Monday, February 28, 2011

Roughcuts - Empuria Brava, April 2009

Cleaning up my harddrive I find all kinds of fun shots from boogies I attended the past year. I didnt always edit these into full videos, so to catch up, here are a few:

Having fun flying a PF Acro around a flock in Empuria Brava.
Ludwig, Martin, Tristan, Werner and friends flying in formation. Lots of wind, so long spot :)

Roughcuts - August 2010 - Ireland

Cleaning up my harddrive I find all kinds of fun shots from boogies I attended the past year. I didnt always edit these into full videos, so to catch up, here are a few:

Flying my trusty PF Shadow with the Irish crew through some (Ireland style) blue skies.

Note: this video is a good show and tell of why EVERYONE should always do a proper wave-off before pulling. Regardless if its a solo or a formation. Let others know a canopy is coming. Here it wasnt an issue (the no wide-angle shot makes it look closer than it was) but definately would have been nasty had the camera been in the no-fly zone behind the person. Wave off! Always!

Check it out!

Scary Rolls and Barrel Rolls @ Splatka Feb 2011

Practicing some rolls at Skydive Palatka with Daniel.

Wingsuit flying Girl

Here is some footage filmed recently with Géraldine Fasnacht.
I will be following this extraordinary woman over the next few months making a documentary about extreme sports.
The documentary is a close up look at people involved in ‘extreme’ sports... We would hope to give the viewer an insight into some of the reasons why they do what they do.

Perfect Moment - Chamonix : Episode 06

Wingsuit : Robert Pecnik, James Boole, Jean-Noël Itzstein.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Goovinn sponsoring the world's fastest wingsuit flyer!

The 9th of February 2011 we celebrated Goovinn's 3rd birthday. And what a celebration! We celebrated with starting up a breath-taking sponsoring contract of the world's fastest flying human being.
Espen Fadnes - a Norwegian.
This is about wingsuiting from high cliffs and in even higher speed. Espen Fadnes is the man millions of people have watched on youtube flying just on an arm's lenght distance from the mountain face in his yellow wingsuit. In 2010 he won the title "The Worlds fastest flying human being" and today he is signing his first sponsoring contract. With a project management consultancy firm from Gothenburg in Sweden.

Read more about Goovinn or Espen at

Douggs - All About Me!

Note: Wingsuit at 2:50

Roughcuts - Hoevenen, July 2010

Cleaning up my harddrive I find all kinds of fun shots from boogies I attended the past year. I didnt always edit these into full videos, so to catch up, here are a few:

Here a shot from the start of 2010, captured on camera by Elias.
A funjump with Bart and Andrew at Hoevenen, heaving some fun from 10.000 ft in the hazy/rainy skies over the Antwerp harbour. Landing in the pool was the aim, but missing it I kicked my shoe in to at least touch some water. Luckely it hit the water in a way that kept the insides dry.
Fun times! Audio was f&ked up somehow, so slapped some music under it :)

February 2011, casual wingsuit

4 wingsuits, 2 videos

Thursday, February 24, 2011

World Base Race

Soar through the Norwegian air on Neil Amonson's legendary wing-suit and hike back up with the man himself at the 2010 World Base Race.

CNN - Wingsuits

CNN posted an article on Purple Mike with some stuff on wingsuits in it as well!

Check it out here

Bollywood Wingsuit Flying

And this time...a lot of blue arrows to show it REALLY is him doing the stunts himself.....really!

Vampire2 - beech99


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wingsuit Events 2011

11-14 April
Zephyrhills (FL, USA), Pre-Boogie Flocking

Flocking, flying, 1 on 1 coaching with flyers such as Jarno Cordia, Andreea Olea, Justin Shorb etc.

15-17 April
Zephyrhills (FL, USA), Flock & Dock 7

The big Flocking event of the year. Many organisers such as Douglas Spotted Eagle, Robert Pecnik, Scott Bland, Jarno Cordia etc. Special jumps, big flocks, small flocks, performance dives.

7-10 May
Ukraine Wingsuit Boogie - Crimea (Ukraine)

More details soon

28-29 May
Eelde, Hoogeveen(NL) Wingsuit Weekend

Load organizing and Coaching by FlyLikeBrick

5-11 June
Tora Tora Total Indoor/Outdoor Skydive Adventure, Russia

week I - LO and 1 on 1 coaching by Alejandro Lopez of FlyLikeBrick
for more info:

12-18 June
Tora Tora Total Indoor/Outdoor Skydive Adventure, Russia
week II - LO and 1 on 1 coaching by Alejandro Lopez of FlyLikeBrick
for more info:

9-24 July
Hoevenen, JumpingWeeks (Antwerp, Belgium)

2 weeks of flying fun on the small Belgian Dropzone of Hoevenen. LO, Coaching and FFCs available by the Belgian 'Oxygen' Wingsuit Team
For more info:

5-7 August
Wings Over Marl 'Open Wingsuit Event' (Marl, Germany)
No competition this year, but a fun open event enabling everyone to fly together.
- Photo and Video jumps
- Free First Flight Courses
- Skilled Pilots for 1 on 1 coaching
- Wingsuit Demo jumps
- Equipment for Flight Performance Measurement.

July 23-31
4Fun Summerboogie, Soulac Sur Mer (France)

LO and 1 on 1 Coaching by FlyLikeBrick
for more info:

August 2-3
4th Artistic Wingsuit Competition

Training Days

August 4-7
4th Artistic Wingsuit Competition

Competition Days

August 8-14
4th Artistic Wingsuit Competition

Post Boogie Flocking and Coaching by Zun

August 11-14
Wingsuit Performance Competition

for more info:

September 21-25
49 way Vertical Formation Event (USA)

Transformers 3 - Daytona 500 - TV Promo

More Robots, and again the same subtle wingsuit shot in this new trailer..

GianLuko Birdman 6 S

Gianluca Chianese con Birdman 6 S & Maurizio Paese con Soul Flyer Profile

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Belvedere Proximity Flying

Interview Jean Noel Itzstein VampireV4 base jump

A short interview with JNO on the V4 and basejumping, and for those with a keen eye, a sneak peek at a new lightweight 9 cell BASE canopy from Atair.

Check it out!

Luca Bonfirraro - Wingsuit Access

Jeb Corliss

Affliction thlete and world class base jumper Jeb Corliss talks about what it takes to strap yourself into a wing suit and what it means to "Live Fast".

Friday, February 18, 2011

Langhorn Creek , South Australia

Man vs Wild - Wingsuit Flying

At 2:00 the wingsuit scene from this seasons Man vs Wild.

Check it out!

V3 Cruising

Easy Team @ WingsuitCompetition

BASE Jump Brasil - Lauterbrunnen

Badass Wingsuit Flying on Perfect Moment TV

ILoveSkydiving posted a video frm Perfect Moment TV:

Perfect Moment TV snagged a clip of Robert Pecnik and Jean Noel doing some badass proxy flying in Phoenix-Fly’s “The Need 4 Speed” video. The original video is a compilation of talented wingsuit BASE jumpers flying the Phoenix-Fly Vampire V3, as well as testing a number of prototype V-series wingsuits in Europe.

Check it out here

PIA - TonySuits

DSE met up with Tony Urugalo of TonySuits at the PIA.

Check it out!

Man vs Wild

An announcement for Bear Grylls TV show to be aired this saterday:


Just when you think Bear Grylls can't top himself when it comes to far-flung destinations or adventures, he heads to a South Pacific deserted island, becomes a human glider by wearing a "wingsuit" and builds a buggy from a wrecked aircraft. That last one may have come in handy on "Lost." 9 p.m. Discovery

and one more snippet from another TV guide:

Bear was flown high over the Arizona desert, with its "parched landscape," "choking sands," and "deadly inhabitants" and jumped out wearing a wingsuit that enabled him to reach the ground safely, albeit at the cost of looking like Woody Allen fleeing imperial forces in Sleeper. "It's like landing in an oven," he gasped, once he was back on terra firma. "A very dry oven!"

Bollywood Wingsuit Flying

A short article on wingsuit jumps made for a Bollywood film promotion can be found here

Chicks Rock - 2007

Wingsuit Flying with the gang

Wingsuit in the 9th. Puerto Rico Freefall Festival 2011

Frenchies Air

Winter Wingsuit BASE Jump in the French part of the Alpes

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Roughcuts - Zhills Flock

Cleaning up my harddrive I find all kinds of fun shots from boogies I attended the past year. I didnt always edit these into full videos, so to catch up, here are a few:

A fun wingsuit flock, showing Tom (van Dijck) on his 3rd wingsuit jump, flying base in a PF shadow for a mixed formation.
I had a lot of fun flying camera around the flock.

Flying Dreams

Extreme, Insane, Full Of Adrenalin & Amazing - Its the flying dream we all had as kids made into reality and its known as WingSuit BASE !


Timy and I arrived in Europe to horrible snow conditions. With no choice, but to shred it the best we could for the 1st and 2nd stop of the Freeride World Tour we gave it our best. Good thing we brought parachutes, too!

Wingsuit BASE @Home Spot

Wingsuit BASE Jump from one of my Home Spots.

Quick Roadside Wingsuit FlyBy

A short video shot in Bispen, check it out here

100 years of Croatian Aeronautics

A short television promo edited by Boris Pecnik

Wingsuit Low pull

My stupid video...

What happened?
- Got distracted by my own shadow
- Trouble reaching the pilot chute quickly

Lesson learned!

Welcome To The Underground

A little overview of some nice activities in 2008

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2010 Norway Base Jumping

Base Jumping is a sport that really sees the best being brought out in all those involved. It is a sport that constantly asks us questions and makes us realise what we can do. When normal community asks why, our heart tells us what if we did not......

Given the right pathways, the right knowledge, the right guidance maybe you can do it too...

I have met some very amazing people, some of which I need to thank for helping put this video together. They include:

all the base jumpers from around the world that were in Lysebotn, Norway for the 2010 season,

Wingsuit in Iran

A few images from a climbing/wingsuit trip to Iran from pro athletes Géraldine Fasnacht and Sam Beaugey.

filmed by Sam Beaugey
edited by Freeride spirit Eurosport/ Seb montaz

More good stuff on my new born adventure video blog:

Puerto Rico 2011

Some really fun skydives with friends in the most beautiful lace on the planet....

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ski Jumping / Flying World Record

Not wingsuit flying, but still pretty cool.
A new ski-flying record was set at 246 meters the past week!

Check it out!

With a bonus addition of a 192 meter jump shot with a POV camera

Wingsuit Landing

As winter closes in Mikey heads off to Spain to pack parachutes at the Skydive Lillo Drop Zone. Perhaps feeling a bit left out and bored with the long cold winter Ralph decides it is time to set a Canadian record of his own. Check it out as he attempts a Birdman suit jump off of his house roof on New Years day.

How to Rodeo with Purple Mike

I got to spend some time filming some rodeo jumps with Purple Mike at the Big way. It was a great way to spend the day just having fun. So if you wonder how to do it....let Purple Mike tell ya all about it. Enjoy.

Canadian makes radical leap of Stone of Gávea

Salto Pedra da Gávea Canadian makes radical leap of Stone of Gávea with 'wing suit'

My First Wingsuit Jump

My first wingsuit jump over Langhorne Creek South Australia, Thanks to Hayden for the coaching!!

Gian Paolo Longoni

Gian Paolo Longoni, Italian skydiver, 67 years old. Flying his Phantom 2 over Paracentro Locarno, Ticino, Switzerland.

Cameraflyer: Marco L. Regina

Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Thrillseeking at the outdoor capital"

News site The Press and Journal has an article on Tim Emmet and his wingsuiting and climbing adventures.

Check it out here.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

FLB in Sion, Zwitserland

Costyn and Jarno got to visit the lovely dropzone of Sion, Zwitserland while teaching a PFC course to several local jumpers.

After the examination jumps, there was some spare time for a few flocks, including a cool scenic flight over the local mountain range. We'll be back there soon for sure!

E:60 Feature Wing and a Prayer

E:60 features Jeb Corliss and his basejumping journey.

wingsuit base jump bcv

Ground 2 Air - Flying in Magland

la French touch

The French Touch une falaise de 900 m sur la Terre de Baffin

Vol de Wingsuit éxécuté par Alex Halley printemps 2009
sur la French touch secteur Walker Giant , dans le Sam Ford fjord .

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CBS Courage in Sports Awards

Burbled PC

A video showing some long delays in deployment due to the massive burble created by the suit. Also notice the short fumble with the pilotchute. Though manageable in a skydive enviroment, these kind of delays can be lethal in BASE. Take care and adjust opening deployment accordingly.

Surface to Air

Some nice compilation scenes on Xsports (and wingsuit flying)

BBteam WINGSUIT CAMP febrero

Otro magnifico camp,organizado por los BAD BOYS tema con grandes y bonitos saltos.

BB team with our 'stolen' team-mate Alejandro ;);)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dream Lines - Part II - Wingsuit Proximity Flying by Jokke Sommer

A collection of the best flights we had in 2010. Outside video: Halvor Angvik Music: Nneka - Heartbeat (Chase & Status Remix) Other jumpers: Tom Erik Heimen, Stein Olsen ++ Heli Shot: Red Bull Media House. Ground Shot: NRK Sport

Dropzone Boys

A funny fictional trailer for a fake TV series "Dropzone Boys"

Check it out!

Herc Boogie 2004

Andy Ford uploaded this cool 'old school' flocking video from back in 2004.

Check it out!

Expert Flocking

Check out this bad bird!

Transformers 'Dark' Super Bowl Trailer

Wingsuits in a big budget action movie!
Our first look at the wingsuit flying as it will be seen on screen! Check it out!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Flock University Vertical Challenge - 25 Way

From Drunken Skwrl Productions and Sky Squared Productions comes the official video of Flock University's 25-way Vertical Diamond formation jumps. The event, part of the ongoing Vertical Challenge Series, was held in Zephyrhills, FL, Jan 20-23 2011.

Skyphoria Wingsuit Gathering

Richard Schneider has posted picture of the Skyphoria Wingsuit Gathering on his website, check it out!

Video with data overlay

Matt Hoover - Wingsuit Articles

Matt Hoover has posted a series of magazine articles on wingsuit flying, which featured his photowork.

You can check em out here

New Hiker - Wingsuits

Online travel and gear magazine @newhiker has an article on wingsuit flying, and showcases on of the most popular wingsuit video's.

Check it out here

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FlyLikeBrick - Flock & Dock 6.0 - 2010

Check it out!

2011 01 MUVI Wingsuit Flying

Shot with my new amazingly small 'shitty cam'

Check it out!


A short video with some flocking and docking after the intl. wingsuit competition in Italy. Check it out!

Speed-riding or base today?

Un film tourné et réalisé par Anaël Vaquette, pour les rencontres du filme de vol libre hivernal de la Coupe Icare Blanche, à saint Hilaire du Touvet.
Au programme: parapente, speed-ring et paralpinisme(base-jump) pendant la période hivernal!