Saturday, July 31, 2010

Improving World Wide Wingsuit News

Hi readers,

We've been doing World Wide Wingsuit News for a while now, and we post what we think you guys are going to enjoy and find interesting.

We were wondering if you had any suggestions or ideas on how we could make this site more interesting and/or fun.

For example, there aren't many comments posted with articles; I guess people either have not much to say about them or don't know about the comments feature? I've put an extra section in the right-hand column, 'Recent Comments' where comments recently posted to the articles are shown. Perhaps that can entice people to start discussions?

I've also added a poll, just to try it out.

What other things would you like to see here?

Let us know in the comments! :)


  1. Frankly, I am surprised that you guys don't have even more comments. I'm not sure what sort of traffic you get but it seems like you should have a lot more comments than this. Although that is one of the tricky aspects of blogging and is a large "measure of success" despite unique impressions per month being more of a legitimate indicator of how well you are doing.

    Here are some ideas to bring in more traffic (and therefore more comments/conversation):

    1) Branch out into "Tracking", maintaining more posts about tracking and tracking videos, or even branch out to speedgliding, you may pull in a wider audience.

    2) Aggressive advertising on and and local Skydiving/BASE sites (like the Aussie or UK sites).

    3) Buy a referral domain like and have them redirect to flylikeabrick. With detailed meta tags and analytics "best practices" you will essentially open up "new channels" to bring in more traffic for people that are more attracted to different domain names.

    4) Invest in more direct advertising like with Google Adwords, Link Building or using comments/trackbacks on other blogs (like Extreme Sport blogs and such).

    5) Post your RSS feed everywhere. I have your blog hooked right into my Google Reader (and actually on my iGoogle Homepage) but I'm sure if you had more people hooking up to your RSS you'll have more frequent return traffic. And of course the skydiving/BASE community is the main target audience so if you can keep those people specifically coming back then you will get a lot more comments and discussion.

    Good luck!

    PS - I'm a huge fan of the site and think you guys do a great job.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for your thoughts and ideas. We'll certainly see what we can do with them. We already have pointing to this blog. We might change it all around and change it from to

    We have Google Analytics gathering data for this blog, and it indicates we get an average of between 150 and 200 unique visitors every day, dropping to 100 in the weekends. So this is really our motivation for keeping it going, seeing that we have lots of regulars checking out what we posted. Of course, getting more comments in would be more motivating... :)

    I'm guessing we don't get that many comments because most people are just browsing and people in general don't have much time these days anyways.



  3. Well, most of the entries are quick reposts of individual skydiving videos. In that sense, you are an aggregator of of such videos, so that lazy people like me don't have to trawl youtube every day to find something interesting. ;)

    I think news is something different than that, though. News outlets don't just offer facts anymore, they offer opinions and perspectives. Good news outlets always strive to offer something that makes them truly unique. In this case I guess there would have to be something that makes WWWN more than the sum of its parts. I'll have a think about what that could be. :)

    Great job so far though! My game certainly wouldn't be what it is today if you guys weren't around to provide this endless stream of inspiring material.

  4. @Martijn,

    Unfortunately, there's not much actual news to report usually. We sometimes find articles in mainstream news outlets about wingsuiting which we post, but other than that, it's kind of hard to find stuff to post at times. The videos on YouTube and Vimeo are easy, they just keep on coming...

    I guess you're right about opinions and perspectives; perhaps we should add some of our own opinions about the videos we post. Then other people could add their opinions on that...

    We've always kind of tried to be neutral about what we post; "just the facts". The WS community is kind of small and if you start criticizing something/someone, that could be misinterpreted.

    What would be cool if we could get more people to write a short article on events they're at or have been to. We've tried this in the past with mixed succes. We might try it again sometime.

  5. In terms of content; I'd like to receive a day-to-day update on the wingsuit landing project.
    Whatever the progress; on field, off-field, desk, finances, everything.
    Even if nothing happened, that's a day wasted towards that cause.

    Ayan Mullick

  6. @Ayan,

    If we had any information on this project, we'd surely post it. As it stands, we know just as much as you do about it.



  7. Say you have a wingsuit landing project, and sponsors pay your way....I think thats a closer reality than the actual 'quest' to do it ;)