Friday, December 10, 2010

Movie site 'Ain't it cool' reviews early footage of Transfomers - DARK OF THE MOON

Ain't It Cool News has a lengthy article on the new Transformers movie, set to be next summer's blockbuster.

The movie is going to be 3D (what else do you expect these days:), and the footage from the perspective of a solider wearing a wingsuit flying through downtown Chicago is apparently pretty spectacular.

Some selective quotes from the article:

there's a vertiginous aerial dive shot from the perspective of a soldier in a wingsuit (Bay had these guys zipping around a skyscraper-lined two-mile stretch of downtown Chicago for three weeks)

I had the same guys that did AVATAR and have a lot of experience with that system, but they'd never done what we've done. We put it through a rigorous test. We strapped a camera on a skydiver, you know that doesn't really happen much. We put it on systems that it's never been on before.

I'm still of the opinion that a great Michael Bay action film doesn't need 3D to blow me away, but it really does look like he's done something remarkable with that wingsuit sequence. I can only imagine how it'll play on an IMAX screen. I'm going to have a light lunch that day.

Unfortunately no footage to show you here...lets hope a potential next trailer involves some sneak peeks at the wingsuit stuff, seeing as its highlighted as the spectacular action piece of the movie in a lot of articles.

Check out the article here.


  1. "We strapped a camera on a skydiver, you know that doesn't really happen much."


  2. When it comes to 'strapping' multi-milion dollar 3D cameras to skydivers, Im pretty sure its not the most common thing...;)