Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Female Indian Wingsuit Flyer

YouTube gave us a video today, highlighting the aireal adventures of an idian woman, who was on a quest to become the first female indian to fly a wingsuit (together with Birdmans former CEO, Jari Kuosma)

Within minutes of posting the video, we got noted that she isnt actually the first female flyer from india. But most likely 2nd or 3rd.

The credit of being first woman flying from india should go to Amit Singhania's wife Rahjet. She is also a woman from india, and already did her first wingsuit jump in the US early sumer of 2010 at a USA wingsuit event. Taking her first flight with a well known American wingsuit instructor.

Regardless, we would like to congratulate shital with her first wingsuit jump, and present you with this video:

Shital Mahajan who is already famous for her earlier records for jumping has now made a new record.

She jumped from an aircraft at 13000ft with "wing suit (birdman-suit)". On 19th September at Spain as per Indian time 8:00 pm.

She had jumped with the wings like a bird till 4000ft and then she opened the parachute & landed normally. This kind of wing suit jump had not been tried by any woman from India and it is a great achievement for Shital Mahajan. It will be a new national record for Shital and for India too. When asked to Shital about the experience while jumping she said, "It's a great and different experience for me, and I got to know how a bird fly in air, I am very happy that I did this.

Before that I have jumped without any training over Geographical North pole in minus 37degree Celsius from 2400 feet on 18th April 2004. After that, I jumped over White Continent of Antarctica on 16 th December 2006 from 11600 ft in minus 38 degree Celsius. But this jump was different and flying like a bird was nice experience for me and I am proud to be Indian, Shital after married to Vaibhav and lived in Finland, but she belong to Pune.

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