Thursday, January 27, 2011

Volo - Still a stick figure, nnnggg

Some more news from Martijn on the Volo wingsuit game:

Here's kind of an intermezzo while I work on the suit model more. You can see the extra physics join in Wingman's back at work, as well as the newer chase-cam. The cam needs tuning as its movements are too high-frequency and it sometimes fails to show you where you're going, but it already shows a lot of improvement in perceived character motion. Also, superman strength!

I'm having some real trouble getting any kind of cloth motion going for the wingsuit. The PhysX cloth works well for no-speed conditions but breaks down at average flight speeds. That, and it mostly fails to convey the impact of the relative wind, which is the entire goal of the wing animation. I'm testing some bone-based implementations now.

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