Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Red Bull Human Flight 3D trailer - In 3D!

RedBull posted this video to their YouTube channel, a 3D trailer of the upcoming movie. You don't need glasses for this one, but you do need to know how to see 3D with the cross-eye method. If you're using this method for the first time, using the small video posted here is easiest. If you've done it before, try the bigger HD version (1080i) on YouTube (click on the movie title to watch it there).

Update: if you are not participating in the HTML5 beta on YouTube, and use the regular flash player (which is default), you can choose which 3D method you'd like to use on YouTube (if you have red/green, red/cyan etc but not polarized) glasses lying around.


  1. I still don't understand why they went for the horrible storyline and acting. I mean, come on, just show me some kick ass 3D flying!

  2. Agreed... I don't know why they tried to give it a storyline. The acting bits in the trailer are cringeworthy. Why not just a documentary style film...