Friday, August 6, 2010

PF - Taking it Slow

The Phoenix-Fly website has a new and improved video section, and also added a video called Taking it slow.

Check it out!


  1. oooO! Very nice! Great details to be found in the slowmotion shots. And I don't know what you did exactly, but depth perception is a lot stronger here than the same shots in the Fly The Line 2 dvd. (The other explanation is too much coffee on my part. ;) )

    Oh, and you can always tell who did the editing by the background music. Good choice. :P

  2. Depth of field perhaps? It certainly seems like there's a distinction between focussed parts and parts that lie on the edge of peripheral vision.

    I hope I can eventually build some post-processing shaders like that for the game, there's just loads of depth-cues in the material all of a sudden.

  3. (fake) Tilt-Shift phototgraphy (done as a post-production effect, same as the slowmotion footage).

    All this was shot 25 fps, normal focal length/lens.
    I added the Tilt-Shift photography effect, to enhance/change the depth perception in the footage :)