Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wingsuit in Alps - August 2010

After whole season and past experience i was ready to start doing some close fly to the trees and cliffs. 10 years in skydiving, 6 years in BASE and bunch of wingsuit flights. Maybe slow... but safe and i know that i was able to handle it. Be safe out there and don't try it without correct preparation.
Thanks to everyone who share exits with me and Diverse Extreme Team for supporting my dreams.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Wingsuit pictures from Ukraine

An Ukranian photo presentation on wingsuit flying (and more).

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Wingsuit stability problems

From New Zealand comes this video showing a wingsuitflyer caught in a bad spin after exit.

FlyLikeBrick.com has a series of (free) video tutorials, one of which deals with instability and recovery techniques. Check it out....(seriously!)

Fernando Goncalves Europe 2010

Fernando posted a cool video with some EU basejumping,

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Wingsuit Proximity Gardening: Or how to trim a Pinetree with your armwing

Some close contact Proximity flying from our favorite groundcarving Russian

Future is now, blame Phoenix Fly for making human flight real... Andrey Karr and Eiliv Ruud fighting against the mother nature on some random waterfall in Romsdalen.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Come for the job, stay for the lifestyle

A beautifull commercial selling Norway as the country to live

Greater Stavanger commercial for the Stavanger-region. Filmed at Kjerag, Lysefjorden and Forum Jæren. Atle Dahl plays the lead role as the basejumper. Produced by Filmavdelingen.

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Justin Shorb - Wingsuit Flyer

Mystic Seaport: the Museum of America and the sea is hosting a series of special presentations, with select speakers from various sports.

One of the speakers is well known wingsuit pilot, and strong promotor of the community and sport, Justin Shorb.

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Justin Shorb
Thursday, October 21

Dreams of flying have captivated human imagination since prehistoric times, but today the dream is a reality with wingsuit flying. Resembling something between a flying squirrel and a snow angel, the wingsuit allows skydivers to leap out of an aircraft or off a precipice into the void, spread their arms, and soar through the air.

Justin is the visionary who founded Flock University in order to bring the best training and standardization to the field of wingsuiting. As an organizer, team captain and plane captain at every major skydiving event in the USA and in Marl, Germany, Justin is revered as a leader and no-nonsense coach in this extreme sport (watch videos). Shorb has been featured on The History Channel, EXPN, CNN, FOX, and high-profile publications in articles related to skydiving.

For more details, go to the website of Mystic Seaport: the Museum of America

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flock U Vertical Challenge - Official Video

The official video from the 2010 Vertical Challenge Invitational organized by Flock University is now online.

Last weekend, wingsuit flyers from all across the US gathered at Jumptown (Orange, MA) with the goal of creating a 16-way vertical (stacked) formation that had never been done before.

Enjoy watching the awesome results from this event:

Flock University Vertical Challenge 2010 from Drunken Skwrl Productions on Vimeo.

Balunar FlyBy

A slightly older video of a nice crew FlyBy in the USA.

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Phantom 2 BASE in Brasil

Nice fly over the tropical forest in Brasil 14/07/2010
WingSuit :Phantom 2 Hugo Langel
TrackSuit : Comandante do Bonde da Lenha

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Rodeo time

Two rodeos that popped up on the Tubes...

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Winston taylor was the pilot and Roger Hugelshofer was the rider, it was done at picton Sydney Australia.

The Skydivedemon with his favourite toy, the PF-Phantom2, taking Ronan for a Wingsuit Rodeo ride @ the IPC. Ronan's a highly experienced FS Skydiver & FS organiser but he had never flown a Wingsuit before, or ever gone as a Rodeo passenger. Just look at his facial expressions. The guy absolutely loved it!! Wingsuiting Rocks!!!

First V3 basejump

First jump with the Vampire 3 from Plan Cou in Val di Rhêmes, Italy.
1100 meters of altitude.

Flock University - Invitational Vertical Challenge

DSE posted a new video to his Youtube

First 16 Way Vertical wingsuit formation. Done at Jumptown, Massachusetts on August 21, 2010.
organized by Justin Shorb and Scott Callantine.

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Holy sh*t!

Not much special in terms of wingsuit footage, but a nice verbal reaction from some tourists passing by.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Article on JT Holmes on set of Transformers

The site for the upcoming Transformers movie has an article on JT Holmes and the wingsuit jumps he's been doing from buildings in Chicago for the movie.

When you’re flying next to a cliff, it’s not perfectly sheer. There are bushes sticking out, rock ledges. But with a building, it’s straight down, totally sheer. So we were able to fly very close, safely. There were times when the building was two or three feet away from my left hand.

Can't wait to see the result in the movie.

Read the article here.

Flock University Vertical Challenge 2010

Jeff 'Skwrl' Donohue posted these pics of the Flock University Vertical Challenge 2010 to Facebook and his smugmug account. I'm guessing we'll see a video soon too. Having done vertical formations, I know they're hard and this group has done some amazing flying to get these formations to look like this.

Check 'em out, looks awesome.

BASE jump - Amazing freefall 10,000 feet

Dan Witchalls tests his new wing suit and jumps with Ian Richardson. Then they progress to their ultimate, a jump from 'The Mushroom' a rocky outcrop 10,000 feet up the Eiger mountain, giving them over 1 minute of freefall.

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Basejump gone wrong (aka Wingsuit Tree Climbing)

August 5th 2010, Lauterbrunnen, Yellow Ocean
The Jumper had a Pilot Chute In Tow, which leaded to an unstable body position.
Due to that, he had an offheading opening with linetwist...
he was able to clear it a few feet before hitting a tree...too late...
the jumper had no injuries...

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vince Reffet / Fred Fugen

Here to remind us, we are all boring...an awesome compilation video from Fred and Vince

Freefly, basejump, paragliding, speedriding, swoop, wingflight, groundlaunching, tunnel flight, paramotor... Or simply Vince Reffet & Fred Fugen! Editor Vania Da Rui


Something with wingsuits...Spanish...Portugese....whatever....smoke em if you got em!

5th Stealth1 jump - Skydive Hoevenen

My fifth jump (#339 total & WS #65) with the Phoenix-Fly Stealth 1 wingsuit, made at Skydive Hoevenen on July the 17th 2010.

Exit Altitude: 11400 feet.
Deployment Altitude: 3000 feet.
Freefall time: 151 seconds.
Min. Vertical Speed: 50 kmph / 31 mph.
Avg. Vertical Speed: 64 kmph / 39 mph.
Max Vertical Speed: 100 kmph / 62mph.

Because I'm a pretty weak and skinny guy you can see that my arms were getting pretty tired quite quickly :)

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2004 - The Burning Stuntmen

Another video from the Archives, just uploaded to vimeo.
Only a few select wingsuit scenes, and a lot of freefly (and related activities)

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2005 - Empuria Xmas Boogie

An older video just uploaded to Vimeo, with a large wingsuit segment haldway in the middle.

Freeflying with Darren Bull, Jeffrey Fernhout, Rudi Nieuwenhuis and others...
Also a few sneaky wingsuit jumps in between all the freefalling fun.

Having an awesome time..
Miss you Darren...

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Pas de Deux

a fine day in the sky
where no one has any parachute malfunctions,
and nothing bad happens to anyone.

(plus top secret test flight footage of new invisible wingsuits.)

Steph Davis and Mario Richard flying in the clouds over the Voltige drop zone, Quebec, Canada.

music: Etrange by Dobacaracol

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Kommandør Treholt & Ninjatroppen

An addition to our previous post on Espen Fadnes, here is the amazingly campy trailer for a new Norwegian film Kommandør Treholt & Ninjatroppen .

The film includes some BASEjumps filmed by Espen.

Check it out!

Ninjatroppen website - Ninjatroppen blog

V3 Bigwall Flocking

Espen Fadnes uploaded a cool video showing some wingsuit flying allong several big mountains in and around europe.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inspirational Toys

Not really wingsuit flying, but somehow reminded us of flying.
So here ya go...

What we want for Xmas!

Skydive TV - World Base Race

A cool item on Skydive.TV on the Norwegian 'World Base Race'

Check it out!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wingsuits in the mist

Alejandro and myself did this training jump last weekend at Spa. The weather could've been better, but loads were going up anyways. Unfortunately once out of the plane visibilty turned out to be very poor.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Leslie Mathues: TROPOSPHERE

Leslie posted a new video, showing some of BASE exploits in the European mountains.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Punching clouds

Dutch skydiver Ben flies his wingsuit through the clouds.

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Marshall Miller HD Base Jumps

Base Jumps & Wingsuit jumps from Base legend Marshall Miller! Filmed with the GoPro HD

Bispen - Phantom2 vs Vampire3

A comparison between the line I used to fly with the Phantom2, and the line I fly with the Vampire3.

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Wingsuit jump over Skydive voss, summer 2010

Wingsuit jump over Skydive voss, summer 2010

Dolomites wingsuit flying

Matt Gerdes uploaded a new video to Vimeo, showing wingsuit flying in the Dolomites

Wingsuit Rodeo

A video that got snowed under the other big wave of videos we posted last week, was a wingsuit jump with Dutch skydiver Paulien, who did her first rodeo as a rider.

Alejandro from FlyLikeBrick played horse, while I got to shoot the video

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FlyByWire - Visiting Hassfurt

A new video from team FlyByWire

a lovely dropzone, we had fucking bad weather. but we survived

Check it out!

S-fly fun at Gap, France

Gert posted a new video showing some funjumps made in France

Some funjumps with Gaby, Géraldine, Zun and Gert

Matt Wilson and Karr buzzing Bispen

Matt Wilson and Karr buzzing Bispen. Jokkes cam. Norway 2010.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Falling and Landing

Shane Dunn uploaded an epic video called "Falling and Landing" showing some of the speedbumps one might hit, on the quest to become a BASEjumper.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Wings over Marl competition

The Wings over Marl competition is ongoing this weekend and our own Jarno is competing. It's using the Paralog Performance Competition software which has an online scoreboard which is updated as contestants' scores are downloaded from the GPSes.

Check it out here!

More info on the competition here

Gravity Flyers 2010

A nice edit with a bit of everything regarding freefly, tunnel and wingsuit flying.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

MikeSteen - Phantom Sputnik

MikeSteen uploaded a new video

Flying my Phantom 2 off Sputnik in Switzerland.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fly Like Brick acrobatic team jumps

Shameless self promotion in this short video clip of some artistic wingsuit competition jumps last year and some training jumps we did recently for the upcoming competition in Terni, Italy.

Falling for a Cause

Local news site Brainerd Dispatch has an article on skydiver and wingsuiter Jarrod McKinney planning on doing a charity jump after being lifted aloft by a 100 helium balloons; that's a way of getting to altitude that I hadn't heard of before... The proceeds from the sponsors will go to the Special Olympics Minnesota. I hope he succeeds and we get to read more of this adventure.

Read the article here.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Asgard Project to debut on TV on 26 september

The Asgard project, which we've featured before, is set to make it's TV debut after being screened at many film festivals world wide. UK news site Burnley Citizen has a short article about the project. The TV debut is going to be on the new Discovery Channel offshoot Quest, on September 26. I don't get this channel, but probably UK people can watch it.

Check out the article here.

Wingsuit Balloonjump - Hungary

Wingsuit sunset jump from hot air balloon on an evening during the 2010 Hungary Wingsuit Boogie/Competition. 2500m and awesome scenery!

Check it!

Volo - Wingsuit Game

Martijn Zandvliet came to our office for a session of game testing, showcasing 'Volo' (code-name) so far.
None of the action is scripted, and all the flying is done with actual inputs, like it would be in real life.

Check it out!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Red Bull AirForce - News

The Red Bull AirForce website has several new news-items on demo jumps, and media exposure the team has had.

Check it out here, here and here

Friday, August 6, 2010

PF - Taking it Slow

The Phoenix-Fly website has a new and improved video section, and also added a video called Taking it slow.

Check it out!

Swedish Wingsuit Team

The Swedish wingsuit team posted a great video, showing some aerobatic flight practice

Check it out!

Wingsuit Funjump

Belgian Eli posted a new video, showing some fun flying over the Belgian harbour

Check it out!

Tu Suisse ??? (Base Jump)

And a French road-trip to the Swiss mountains

Check it out!

Failed wingsuit Hybrid

Failed wingsuit hybrid. I was holding onto Jasons chest strap, the position was unstable. I didnt notice Jason trying to shake me off and eventually got flung off!

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Novo Angulo WINGSUIT

An inverted view from the sleeve of a wingsuit flyer.

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Rear View Mirror - Eiger

POV from rear camera. Filmed by Joby Ogwyn on the east ridge of the Eiger in Switzerland using the new SuperCam device.

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Coke Zero

Julien Boole shot a short item for Coke Zero (posted in lower quality last week).
Now available in nice and sharp Vimeo.

Check it out!

A new beginning

Jeff Nebelkopf posted a video showing his first wingsuit basejumps, with a selection of backflying, docks and proximity flying.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hungary Competition Reports

On www.flylikebrick.com there is now a twitter feed on the frontpage, where Alejandro is keeping us informed on the wingsuit performance competition in Hungary.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

HighNose WingSuit Base - Phantom 2 - Lauterbrunnen Valley 2010

HugoClimb posted a new video on a basejump made in the Swiss valley

Fly Your Phantom 2 like a Vampire...
Bonde da Lenha....!!! hahahaha

Check it out!


Travis Jones sent us this video he uploaded to YouTube.
Third jump on the Phat Bird : Buzzard. This jump was about a month ago. I will get more videos soon. I have a total of 11 jumps on the suit. Slowest fall rate 47mph. Fastest froward speed around 120mph. I am hoping to get some base jumps in it soon. Anyways, Look for more buzzards flying around in the near future. Thanks

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Soulac Sunset Flock

Yorick uploaded a nice edit, on a sunset flock from Soulac (France).
The nice visuals where even better in person ;)

Wingsuit Flock above Soulac-sur-Mer, France
With Alejandro, Arjan, Bernd, Jarno & Yorick

Vampire training 1 - teaser

Jean-Noël Itzstein from AdrenalinBase (www.adrenalinbase.com) put together this teaser to show what Robert and he are doing this season. Enjoy and stay tuned for the next teaser with even more spectacular videos.

Red Bull Human Flight 3D trailer - In 3D!

RedBull posted this video to their YouTube channel, a 3D trailer of the upcoming movie. You don't need glasses for this one, but you do need to know how to see 3D with the cross-eye method. If you're using this method for the first time, using the small video posted here is easiest. If you've done it before, try the bigger HD version (1080i) on YouTube (click on the movie title to watch it there).

Update: if you are not participating in the HTML5 beta on YouTube, and use the regular flash player (which is default), you can choose which 3D method you'd like to use on YouTube (if you have red/green, red/cyan etc but not polarized) glasses lying around.

Flocking over Quebec, Canada

'sametheshame' posted this video to YouTube, entitled 'HappyBirds'. :)
Here's a video of a few wingsuit jumps we did this summer in quebec, canada...
A lot of fun and smiley faces...

Update: he uploaded a new video and sent us a link to the new one.

Wingsuit sunset jump over Rio de Janeiro

Posted to YouTube as "Lindo fim do dia Rio de Janeiro Phantom 2 wingsuit" this video shows a solo wingsuit jump in Brazil:

Wingsuit canopy relative work

Dan McNulty sent us this video he posted to YouTube. Looks cool guys!
Rob is under a Xaos 27-68 loaded at about 3.2 to 1, and lands it exactly as it was configured during the jump. I'm flying a TonySuits S-Bird. This is only our second attempt. With a few minor changes we should be able to get some docks in.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Moorsele Boogie 2010 Wingsuit edition

Gert Michiels posted this video to Vimeo, featuring the wingsuits at the yearly Moorsele boogie in Belgium.

Switzerland Wingsuit BASE

Marshall Miller uploaded this video to Vimeo, chronicling his BASE trip in Switzerland.
13 days = 50 jumps ;-)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wingsuit proximity flying: Norway - Cold WaR

YouTube user KarpuzZx uploaded this sweet proximity flying video. Also available in HD on YouTube.
Finally back on the Cold War. Gravity Workshop summer 2010. Edit Maxime Badulin... by Karr

2nd and 4th Wingsuit BASE

Odd-Martin Helgestad sent us a link to this wingsuit BASE video. Nice long flight!