Friday, July 23, 2010

Elias needs to use his wingsuit cutaway

Belgian wingsuiter Elias Gerris uploaded this video to YouTube, where we see him unable to open his left arm zipper and needing to use the cutaway, as he's also dealing with line twists.

Fortunately he's flying the always forgiving Electra (same canopy as mine!), and all ends well. Elias, if you're reading this maybe you can comment on what went wrong with your zipper?

Update: Elias sent me the following:
After an uneventful wingsuit training jump from 12000ft, I deployed in full flight (my mistake) at around 3500ft. Inititial opening went ok, but then suddenly I started spinning. So I thought, get out of the linetwist as fast as possible. I tried to open my left arm wing and, as I have experienced before on the ground, the black leathery fabric on the inside of the sleeve that is there to protect your skin from your zipper cutting your arm, got stuck in the zipper. When I had this problem on the ground the zipper got broken while trying to get the fabric out (An experienced instuctor fixed it for me, and it now works as good as new). When I tried a few times to open it, wich didn't work, I thought I'd just open my right wing and and started to get out of the twist with one hand. After that I knew that by pulling the fabric from in between the zipper might break the zipper again, I just cutaway the left wing. Stowed cable under my t-shirt and had a soft landing :)

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