Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Justin Shorb - Wingsuit Flyer

Mystic Seaport: the Museum of America and the sea is hosting a series of special presentations, with select speakers from various sports.

One of the speakers is well known wingsuit pilot, and strong promotor of the community and sport, Justin Shorb.

Check it out!

Justin Shorb
Thursday, October 21

Dreams of flying have captivated human imagination since prehistoric times, but today the dream is a reality with wingsuit flying. Resembling something between a flying squirrel and a snow angel, the wingsuit allows skydivers to leap out of an aircraft or off a precipice into the void, spread their arms, and soar through the air.

Justin is the visionary who founded Flock University in order to bring the best training and standardization to the field of wingsuiting. As an organizer, team captain and plane captain at every major skydiving event in the USA and in Marl, Germany, Justin is revered as a leader and no-nonsense coach in this extreme sport (watch videos). Shorb has been featured on The History Channel, EXPN, CNN, FOX, and high-profile publications in articles related to skydiving.

For more details, go to the website of Mystic Seaport: the Museum of America

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