Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Camera lost during wingsuit BASEjump.

My wife lost her Sony CX6 when the fixing bolt failed during deployment and the camera fell 600 feet or so into dense forest. (it was during a BASE jump)

This was 5 months ago. A couple of weeks back a friend of mine from Rome called me - a long story short - he has a sponsor and jumps with a logo'd wingsuit. The sponsor received a phone call from a guy called Aldo who was out picking mushrooms and found a video camera.

Aldo found the camera, dried it out and took out the memory card. He didn't manage to watch the videos but found some photos showing the sponsors logo and after a few phone calls he managed to track us down.

We met up with him to express our thanks at his efforts but having already written off the camera, 4+ months outdoors... at least we'd have the memory card back.

We charged the camera up out of curiosity and turned it on - it made some very strange noises and then started to work normally :)

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