Friday, February 18, 2011

Man vs Wild

An announcement for Bear Grylls TV show to be aired this saterday:


Just when you think Bear Grylls can't top himself when it comes to far-flung destinations or adventures, he heads to a South Pacific deserted island, becomes a human glider by wearing a "wingsuit" and builds a buggy from a wrecked aircraft. That last one may have come in handy on "Lost." 9 p.m. Discovery

and one more snippet from another TV guide:

Bear was flown high over the Arizona desert, with its "parched landscape," "choking sands," and "deadly inhabitants" and jumped out wearing a wingsuit that enabled him to reach the ground safely, albeit at the cost of looking like Woody Allen fleeing imperial forces in Sleeper. "It's like landing in an oven," he gasped, once he was back on terra firma. "A very dry oven!"

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