Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 - 03 - FLB Schaffen Bigway Weekend #2

The second wingsuit weekend at Schaffen this year! With everyones skills and experience increasing with each jump! Thank you all for coming, and see you on the next one!

Close Call Wingsuiting

This is exactly what I want to avoid in the future. Unintended risk. This should never have happened. If you follow me on Facebook, you can expect to see more information coming up on how I plan to maximize safety while still achieving my most extreme goals. I hope that as many people as possible learn from this so that it doesn't happen again.

So, what went wrong?
- I should have been paying less attention to video and more to my environment.
- I should have deployed sooner.
- I was on the left side of the group and should have stayed further left toward the end of the flight. I actually turned right slightly as I was filming the deployment and that's why this was a close call instead of a safe flyby from further away.

eiger east ridge

Jumpography 2010

A 2010 Skydive Twin Cities Film Fest Entry from Roger That Productions. I filmed the majority of the footage, but a good portion was collected from others. I could not have made this without the help of my friends who are credited in the video.

Wing suit wind tunnel

Joao Tambor flying wing suit inside a wind tunnel

Raising Her Profile by Showing Some Skin

An article on Roberta Mancino and her freefall and modeling antics in the New York Times.

Check out the Article here

GoPro and Wingsuits

Advertising extention mounts often seen in the skydive and base enviroment, this video shows exactly why its not the best idea to actually use them.
Freeze frame at 0:29 and see how close this person gets to a full horse-shoe malfunction, entangling the lines of his main with the raised camera mount.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BB Team - Aerobatic Wingsuit Base

The first steps in our aerobatic WS project in Switzerland, starting with a nice jump of the iconic Eiger wall during our holiday!

See you in Norway!! 2 aerobatic ws project base.
FLY OR DIE !!!!!!!!

2011 - 03 - Schaffen Bigway Weekend #2

An awesome display of interesting wingsuit exit techniques!
Shot from the strut of the airplane with a camera Hans (aka Gadget) put there.

Check it out!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Southern Oddities

What we did this weekend

Wingsuit FlyBy

After several days of hard jumping, finaly some wingsuitnews updates again!

First off, the Nordic TV series we mentioned before. Check out Jokke & friends doing a sick close flyby past several other athletes sitting on a ledge at

*Updated with embedded video*

Monterrey, Mexico Proxi Flying

Jon Devore and Mike Swanson take out their wingsuits for an incredible flight along the beautiful mountains in Monterrey: Cerro de la Silla and La Huasteca.


SporTV posted a nice item on some South American wingsuit flying.

Check it out here

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eiger Mushroom - Wingsuit Flight

Wingsuit Base - Redbull Skydiveteam

wingsuit camp marzo BBteam

A nice video from Paula and Micky of the Bad Boys team, doing some great coached jumps with a group of students:

Otro magnifico camp con un altísimo nivel por parte de los flyers¡¡¡¡
Trabajos a 7(stick line with up and over and don and over).


Different clips from different jumps

Skyvan High Speed Exit

@Skydive City doing a high speed exit for the first time :)

Wingsuit Jumps @ Skydive City - March 2011

Having fun in the sky.

wingsuit with randy at stl

The Colone

The Colonel flying a wingsuit over Sebastian

Wing Suit jumps with Erik Roner

The YouTube NitroCircus channel posted a new video:

Mike's 300th jump

Rotterdam 19-03-2011

Delicia posted a fun video of her weekend:

While my boyfriend is in stormy Spain, I went to Skydive Rotterdam with Werner and Jarno and did some wingsuit flying in my classic, as well as a nice freefly jump at the end of the day.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

2010 - Go Soft and Live!

Mediocre flying, mediocre skills and mediocre editing. But totally fun times none the less. It is the only way i can remember anything in my life. Switzerland has been very kind to me this year!!

Merry Go Round

3 videos from YouTube edited into one. Normaly we dont post these kind of re-edits of other peoples work, but I have to admit this made me chuckle a bit...

Check it out!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wired covers wingsuit video has a short article with some explanatory text for whuffo's accompanying a video posted to Vimeo by Richard Schneider, which we've already featured of course. :)

Reading comments on articles like these is always amusing... thankfully there are some people with a clue that respond with actual information.

Check it out here.

Australian flocking?

This Australian news site says local wingsuiter Hayden Galvin will be leading "32 of Australia's best skydivers and base jumpers as they hone their skills in one of the world's most extreme sports." Except they don't mention leading in what... I imagine they mean a flock or a record attempt? Anyone have the scoop on this.
Also, apparently we here in Europe train our wingsuits in wind tunnels?
The sport is huge in Europe, where competitors train in wind tunnels, while their Australian counterparts practise by jumping out of planes
First I've heard of it... ;-)

Check out the article here.

St. Patrick's Day Wingsuiting

Fun at Skydive Elsinore...


Skydive madrid, 5 and 6 jump with venom, exit 3800m, 1500m opening

Red Bull Skydive Team AUSTRIA - Wingsuittraining in Florida

Red Bull Skydive Team beim Wingsuit-Training in Florida 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011 - 03 - Schaffen BigWayz

Wingsuit Flocking at Schaffen (BE) with the Benelux crew!

Load organizing & camera: Jarno Cordia

Vampire V2 Wingsuit Rodeo

Onboard footage from one of the wingsuit rodeos I did @ Southern Summer Jam 2011 in Methven, New Zealand.

Skydive Alabama: Wingsuit Flying

Wingsuit jump with Greg, he does some flips and barrel rolls, and I try to stay relative,

Wingsuit flock with Greg and Omar. Some totally decent proximity flying as the sun goes down! Also an AFF Level 1 student that decided not to go ..

Fly in the Huasteca to the world

In his tour of royal lands, the "bird men" @JonDeVore and Mike Swanson, soared into the skies of La Huasteca, with amazing costumes, "wingsuit" to document and project to the world the natural beauty of Santa Catarina.

Through the Municipal Institute for Youth, the best jumpers in the world considered were the necessary steps to raise your flight and spread their wings in the stunning mountainous landscape.

Abdiel Nañez Badillo, Director of Imjusanta, said the "flying" is offered not only to promote the beauty of La Huasteca, but to promote extreme sports through its sponsor.

"People who promote them in all places where they go, they approached us to see what the chances are of having another type of extreme sports in Santa Catarina and we're working to give young people options," said Badillo Nañez .

Jon DeVore and Mike Swanson were very smiling with all the people passing by and they stopped their car at the height of which was above the Esplanade de La Huasteca.

Shortly after 9:00 pm, two paratroopers spread their "wingsuit" to provide a spectacular setting on its descent to 500 feet from the Pico Independence called the Via Ferrata.

These provided a well-deserved applause for the "bird men" who continue to conduct their events on Thursday from the moment you pop out the first rays of sun in La Huasteca and also the rebate will practice the so-called Wall of Los Gatos.

Via Google Translate

Wingsuit - Saint-Hilaire

Wingsuiter above Saint-Hilaire take-off

Monday, March 14, 2011

SFINGA (trailer)

via Google translate:
Trailer for the film, which was created in-house production, in this case is somewhat different than is usual. S Siddharta we have entered into an agreement before the shoot that we waive the song for the movie The nature of their latest disc Saga, we have experienced this kind homage to Slovenian, prepare a video, which will also be the upcoming film.

Directed and screenplay by Gregor Kresal
Director of photography: Matthew Križnik
Installation: Rožle Bregar and Gasper Kocjančič / channels / klockoc

Wingsuit Flying - An amazing sport

Enjoy this French video, which looks like a school report on wingsuit flying:

Friday, March 11, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Proxi-Flying Carnaval

wingsuiting in victoria

did a few wingsuit jumps with some people

FG batmasi


cause everyone likes a tight posse

A collection of freeflying clips and wingsuit flocks from the West Coast Freefly Posse. Their slogan is “cause everyone likes a tight posse.” ‘Nuff said. There’s a pretty sweet swoop near the end, too!

Check it out at

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kim - Wingsuit Rodeo

And one of my own weekend snippets:

A rodeo wingsuit jump with Kim sadly went sour at the exit.
Due to bad timing, she let go and went into sitflying.
Trying to keep up on my belly wasnt working, so had fun doing a few headdown passes before shooting off into the distance..

Next time we'll get it!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birddoc Wingsuit Front Flips

Fun Wingsuit Video from Jump at Skydive Kentucky on 4 March 2011. Wingsuit Pilot is U.S. Army Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Mark Duber in his Phoenix-Fly Phantom 2. Video filmed by David Covel.

Into the Light

March 5, 2011 around Skydive Elsinore. Nothing but some clips from the day, but there is some fun flying in there.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


And the finished commercial (following the making of we posted yesterday)

Chris Patterson: The Making of Wingsuit

A short docu showcasing the greenscreen and real outdoors shooting of a new TV commercial.

Wingsuits on Playbook featured Richard Schneider's recent wingsuit video "Exploring The Sky: Wingsuit Flying 2011" with a nice little article, too.

Check out the full article here!

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Wingsuit Rodeo Game

Little movie made for the 2010 Epagny Film Festival in Switzerland.

The only rule was that we have one day to film and edit a 3 minutes film.

Enjoy !

Red Bull AirForce

Flying their V3s in tight formation, with a Red Bull Aerobatics plane.

Check it out!


A great new Norwegian TV show, featuring Jokke debuted today at the local premiere.

Check out the trailer, and watch the awesome flyby.
More on this series soon!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Disposable Wingsuits - Full Episode

By popular demand:

If you had no money for a wingsuit but wanted to jump one would you jump one made by a 13 year old? Check it out as Mikey and Biff do just that!!

Oxygen Wingsuit Team

The Belgian Wingsuit Team "Oxygen" went Pro with a new Vimeo account, meaning they will be posting all their stuff in awesome HD video from now on.

They started with an upload of their previous videos, check all their videos out here!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Angry Birds

Angry Birds! Three days of jumping in North Mexico with my homie of Team Ill Vision. Video Dave, Da, Gee.

Fun Wingsuit Jump From 18,000 ft. at Skydive Santa Barbara

I’m jealous of Charles Odeyemi playing with his GoPro HD camera and new wingsuit from 18,000 feet. I love this camera angle, and the scenery at Skydive Santa Barbara in southern California isn’t too shabby either! What’s the furthest distance you’ve covered in a wingsuit?

Check it out here

Exploring the Sky - Wingsuit Flying 2011

Helmet cam footage from wingsuit flights at the edges of the United States, including California (Lake Elsinore), Florida (Zephyrhills), Nevada (Mesquite), and Puerto Rico (Vega Baja).

Primary footage captured and edited by Richard Schneider, Lake Elsinore parachute deployment scene captured by Douglas Spotted Eagle.

Music: Undenied by Portishead & The Funeral by Band of Horses.

Wingsuit flatspin

Flatspin after a bad ws rodeo exit.

Wingsuit Calendar

For those who missed it, we filled the calendar again with all upcoming wingsuit events worldwide.

If your event isnt listed. Contact us (or Andreea) to have it added!

First Wingsuit Flight

This is my first wingsuit flight. Huge thanks to Scott Bland for filming it and Scotty Burns for the first flight course! It only took one flight to get hooked :) I should be getting a bunch of HD footage from multiple angles over the coming weekends :)

Salman jumps from 10,000 ft

Still desperately trying to convince media that it wasnt seasoned wingsuit flyers, but in fact an actor without any skydiving or basejump experience that was doing loops and rolls in the new Mountain Dew advert, here is another news article on Salman Kahn.

Read it on