Sunday, April 17, 2011

Michael Bay on the new Transformers movie, a movie website, has an interview with Michael Bay, the director of the upcoming Transformers movies, where they mention the wingsuit jumps they did over Chicago for the movie:

And--as with the robot action--Bay is pushing the boundaries of what he has done. "We've got these wing suit guys. You see them on 60 Minutes jumping off the cliffs? I'm writing a scene for those guys," Bay laughs. For those wondering what he's talking about, you may have spotted the wing suits in a previously-released teaser trailer. "We have this great scene where they fly between these buildings. We had to block off a mile and a half of Chicago's streets and they jump off of the Sears Tower and fly between the buildings. That's unheard of.

Check out the article here

Administrative note: Jarno is in Florida at the moment, at the Flock & Dock. I'm trying to keep you guys up to date with some articles we hadn't posted yet. He'll be back next week and get ya'll up to date on the latest videos.

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