Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Transformers 3 - Wingsuit Jumps

For the filming of Transformers 3, a militairy wingsuit infiltration was shot in downtown Chicago (USA).
The jumpers made 3 jumps from a helicopter, and some wingsuit building jumps from Sears Tower where also made for the shoot.

A simple line-twist one of the jumpers experienced, seemed to scare the audience checking out the jumps.

Shot from the 42nd floor at 225 N Columbus. 5 jumpers in squirrel suits jumped from a helicopter and landed in the Lakeshore East park. It did appear that one jumper struggled to maintain control and nearly missed the aqua building, once landed a few workers rushed over to him...after a few minutes he seemed fine though. They took three shots of this scene on Sunday, July 11th from 7am

Check it out!

And some shots of the jumps made from the building:

And more angles on the three jumps made:

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