Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wingsuit Bag

If you're looking for a nice way to store/pack your wingsuit, PD just started selling Canopy storage bags. Luckely, the size of a packed wingsuit is roughly the same as that of a canopy.

Check out the news item here or order directly via the PD store.

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  1. PD gear is always cool... but 35 bucks for a little baggie? we all like to save our jump $$, so for anyone looking for alternatives, I have found the little cube organizer baggies from the REI store to be absolutely wonderful for this purpose. the 2-sided bag featured here: holds either two wingsuits (tightly... but cmon, if you can pack a canopy you can stuff a wingsuit in there) or a wingsuit and a small laptop like the 13 inch macbook on the other side... perfect for carry-ons for those long flights to boogies where you don't want to check your most beloved gear.