he made from 18000ft in Montreal, Canada

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Team ARGON's wingsuit flights for Nissan Outdoor Games 2010

Team ARGON's wingsuit flights for the BASE sequence of their winning Film INCANTATIO, FOR Nissan Outdoor Games 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wingsuit Base - Criou, France

Although posted a few weeks ago, I don't think we've posted this yet.

Wingsuit Base - Criou - France from Roch Malnuit on Vimeo.

Voss wingsuit game

The Voss tourist website has a game on their website in which you can fly a wingsuit through the fjords.

Check it out here.

A demo video on YouTube:

There have been reports of the game being buggy and the longer you play the more computer memory it takes up. Should still be playable.

Espen Fadnes wins World BASE Race 2010

As posted on the World BASE Race website a few days ago: Espen Fadnes got 1st place. 2nd place goes to Phoenix-Fly owner Robi Pecnik. 3rd to Jean Noel Itzstein of France.

The scoreboard was posted to

Wingsuit game 'Volo' - now with split screen

Martijn 'Tinus' Zandvliet posted a new video to his YouTube account showing splitscreen play:

Red Bull Chronicles item on Chuck Berry

New Zealand's Chuck Berry posted a Red Bull Chronicles to YouTube about his terrain/proximity flying New Zealand's The Remarkables mountain range.

Also check out the post with pictures on his website.

Parasummer boogie, Estonia

Another video from Estonia, wingsuits at the Parasummer boogie in Pärnu, Estonia.

Update: 'Lego' sent me a message that I was mistaken about this video being in Finland, that it was actually in Pärnu, Estonia. Sorry about that!

Zivile's 1st wingsuit flight

Looking at the tag this appears to come from Finland, a nice first flight video.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Playgravity 2 - The Other Side trailer

Not your average extreme sports movie! While showing breathtaking action in the sports of Snowboarding, Skydiving, Paragliding, Wingsuit-BASE, Kitesurfing and Speedriding, the successor of the first PLAYGRAVITY-movie is looking at "the other side" of these Athletes.

PLAYGRAVITY 2 - the other side from PLAYGRAVITY on Vimeo.

Kjerag exit nr 4 by Laurent Victor

Vimeo user Laurent Victor uploaded simple but beautiful video from the Kjerag fjord in Norway. Check it out on Vimeo in HD or watch it full screen for best experience:

exit 4 rough cut from Laurent victor on Vimeo.

Wingsuit money shots...

In what I promise is a safe-for-work (if your boss is ok with you watching wingsuit video that is), here's a video called Cumshot Compilation, with, according to uploader, wingsuit BASE money shots. :-)

Too sexy for your party

A fun little video over the Moab desert in Utah, USA:

More French flocks

Skykuts also sent us this video. Check it out!

Wingsuit flocking French-style

Skykuts sent us the link to his video of some nice French flocking action:

Jeb Corliss Jungfrau 5-angles

I posted the original last week, but Jeb has uploaded more footage from his proximity flying from the Jungfrau in Switzerland.

Jeb Corliss flying the crack

Jeb uploaded some more spectacular footage from his wingsuit BASE jumps in Switzerland

Wingsuit balloon demo jumps

This video shows some demo wingsuit jumps made from a balloon somewhere in the USA.

Red Bull Air Force on ABC News

An ABC news item that seems to have been filmed from a TV, featuring the Red Bull Air Force guys flying S-Fly wingsuits. I'm not sure if this was a recent TV item, but I'm guessing it's an older item, seeing as they fly Phoenix-Fly Vampires these days.

Porter relative work, cloud surfing

In what looks like France, a wingsuiter following a Porter and doing some cloud surfing:

Phantom2z 2-way above the clouds

In a jump that makes you wonder how they navigated, we see 2 wingsuits fly above a layer of clouds with no holes in it anywhere. It's not apparent if they made it back to the DZ.

First flight in Arcachon, France

A first flight with a view of a the Atlantic ocean. Pretty nice!

Wingsuit acrobatics practice

Elias does some acrobatics practice in this video. Looks good, Elias!

Better turn down your sound though: the wind noise is still in the video and it's pretty loud and distorted.

Firebird-R over Chester, South Carolina

YouTube user Davisaustin09 posted this video of him doing a solo in his Bird-Man Firebird-R over Chester, South Carolina. The camera is attached to his ankle for a nice alternative angle.

Wingsuits over Pärnu, Estonia

From our Estonian wingsuit friends, a little video with some nice flocks. No comment on the music choice... :-P

Also available in HD on YouTube.

Friday, July 23, 2010

First flights for "Lawrence"

This video features Lawrence doing his first wingsuit jumps with what looks like Justin Shorb's ugly mug, likely giving him coaching... ;-)

Wingsuit Boogie at Puschino, Russia

A nice compilation video from a wingsuit boogie at Puschino, Russia was uploaded by user LoebRus. Great flying guys!

Check it out! It's available in HD, you'll have to watch it on YouTube itself though... click on the title in the video to go to YouTube.

A different point of view

German wingsuiter Flip uploaded this video entitled "Longest Wingsuit Flight", which is I'm guessing his personal longest. The camera angle is unusual although Jarno has used this a number of times before too.

Speaking of which, Jarno is in Soulac, France at the moment giving first flight courses and coaching, hence posts being a little less frequent here than all you readers are perhaps used to.

Enjoy the video!

Elias needs to use his wingsuit cutaway

Belgian wingsuiter Elias Gerris uploaded this video to YouTube, where we see him unable to open his left arm zipper and needing to use the cutaway, as he's also dealing with line twists.

Fortunately he's flying the always forgiving Electra (same canopy as mine!), and all ends well. Elias, if you're reading this maybe you can comment on what went wrong with your zipper?

Update: Elias sent me the following:
After an uneventful wingsuit training jump from 12000ft, I deployed in full flight (my mistake) at around 3500ft. Inititial opening went ok, but then suddenly I started spinning. So I thought, get out of the linetwist as fast as possible. I tried to open my left arm wing and, as I have experienced before on the ground, the black leathery fabric on the inside of the sleeve that is there to protect your skin from your zipper cutting your arm, got stuck in the zipper. When I had this problem on the ground the zipper got broken while trying to get the fabric out (An experienced instuctor fixed it for me, and it now works as good as new). When I tried a few times to open it, wich didn't work, I thought I'd just open my right wing and and started to get out of the twist with one hand. After that I knew that by pulling the fabric from in between the zipper might break the zipper again, I just cutaway the left wing. Stowed cable under my t-shirt and had a soft landing :)

Youngest wingsuit flyer featured on German TV

Christian Stadler's (aka Skyjester) son Toni, who holds the title of youngest wingsuit pilot, had an item on German TV. Skyjester has uploaded it to YouTube.

Unfortunately it's all in German, maybe a German reader of World Wide Wingsuit News can translate it for us?

"Fastest in the valley"

YouTube user dAwrkives uploaded a video entitled "BASE Jump - Fastest In The Valley" from what looks to be at the World Base Race (correct me if I'm wrong).

Check it out!

Update: Sorry, looking at it again, it looks like an old video that someone just re-uploaded recently.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Red Bull Air Force interviewed by ABC News

In an unusually well written article (for mass media), members of the Red Bull Air Force wingsuit team are interviewed and give their views on the various aspects of wingsuit BASE and what it means for them.

Read the article here.

They've got some cool pictures too.

Wingsuit/canopy relative work

Derek Box flies his canopy relative to 'Walt' during a beautiful sunset jump. Pretty cool that he's doing this without trim tabs. Impressive. Derek writes:

The first of many wingsuit/canopy flock jumps. I am on my everyday canopy: a Velo loaded at 3.0. No weights, no trim tabs and no tricks. More to come.

3D wingsuit proximity flying game: new preview

Martijn 'Tinus' Zandvliet posted a new video of the wingsuit proximity flying game that he's working on. We've featured previews of the game before. This time he's added multiple flyers, showing what the multiplayer game could be like:

I must say I think it looks really cool, and I can't wait for him to release it so we can all give it a go.

Nissan Outdoor Games - Team France "Oseven"

A nice short made for the Nissan outdoor games, showing a cool wingsuit FlyBy passed two paragliders doing aerobatics.

Check it out!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

JT Holmes wingsuit stuntman for 'Transformers 3'

JT Holmes is featured in a short article on the The Ski Channel TV Network website, about his jump from the Sears Tower in Chicago for the upcoming movie Transformers 3. We've seen the footage last week, but we didn't know who the pilots were.

Check out the article here.

Jeb Corliss proximity flight at the Jungfrau in Switzerland

Jeb Corliss just posted this video to his Youtube account:

WBR helsetkopen

wingsuit base jumping at the WBR 2010 competition in hellesylt norway

Check it out!

First wingsuit basejump

Mike Chapman uploaded some video footage on his first Wingsuit Basejump in Italy.

Check it out!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Archive: TV item on Loic Jean-Albert

Though Loic sadly doesnt fly wingsuits anymore, the media is still quite active in showcasing his amazing flying skills. An archival piece from French television made it to YouTube.

Check it out!

Extreme Wingsuit Flying in SA

A short docu item on Julien Boole, for Coca Cola Zero.
The suit looks to be a GS1 or custom made wingsuit.

Check it out!

S-Fly wingsuit camp - July 2010

A cool video showing one of Zun's wingsuit camps in Brienne le Château (France).

Check it out:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

WBR - Media

Some media exposure for the WBR, posted through

Check it out here

Wingsuit front loop and barrel roll practice

Eli posted another video, showing some training/practice jumps he made at his home dropzone:

First two jumps practicing front loops in a Phantom 2z wingsuit.

Wingsuit Cloud Surfing

Belgian Eli posted a new video:

In light of a discussion on the wingsuit forum on I made a compilation of some cloudsurfs that I have done over the past few weeks. Dropzones are Skydive Hoevenen, Skydive Zwartberg/Blackmountain and Skydive Sevilla. Wingsuits used were a Phantom2z and a Stealth1 from Phoenix-Fly.

Youngest wingsuit pilot worldwide

Christian "SkyJester" posted a new video on his YouTube account,
Check it out!

After 200 skydives and the Birdman instruction Toni did his 1st and 2nd wingsuit flight. He is just 14 years old and probably the youngest legal wingsuit pilot ever...
His flight lessons in planes and helicopters as well as his experience in rc-aircrafts, gave him lots of understanding for aerodynamics.
In August (13th-15th 2010) he will take part at SkyJester's Wings over Marl, the biggest wingsuit competition around the world.
Good luck for that!
Tony wants to thank everybody, who support him in skydiving.

WBR - The results

Through twitter updates at WorldBaseRace
we are proud to announce that Espen Fatnes is now the worlds fastest human being.

Smashing the track record, he managed to beat all his fellow competitors, and come out on top in the finale.

Check out the results: - 1000 posts

What started as a news-section for has since than grown into one of the most popular websites for news and videos on wingsuit flying.

Time for a small celebration, and a few statistics:

Since December 2008 has been proud to offer you 1000 news items.
We recently passed 120.000 pageviews, from over 78.000 visitors.

The graphs showing the visitors keep climbing, and have gone from an avg. of 10 to 15 per day, back when we started, up to 150 to 400 a day these days, with peaks close to 800.

Thank you all for reading! And stay tuned for more news, more videos, and more enthousiasm on the subject we like and love!

Wingsuit flying!

Check it out!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

World Record Wingsuit from 18 000 ft with oxygen at Parachute Montréal (by Pascal Coudé)

A jumper from Canada claims a new world record, though not sure in which catagory it would be. But regardless, here is the data and the video that goes with it!

Wingsuit record at 18,000 feet with oxygen, opening at 3000 feet.
Total time in free fall: (4 Minutes 9 Seconds)
Distance Traversed horizontal (12.4 km)
Location: Parachute Montreal, Saint-Esprit. On June 9, 2010 at 10:30 AM.

Transformers 3 - Wingsuit Base Jumps (continued)

More crowd-shots on the Chicago shoot for Michael Bays 'Transformers 3', showing militairy wingsuit jumpers flying of the Sears tower (Member of the Red Bull AirForce)

Check it out!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 - It's looking a bit different

If you've stopped by recently, you might have noticed that things look a little different.

The site has been totally overhauled and given a completely new look. Usability has been a priority as navigation is much better allowing you to browse their products with ease and compare suits side by side with a handy comparison table

This has been a long time in the making, so it's good to finally see the fresh new look live on the internets.

Check out the new look site here.

F*k no!

A wingsuit BASEjump at Kjerag (Norway) with an unfortunate landing in the cold water.

Check it out!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Transformers 3 - Wingsuit Jumps

For the filming of Transformers 3, a militairy wingsuit infiltration was shot in downtown Chicago (USA).
The jumpers made 3 jumps from a helicopter, and some wingsuit building jumps from Sears Tower where also made for the shoot.

A simple line-twist one of the jumpers experienced, seemed to scare the audience checking out the jumps.

Shot from the 42nd floor at 225 N Columbus. 5 jumpers in squirrel suits jumped from a helicopter and landed in the Lakeshore East park. It did appear that one jumper struggled to maintain control and nearly missed the aqua building, once landed a few workers rushed over to him...after a few minutes he seemed fine though. They took three shots of this scene on Sunday, July 11th from 7am

Check it out!

And some shots of the jumps made from the building:

And more angles on the three jumps made:

Monday, July 12, 2010

For the love of flight! user hjumper33 has just posted up a really nice video of his recent BASE trip to Europe.

Some very cool flights set to a nice chilled musical back drop. What a great start to a Monday morning!

For the love of flight from Charley Kurlinkus on Vimeo.

Friday, July 9, 2010

World Base Race

Only one more day, and the World Cup and World BASE race is starting in Norway.

Check out to stay up to date on whats happening, and who gets to go home with the title 'fastest human being on the planet'

Thursday, July 8, 2010 - Wingsuit Video

A cool wingsuit video just appeared on

Check it out!

Human Flight 3D

The newly planned IMAX film 'Human Flight 3D' has a new trailer and website at

The trailer also features a lot of footage on Eli Thompson, who sadly had a fatal accident during the filming of this production.

Some beautifull images, that will be nothing short of amazing when watched in 3D.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Norway Heli Boogie - OS productions

OS productions uploaded three videos on the Norway HeliBoogie

Check em out!

2010 Heli-Boogie Days One & Two - view
2010 Heli-Boogie Day Three - view
2010 Heli-Boogie Day Four - view

Norway HeliBoogie

Dutch Wietse and Jeroen enjoying the Norway HeliBoogie

Check it out!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Project Atlas

The guys from the Spanish Project Atlas have posted a nice video, showing some of their awesome wingsuit exploits from the past few years.

Check it out!

Ekstremsportveko 2010 - Best off

A series of jawdropping shots, showing various exteme sports thrown into the mix at the 2010 Ekstremsportveko in Norway.
Take special notice of the wingsuit scene at 5:24, where the pilot walked away shaken, not stirred.

Check it out!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Clipping trees

NRK Sport has posted an awesome proximity flight by Jokke Sommer and Espen (bottom of page).

Check it out here

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

A short film, made for a filmfestival shows us some B.A.S.E. jumping with trackingsuits and wingsuits.

Check it out!