Thursday, October 21, 2010

Belgian Flocking - Elias Gerris

Some flocking above the Belgian skies in the summer of 2010.
Dropzones jumped at were DZ Zwartberg, DZ Moorsele, DZ Hoevenen.
Wingsuit-flyers: Bavo Vleminckx, Bart Vereecken, Hans Schoeber, Denis Kossolapov, Eli Gerris, Steve Braff, Magali Folkner, Ludo Declercq, Jeroen Verstrepen

Check it out!

And another one:

A complation of some flights made by Team Oxygen during the summer of 2010.
Dropzones jumpe at were DZ Hoevenen & DZ Moorsele.
Wingsuit-flyers: Bavo Vleminckx Bart Vereecken Jarno Jordia Eli Gerris Martijn Maas Andrew Maas

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