Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fly in the Huasteca to the world

In his tour of royal lands, the "bird men" @JonDeVore and Mike Swanson, soared into the skies of La Huasteca, with amazing costumes, "wingsuit" to document and project to the world the natural beauty of Santa Catarina.

Through the Municipal Institute for Youth, the best jumpers in the world considered were the necessary steps to raise your flight and spread their wings in the stunning mountainous landscape.

Abdiel Nañez Badillo, Director of Imjusanta, said the "flying" is offered not only to promote the beauty of La Huasteca, but to promote extreme sports through its sponsor.

"People who promote them in all places where they go, they approached us to see what the chances are of having another type of extreme sports in Santa Catarina and we're working to give young people options," said Badillo Nañez .

Jon DeVore and Mike Swanson were very smiling with all the people passing by and they stopped their car at the height of which was above the Esplanade de La Huasteca.

Shortly after 9:00 pm, two paratroopers spread their "wingsuit" to provide a spectacular setting on its descent to 500 feet from the Pico Independence called the Via Ferrata.

These provided a well-deserved applause for the "bird men" who continue to conduct their events on Thursday from the moment you pop out the first rays of sun in La Huasteca and also the rebate will practice the so-called Wall of Los Gatos.

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