Monday, January 31, 2011

Wingfun @ zwartberg

And a short video from past saterday, in which I make a surprise appearance backflying as a base myself ;)

Ferry V3 jump

Nice wingsuit-flight of local cliff trying my new little camera

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wingsuit BASE Brasil - Pedra da Onça

Vertical Challenge 25 Way Zhills 2011

A great team of flockers gathered to attempt a 25 way vertical diamond over 4 days, the weather took 2 days from us but we still achieved our goals and had fun doing it!

Volo - Still a stick figure, nnnggg

Some more news from Martijn on the Volo wingsuit game:

Here's kind of an intermezzo while I work on the suit model more. You can see the extra physics join in Wingman's back at work, as well as the newer chase-cam. The cam needs tuning as its movements are too high-frequency and it sometimes fails to show you where you're going, but it already shows a lot of improvement in perceived character motion. Also, superman strength!

I'm having some real trouble getting any kind of cloth motion going for the wingsuit. The PhysX cloth works well for no-speed conditions but breaks down at average flight speeds. That, and it mostly fails to convey the impact of the relative wind, which is the entire goal of the wing animation. I'm testing some bone-based implementations now.

Going Vertical .....Wingsuit Style!!!

25 way wingsuit skydives and some airplane flybys.... a must see!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Something different

This is a song from my "Closer to Far Away" album, originally intended for "Ghosts and Lovers."

I wanted something a little sleepy for a short skydiving piece. It did not work out as planned, but figured rather than toss it, I'd share it for those that have a hard time falling asleep. :^)

Суровые выходные в Егорьевске..

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Roughcuts - ZHills, April 2010

Cleaning up my harddrive I find all kinds of fun shots from boogies I attended the past year. I didnt always edit these into full videos, so to catch up, here are a few:

The last day of Zflock6 was a rainy one, but a small group managed to squeeze a low (8000ft) jump in at the last moment. Not a lot of action, but sure a lot of fun!
Check it out!

Camera: Brian & Andreea

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hezarfen is a historical Turkish character.
The story takes place in 1632 in Istanbul, where he will attempt the first flight of the human being.

Fo the freaks

Dutch 'sale' website 1dayfly has the Contour GPS on sale today, with a 100 euro discount on the normal price.

Just figured we'd give you guys (and girls) a heads-up...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BBteam wingsuit camp 3

Micky and Paula organising a wingsuit camp in Spain,

Check it out!

They Fall. We Fly.

They Fall. We fly. trailer.
DZ: Paracentro Locarno, Ticino, Switzerland
Wingsuit pilots: Bruno Wälli, Gian Paolo Longoni, Herwig Habenbacher, Marco Regina
Camera flyers: Bruno Wälli, Marco Regina

Solo Wingsuit Jump @ Boituva - GPS Data

Roughcuts - Hoevenen, July 2010

Cleaning up my harddrive I find all kinds of fun shots from boogies I attended the past year. I didnt always edit these into full videos, so to catch up, here are a few:

A fun wingsuit jump with Andrew, with a few coaching pointers on docking (dont bend arms:) with Bart and Elias having some fun in the background.

A bit wet, but certainly fun!

Roughcuts - Empuria, April 2009

Cleaning up my harddrive I find all kinds of fun shots from boogies I attended the past year. I didnt always edit these into full videos, so to catch up, here are a few:

Some people requested the full video on this wingsuit jump. Though exit was a bit rainy, we did two cool bigway loads organised by Alex at the end of the boogie. I got to fly a slot behind the 3 level stacked formation, tailgaiting the base. Got a sweet FlyBy in at the end, and had fun under canopy.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

RC Wingsuit Flying

Editing out a picture of former Birdman CEO Jari Kuosma, a Swedish RC plane pilot made this awesome wingsuit model and flies it indoor!

Check it out!

Jeb Corliss - Reckless Diving

UK Magazine has an article on the man keen to set a new record for max amount of GoPro Cameras attached to a human body.

Check it out here

Alberto Conte

Wingsuit Fly. Skydive City, Zephyrhills, Florida. Noviembre 2010.

Wingsuit with GPS (glide-ratio) overlay

Bad Boys

Check em out!

Friday, January 14, 2011

I’ll be your wing man anytime...

Michael Romanek allerted is to an article in the January issue of Square Mile Magazine (a magazine for the UK financial sector).

There is also an online version of the article which you can read here

Check it out!

AVRO 504K WWI Biplane - Skydive Flyover

Juan Mayer from does a flyover on this historic Biplane. More info on this 100% Argentinian made plane at

A Drift HD170 action POV camera was mounted to the wing, tail, and to the helmet Juan wears.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

東京スカイダイビングクラブ - wingsuit

The first Wingsuit 2way flight in year 2011 with Tomo at Tokyo Skydiving Club.

Saquarema Wingsuit

Beautifull views on a wingsuit solo jump, check it out!

wingsuit at zhills

In awesome upside-down-o-vision...a wingsuit jump at Zhills, check it out!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Fall(ing) is beautiful ...

A nice little scenic wingsuit-base flight on a beautifully colored Fall day ...

Scatty Flockfeather

An oldie...but we couldnt resist posting it again for those who've never seen it...

Geraldine Fasnacht - Portrait

A Beautyfully shot video on Geraldine Fasnacht (flying what looks like a Matter suit sponsored by Brietling).

Check it out!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

In Between

Grab a drink, sit back, and enjoy this great compilation of wingsuit basejumps.

Wingsuit Proximtyflying/ BASE jumping in Norway, Greenland, France summer 2010

Tom Erik Heimen
Jokke Sommer

Kevin Vorst, Ghost2 - May 2010

Cleaning up my harddrive I find all kinds of fun shots from boogies I attended the past year. I didnt always edit these into full videos, so to catch up, here are a few:

Kevin Vorst makes the maiden flight on his brand new Ghost2.
With a few practice pulls to get used to the bigger wings, and a deployment altitude of 4500ft to make sure he has plenty of time and altitude

Elias & Bavo Ground2Air video

Cleaning up my harddrive I find all kinds of fun shots from boogies I attended the past year. I didnt always edit these into full videos, so to catch up, here are a few:

May 2010, Elias and Bavo, filmed from the ground (both doing a time/distance solo) at Skydive Hoevenen, Belgium. Jumping from 9.000 ft.
Sadly lost em from view due to the building being in the way.....

Marshall Miller Wingsuit Jump

Wingsuit jump with base legend Marshall Miller

Skydive Oostwold (NL)

And something from my own camera..

Cleaning up my harddrive I find all kinds of fun shots from boogies I attended the past year. I didnt always edit these into full videos, so to catch up, here are a few:

Skydive Oostwold, jumping from the PH-PCF (I made my first freefall from this plane in 2001, when it was still owned by Paraclub Flevo) flying my PF Shadow to film a Blade II at skydive Oostwold (NL)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

UFO's in Elsinore

A wingsuit formation in the nigh skies over Elsinore proved to be the UFO experience of a lifetime for some local (clueless) folks.

Check it out!

Friday, January 7, 2011

EA wingsuit game (FAIL)

Electronic Arts just released the trailer for SSX: Deadly Descents.

The long awaited wingsuit feature they boasted about before shows they could have done with some more inside help regarding the actual design and working of a wingsuit.

In the trailer, the main character goes over a cliff-edge, and deploys a single-layer camera suit, without a leg wing. In the real world, this attire doesn't do anything besides slightly slowing down the fall rate, and doesn't generate any forward momentum.

That aside, the game will probably still be fun to play, but sadly not the high-end wingsuit gameplay we hoped for...still the snowboarding looks like awesome fun.

Teaser: Nissan Outdoor Games 2010 - Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (France)

The Nissan Outdoor Games is back for its 6th consecutive summer edition. The concept is to create a 5-minute film and a photo report uniting 5 outdoor sports with the worlds best sportsmen in each discipline: mountain biking, mountaineering, kayaking, paragliding & hang gliding, BASE-jumping & wingsuit flying. Five teams are selected and invited by the organisers in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. Their challenge is to create a high quality short film and still photo production in only one week. The productions are shown to the public on a giant screen in the heart of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in the evening of July 15th . 32 000 € prize money is at stake to win the Golden Peak Award for the best film, the Nissan Prove It Award for the best action sequence and the Best Still Photo Award, announced by an appointed professional jury.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bear Grylls wingsuit skydiving

Via twitter @BearGrylls shares some exciting news on the episode he is recording right now:

Heading for Arizona today for episode there. Wing suit skydive into canyons - then we'll see what we find! Am excited... I love man vs wild!

Jeb in Finish press

Check out for an interview with Jeb Corliss and his adventures in the famous Swiss Crack..

NTV Doku Wingsuit

German TV station NTV had a short segment on basejumping showing well known performance competition flyers Helmut, Lutz and several others...

Check it out!

Wingsuit Ubatuba 2011

Check it out!

Bear Grylls to go wingsuit flying in new season of Man vs Wild

This article popped up on our radar. TV survival persona Bear Grylls is apparently going to be wingsuiting into one of his next locations for his show.

In Arizona, Bear transforms into a one man high speed glider with a cutting edge wingsuit and flies into the Arizona Sky Islands.  Bear shows viewers how to find water in the parched desert landscape, builds a sand-buggy from a wrecked aircraft and crosses heart-stopping rock drops.

Check out the article here.

More coverage on the same item on:
Entertainment Weekly
Media News International.

Note: Bear seems to have done his FFC back in 2009 with the UK Army team Red Devils

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wingsuit Cutaway

Wingsuit flight was a little off, so I decided to pull high... reached for PC at 5K, went head down, then to back and began to spin... heard 3500 beep and then 2500 beep... threw PC from my back while spinning... main out yeah!!! wait, blown toggle and spun up... now spinning on my back aimed at the earth while under my main... heard the 1K solid beep... cutaway and pulled reserve handle... spun up reserve at 750ish'... unkicked from line twist and at 250ish' unstowed brakes and landed... held on to both handles and found all my stuff...

Zhills Skydive City Wingsuit New Years Boogie

A splendid time was had by all.

Ben Borger

Ben Borger of the US Army Golden Knights sets a world record for wingsuit jumping, starting at an altitude of 32,000 feet.


2 way cobra wingsuit ubatuba 31 dez 2010

Zhills NYE Boogie 2010 (Wingsuit)

Wingsuit jumps from Dec 28th - Dec 31st

Epic Flights

Epic flights project gave competitors at the ProBASE World Cup event in Lauterbrunnen a chance to enjoy some of this planets most spectacular landscape from the air. Organized heli loads took the pilots to 4000 meters altitude, above the peaks of the Jungfrau and Eiger, from where they could fly their wingsuits down to the valley, following some of the most amazing and stunning lines on Earth. Enjoy these breathtaking visuals.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Many Blue Skies and long flights for 2011!
Thank you all for a kickass 2010!