Thursday, September 30, 2010

More wingsuit HALO jumps

Apparently Shin Ito wasn't the only one getting out of the plane above 30,000ft at Skydance in Davis, California. UK wingsuiter Michael Romanek sent us a link to his exit video and this accompanying text:
2 Wingsuit Jumps from 30,000 ft
No reason to call the Guinness Book folk, but great jumps nonetheless, I made two 30,000 ft wingsuit jumps, at Skydance, over the same weekend as Shin Ito’s record jump (Sat 25th & Sun 26th). I wore my O2 bailout pack internally, attached to the inside of my left leg inside my wingsuit (S-Fly Expert). Since Shin and I were the only HALO wingsuiters and on separate loads, unfortunately there’s no in-flight video. It was pretty cool to fly for a while and look at your Alti and still be over 20K

How cold was it?!

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