Monday, December 20, 2010

Russian wingsuit landing project?

From the you-heard-it-here-first department comes this strange little blurb:

Russian engineers are working on an individual flying vehicle, which users will need no parachute.
New flying vehicle looks like a Batman suit. Its main idea is a wingsuit, widely used in sky-diving, which is a jumpsuit with textile webs between extremities. Ordinary wingsuit doesn’t provide landing, because it cannot be used insdead of a parachute.
New development of Russian engineers boasts larger webs for improved stability and safe landing. Landing will be based upon “cushion” effect, common for landings with parachutes of “wing” type. 
Engineers are currently calculating optimum parameters for the suit and will soon start testing a full-scale model of the suit in a wind channel.
This is an English language summary I found on the Russian Infocentre website. The original Science News article is in Russian; I let Google translate give it a shot, and it's surprisingly readable:

Check out the article here. 


  1. I've yet to read the article, but it sounds like a structurally re├źnforced wingsuit that enables you to handle the forces of a significantly larger wing surface. Very cool! Can't wait to see some concept images. :)

  2. And this reminds me: I should really do a wingsuit-landing project in Volo. Perhaps even as some sort of contest.

  3. Heh... the wingsuit landing discussion has been approached and discussed from all angles already on, see

    As soon as you start reinforcing stuff you're basically building a hangglider. Of course a variation is still possible where you're not hanging beneath the glider but are inside the wing. This would then require control surfaces making it a lot harder to fly... but we'll see...

    And yes a landing challenge would be cool in Volo... but first plz to release a beta. Kthxbye!