Monday, September 6, 2010

Chuck Berry - Wing Suit NZ 2010

Chuck Berry Wing Suits down the front of the Remarkable's, Queenstown NZ.
Part of the production filming for The Red Bull Chronicles - Season 1 - NZ 2010.

Camera: RJLOW, Chris Kirkham, Sebastian Solberg, HD Camera Rentals
Director: Trinity Ludlow

NZ Greenroom Productions Ltd

Here is what Chuck had to say:

Ever since I was a kid I imagined flying parallel with the earth, with arms outstretched, navigating the terrain ahead to fly in harmony with the planet. Today, the wingsuit does just that. Yippeeee.
On a beautiful April day I gather with the Red Bull NZ crew, camera teams & the fab Heliworks chopper crew in a field directly below the majestic Remarkables Range in Queenstown, NZ. The Remarkables is a craggy, steep range of mountains rising to 7396 feet rows of steep gullies leading down to the flats below.
Yahooo, the heli takes me to 9000', right above Single Cone, the highest point on the mountain. My 3 Go Pro cameras are rolling, pilot gives the thumbs up & I launch into the air. Ahhhhhhhhh... how lovely to feel the freedom of falling through space. I tuck my wings back to dive steeply & pick up speed & energy to line up the correct gully at the right angle. The wind noise picks up, the gully entrance gets closer... time to spread my wings, fly past the camera crew & continue on flying in close proximity to the ridge in front of me.
What a sensation.... flying your body in relation to the earth... watching the ground race past only feet away. Seeing my shadow on the ridge, racing among the tussock, matching my speed & angle makes me laugh at the incredible things we can do if we dare to DREAM & DO.
If ever there was a bird experience, this was it! This is what I've seen in my dreams, arms out streched, racing through the air, just above the terrain, ridges flying by. I've seen this for real... in glorious, real time 3D, with live stereo audio. What a sensation!
Many thanks to the Red Bull team, Heliworks Heli team, camera team & Dick Jardine the friendly land owner & good keen man.
Yeharrrrrrrr. What Fantastic Fun.

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