Saturday, April 30, 2011

FlocknDock7 - Pauls view

Flock n Dock 7, Wingsuit weekend at Zhills, April 2011. Soundtrack: Nine Inch Nails, 34 Ghosts IV, video: Paul Litherland

Friday, April 29, 2011 - Wingsuit Team

MessyFly Wingsuit Team flight over the Eiger, Switzerland. 2nd of April 2011.

Wingsuit pilot: Marco Luigi Regina
Helicopter camera: Sascha Schuppisser

Special thanks to: Herwig, Igor and Marc

Wingsuit proximity flying with Vampire 4

By Jokke Sommer:
Flying the new Vampire 4 together with Tom Erik Heimen. Trying it out on the terrain and doing some 2 ways.

Wingsuit Showcase

Advertising the new airshows planned, @JohnDeVore of the Red Bull AirForce uploaded a new trailer to his YouTube account.

Check out the amazing shot at 0:46!

Transformers 3 - Trailer 3 - More Wingsuits

Showcasing an epic battle for survival, wingsuits come to the rescue!

Check it out!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Corbas is back 3

Vimeo HD - Macro: A Tribute

Some short bits of the 2 Million hit video "Need4Speed" show up in this nice editing and camera experiment. Check it out!

X-Men: First Class

Check out the new trailer for X-Men: First Class, showcasing some wingsuit-like flying midway into the trailer. See it here.

Looking at the summer blockbuster scedule, wingsuits and similar flying scenes are quite high on every directors priority list! Transformers 3 has a new trailer out tomorrow, hopefully showcasing more wingsuit madness!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flock & Dock 2011 - Trailer

April 2011, a large group of skydivers from all over the world gathered for the 7th 'Flock & Dock' Wingsuit meeting in Zephyhills, USA.

Camera & Editing: Jarno Crdia

Full video coming soon

Gaijin Entertainment Announces Skydive: Proximity Flight

Showcasing a suit and rig (and head) that scary looks like someone spent a bit to long looking at old pictures of me in my 'top gun' days, Gaijin Entertainment showcases their new upcoming game Skydive Proximity Flight

A groovy trailer intercuts with footage of Jokke Sommer, and quotes from the PF Need4Speed video (which hit 2 million views a few days ago:)

Check it out!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Safety Warning

We got this warning over email:

A Swiss skydiver was found to have gotten onto an aeroplane without his legstraps attached to his body. He had recently ordered a TonySuit SBird and was jumping said SBird at Skydive Elsinore. He boarded the plane and rode to altitude. It wasn't until the plane reached 10,000' that the error was caught out. Skydive Elsinore has a policy in place that requires all Wingsuiters to have gear checks

Remember people, do gear checks! Check legstraps!
One fatal accident related to this issue is already more than we would have ever needed.

Nethers Easter Weekend 2011, Wingsuits

a few nice wingsuit flights from my view

flying with Alejandro and Linas

Monday, April 25, 2011

Flock & Dock 2011, Phoenix-Fly Vampire 4 Wingsuit

This is a video compilation from Flock & Dock 2011 at ZHills with some of the flights in the new Phoenix-Fly Vampire 4 wingsuit, including a special flight with Robert Pecnik in his V4. 2012 is already on my mind!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Flock & Dock 7

Zach and Scotty made a cool video from Flock & Dock 7!

Check it out!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


A special (longer) cut of the hilarious Mountain Dew commercial, showing a Bollywood star supposedly doing a real wingsuit skydive (with the aid of a few stunt performers and animated special effects).

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

wingsuit camp April with BBteam

Need 4 Speed on Top Gear website posted the PF video "The Need 4 Speed" on their website last week, and again made views on the video go through the roof. With current numbers, the view count on Vimeo alone are about to pass 2 million today or tomorrow!

Thanks everyone for the support on that one!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Go Fast Wing Suit Festival in Hungary?

We usually keep our comments to ourselves, this being a small community and all, but I think it's time we voiced our opinions a bit more, and for starters let me just say I'm glad I wasn't at this year's Go Fast Wingsuit Festival in Hungary, cause it looks pretty damn lonely.

Posted by Go Fast itself on Vimeo:

Sometimes there are things you shouldn't post to the web... ;) What do you guys think?

MessyFly Wingsuit Team flight over the Eiger

Marco Luigi Regina of team MessyFly takes along a camera on a beautiful jump over the Swiss Eiger mountain.

V4 test jump with GPS data

Ludovic Woerth posted this video of his BASE jump with the new V4, including GPS data converted with my old GPX2SRT script.

He gets some insane glide ratio's and forward speeds along the way, very very cool!

Flock & Dock 7.0 Videos

Jarno's at Flock & Dock 7.0, but he's been oddly quiet online. I guess he's just having too much fun.

In any case, some video's have been posted of the event, so for your viewing pleasure:

The second video features a flying 'vag' formation with 'penetrators'. Yes, safe for work, I promise... as long as your boss is ok with you watching wingsuit video's at work (during lunch of course!)

This last video features some pretty cool footage shot from the ground of a big 2 plane formation, looking like an inverted delta at the lead with 2 long v's trailing. Nice!

Joby Ogwyn flies next to Mt. Everest

According to this press release, Joby Ogwyn, whom we've featured before here and here has become the first person to fly next to Mount Everest.

He exited the plane at 29,000ft, which has been done before, but then had to land his BASE canopy at 17,000ft, which is less common. :) He also has a nasty twist on opening, looking at the trailer.

Read the article here and watch the trailer to his upcoming movie 'Higher', about the Mt. Everest adventure, below.

You can follow Joby's adventures on his blog here and on Facebook here.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Michael Bay on the new Transformers movie, a movie website, has an interview with Michael Bay, the director of the upcoming Transformers movies, where they mention the wingsuit jumps they did over Chicago for the movie:

And--as with the robot action--Bay is pushing the boundaries of what he has done. "We've got these wing suit guys. You see them on 60 Minutes jumping off the cliffs? I'm writing a scene for those guys," Bay laughs. For those wondering what he's talking about, you may have spotted the wing suits in a previously-released teaser trailer. "We have this great scene where they fly between these buildings. We had to block off a mile and a half of Chicago's streets and they jump off of the Sears Tower and fly between the buildings. That's unheard of.

Check out the article here

Administrative note: Jarno is in Florida at the moment, at the Flock & Dock. I'm trying to keep you guys up to date with some articles we hadn't posted yet. He'll be back next week and get ya'll up to date on the latest videos.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Roberta Mancino: Raising Her Profile by Showing Some Skin

Hottest female wingsuiter Roberta Mancino is featured in this New York Times article on pretty much everything that is Roberta Mancino.

Check out the NY Times article here.

Want more pics of her?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SSX renamed

From the 'only very slightly wingsuit related' department: Snowboard game SSX Deadly Descents has been renamed to just 'SSX' and will apparently not be so deadly.

I'll be curious to see if the wingsuit bit is any good. In the meantime we can keep bugging our resident wingsuit game programmer Martijn Zandvliet to release a beta, heck even an alpha would be fun!

A bunch of game news sites carry the story on SSX rename:

Australian women's wingsuit record attempt

More wingsuit news from Australia, this time from the Sunshine Coast Daily, about the 2011 Skysisters Convention at Toogoolawah later this month.

The Skysisters will challenging six all-female national and world records, including the impressive eight-way wingsuit world record with a 10-way of jumpers in multicoloured webbed “wingsuit” outfits joining in perfect formation.
If anyone is attending, please send us the wingsuit pics, we'll post them!

Check out the article here

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Australian flocking!

Australian news site The Northern Star has a nice, but whuffo oriented, article on some Australian flocking that's been going on recently.

Check it out here

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wingsuit Base - Samoens

Wingsuit big way vertical stack

Footage by Jade Edaj

Urban Wingsuit Flying

On day 2 of specific training in the pursuit of 'wingsuit master' i landed a new personal best of a 5km flight! and thats only on my 2nd day!! besides that i have done plenty of exit training this past week by leaping off the ship 15 times a day. plenty yet to go, and i also managed a trip to the local sand dunes on a particularly windy afternoon :D

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Need 4 Speed: Warm Up Sessions

As we get ready for the 2011 summer season, the core Need4Speed team are slowly getting up to speed by exploring exciting new lines in the European mountains.

Cutting through the air at tree level with the new Vampire 4 and Venom wingsuits.

Music: Hybrid - 'Blind Side'
For more information, go to the band's website: and check out the free download for this track!

All footage was shot in High Definition Video

Camera & Performers:
Jeannoel Itzstein
Robert Pecnik
Edo Senica
Ludovic Woerth

Editing by Jarno Cordia of

BlueTooth wingsuit flying

Monday, April 4, 2011

Learning To Fly

Elias and Werner both had some fun giving the Venom a first try, and some of the pre-production models I got on loan from the factory. Also learning to fly the suit myself, it took a bit of getting used to the steering and amount of lift in the suit (Im mostly flying a PF Shadow, on the way other end of the spectrum of agility and speed).

Expect a lot more footage the coming weeks (including BASE), flying the suit at full speed instead of the easy flocking pace you see here :)


Wingsuit Interview

An incredible fun interview to watch, with one of our DZ regulars trying to keep a straight face through the amazing interview skills of the reporter.

Check it out here

Day 4 of the summer jam boogie in NZ 2011

And more wingsuit (rodeo) snippets!

day 2 of the summer jam boogie in NZ 2011

A brief snippet of wingsuit, in this fun boogie video:

Maurizio DiPalma - Professional BASE jumper

Episode 24- Spring is Here!

Just a few hours shy of the release of the new Need4Speed chapter, Nuit de la Glisse released a short video showcasing Robert, JNO and Ludo flying their wingsuit to the max!

Check it out!

JuanCar Diaz

with this little jump a pacifier easier I removed the bad feeling the other day, so have avoided the tremendous fright take me, you notice a small mid-air movements more or less, is not this tight, I promise que was the air aloft which I moved, even noticed the turbulence! really! and you want to tell you this cucumber wingsuit flying I have is A WHORE WONDER! and runs as slips, falls and little, that if, lose the respect or touch his balls, and I have seen what happened, NO MORE! but I'll enjoy flying as a bastard! ;-))

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Festo SmartBird - Bird flight deciphered

We where tempted to post stuff like "Wingsuit News will stop posting", "Wingsuit landing accomplished!", "USPA Grid working!" and "Wingsuit Flyers agree on things", but figuring everyone knows its April 1st (April Fools), we figured we'd rather show you something more fun and realistic! Enjoy!