Friday, July 30, 2010

Paraglider perspective of a wingsuit flyby

A paraglider with the username Suermel26 posted this to YouTube. Maybe it was Jeb? The location in this video is the same (checkout the screenshots from the 2 videos below).


  1. or he :-)!

    at about 1:55

  2. Ah yea that's the same place. There's even a paraglider visible in the video, although the paraglider is on a different side than in the paraglider video.

  3. Naming this site is not a good job :-(

    It is my backyard, the people in the town know about the Videos, also the local paragliding school...

    Hopefully not too much people who are ignoring the air traffic (there are sailplanes too) are now coming....

    Herwig Habenbacher