Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Best of Ekstremsportveko 2010

Head of Today's Video: Ingrid Spildo
Photograph/editor: Torbjørn Fjellestad, Morten Øvreås, Heidi Kysnes Høyheim, Martin Vadet, Morten Birkeland Vee, Inge Wegge, Andreas Lykke, Wilhelm Hoff Sverdvik, Isak Bang, Jon Olav Aurdal, Anita Vedå, Christian Magnussen, Andreas Johannesen, Ørjan Ommedal Halvorsen, Jan Tore Solberg, Stian Kristiansen, Petter Lahlum, Kim Andre Tran, , Jakub Sedivy, Sigve Kvamsdal, Benjamin Hjort, Torgeir Arntzen, Lasse Moe, og Linn Mikkelborg.

Takk også til:
Einar Såkvitne, Erlend Rongen, Erling Sagen, Trond Bolstad, Dennis Westphal, Dag Ivar Skjøvold, Leif Kåre Havås og Audun Brekke.

A huge thanks to the Today's Video stab, and everyone who has taken part in the video production.

Redigering av "Best of Ekstremsportveko 2010": Morten Øvreås

Midget King & A-Dog goes to the Aurland Valley!

BASEjumping POV

Playing with the Vampire 4 - Wingsuit Proximity Flying by Jokke Sommer

www.jokkesommer.com - Helishot/Cineflex by Fuglefjellet - www.fuglefjellet.no
Flying the Vampire 4 together with Tom Erik Heimen. Location: France and Norway. Music by The XX - Intro

Wingsuit boogie - Russia

Wingsuit V3

The Wingsuit "Evolution" Flight at Skydive Kentucky

In three different generations of wingsuits (including the first commercial one made - "Birdman Classic", Phantom 2, and Vampire 3), Larry Compton, Scott Graham, and Mark Duber take to the skies of Elizabethtown Kentucky on Memorial Day for a great day in the BLUE SKIES!

V3 - New Wingsuit World Record

2011.5.28 Shin Ito sets New Wingsuit World record.
Exit 32,000ft Distance 23.1km (14.35miles) Maximum Ground Speed 363km (225.6 miles) FF time 5 minuets 22 second

randy flying his wingsuit past me under canopy

randy flying his wingsuit past me under canopy at keystone skydive center

Friday, May 27, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011



The Demon's Playground

A short montage of some of my favourite skydiving moments shared with some of the most fantastic people that I've ever met, shot entirely over the beautiful Irish skies. I'm either behind the camera lens, or in the actual shot of each & every clip.

I dedicate this video to all of you: Skydivers, Pilots, Friends & DZ's whom I have had the honour & privilege to share the skies with & to those I have yet to Skydive with..., Enjoy :-)

First Flight - SBird

Tortillas à Montserrat

Hubert made ​​me discover this wonderful leap in Montserrat (Catalonia), I dreamed long ago. The wall is an impressive 290m and departure technique if you want to switch to Monistrol succeed. I had to settle for the classic line, nevertheless superb. My 9 and 10th jumps Xbird. Gracias amigo!
Jumpers: El Amarillo, Jeronimo
May 2011
Warning: BASE jumping is a dangerous sport does not reproduce what you've seen this video.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Puschino wingsuit 2011

Wingsuit Flyby's schaffen 14-05-2011

Floor also posted a video from a few days back:
After a bit of fun playing together, the group did a planned early separation with Dutch wingsuit pilot Floor diving down to 5000 ft and deploying.

Jarno, Danny and Eli than did subsequent wingsuit flyby's past Floor.

Douggs and Ludovic on National Geographic TV

Friday, May 20, 2011

Transformers 3 - Clip 2 - More Wingsuits

N.E.S.T. springs into action once again in Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, Josh's character (Major Lennox) attempts to talk some sense into the squad of N.E.S.T. soldiers fighting to save Earth from the Decepticons, the only way in is to use a 'wing-suit' and air drop from a V-22 Ospray into the battle to get as close as they can get.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jump4Heroes on ITV Daybreak

Maj Alastair Macartney from Jump4Heroes was on ITV's Daybreak to promote the work of The Royal British Legion and the extreme wingsuit proximity flying he and his teammate Sgt Deane 'Smudge' Smith do to highlight the charity.

Happy Birthday Eli

Cheerio! Your posse at wingsuitnews.com ;)

2011 - 05 - FLB Schaffen Bigway Weekend #3


Flights on the Eiger, Matterhorn, and Everest.

Luigi Cani TNT Team - Man X Machine

Luigi Cani doing some cool relative flight with a Jet. Not matching speeds completely, but showcasing an incredble close flyby! Check it out!

Wingsuit Tail Strike

Jump4Heroes Extreme Wingsuit Proximity Flying from Mt Brento, Italy

Two members of The Royal British Legion Extreme Human Flight Team, Jump4Heroes, have been wingsuit proximity flying at Mount Brento in Northern Italy to raise awareness for the Legion.

Major Alastair Macartney and Sergeant Deane 'Smudge' Smith flew just inches from the cliff face for over a minute before deploying their Poppy canopies to land safely.

Video edited and produced by Tim Gardiner. Thanks also to The Look.

Check out http://www.jump4heroes.com for more information on what the team get up to.

1st, 2nd Wingsuit Jumps - Coach Paula BB Team

PD Factory Team, Jonathan Tagle proximity flight

PD Factory Team's Jonathan Tagle performs a 1 minute proximity flight on a Tony wingsuit BASE jump in Italy.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Vimeo update

@vimeo seems to have updated their player badly, to an auto-play/embed feature.
Meaning all videos posted seem to simultaniously start. Our appologies for this inconveniance. We hope @vimeo fixes this asap!

3rd Benelux Wingsuit Formation Weekend - May 2011

3rd Benelux Wingsuit Formation Weekend at Schaffen, Belgium May 7 & 8

Load organising by Jarno Cordia and Costyn Van Dongen of Fly Like Brick.

Main camera and editing by Eli Gerris of Team Oxygen.
Stills by Costyn Van Dongen and Steve Braff.

Participants: Bart Vereecken, Benoit Syben, Costyn Van Dongen, Danny Van Oosterwijck, Eli Gerris, Floor Verschure, Jarno Cordia, Johan Wiltink, Magali Folkner, Martijn maas, Rob Jongkees, Steve Braff, Werner Pauchli, Yorick Bleijenberg

Sadly you where missing in this great video! Want to be part of it? Join us next time! ;)

UA - Backflying

2011 - 05 - Carving with Eli

Having some fun practice with Eli, working on his backflying and transitions.
A little steep at times, but getting there :)

2011 - 05 - Schaffen Venom FlyBy

After a bit of fun playing together, the group did a planned early seperation with Dutch wingsuit pilot Floor diving down to 5000 ft and deploying.

Jarno, Danny and Eli than did subsequent planned wingsuit flyby's past Floor.

Check it out!

FLB FFC - Godfried Meesters

Godfried Meesters

Schaffen, BE

PF Shadow

Good flying in terms of patern and actions.
Try being a bit more relaxed/less rushed with the dummy-pull/pull. The arms could be used a lot more, to slow down the descent rate, which in turn will make flying a lot smoother.

At pulltime, dont rush. But take the time to first wave off. Than slowly easy into the pull position. The dummy pulls are rushed a bit, so the pull position isnt 'flown' well. Try and work on getting to feel the deployment position by flying that for a few seconds longer. This will also help ease of the vertical speed, and make the deployment a lot cleaner.

Good jump, and welcome to the flock!

FLB FFC - Wim Dieltjens

Wim Dieltjens

Schaffen, BE

PF Shadow

Good flying in terms of patern and actions.
Try being a bit more relaxed/less rushed with the dummy-pulls. The arms could be used a lot more, to slow down the descent rate, which in turn will make flying a lot smoother.

Try and be much stronger with the pull, as letting the pilotchute simply slip can/will result in pilotchute hesitations such as seen here.

Good jump, and welcome to the flock!

p.s. Jarno accidently deleted the file, but managed to recover the data. Sadly a few frame jitters/skips where the result.

Roughcut: Wingsuit exit Cessna 206 May 1st

Just a nice wingsuit exit out of a 206, being in a dive with the airplane. Very good flying by our Pilot Mark.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Frühling in den Alpen

A little spring time wingsuit fun in ze alps with Mike Steen and Mattt Gerdes

Friday, May 13, 2011


My dear friend

Every one of us cherish every moment we have spent with you.

You had great energy, great spirit, amazing skill, and a kind generous soul.

Eventually time will help ease the pain, but you will never, ever be
forgotten, nor will we ever truly get over you not being here anymore.

Now you have the best wings any person can have and we know you are at

We will miss you forever.

Fly free in the eternal blue skies.

Our love is with you always.

Robi, JNO, everyone at Phoenix Fly, Adrenalin BASE, Team Need 4 Speed and
all your brothers and sisters around the world.

Wingsuit sunset and cloud flights

Enjoying life in a wingsuit.

Roughcuts: 2011 - 05 - Shadow Flocking - The Sequal

Combining a really nice video Elias shot on one of the wingsuit flocking dives, with a previously posted video from my Shittycam™ of that same jump.

Check it out!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Female Outlook on Base - part 1

May 2011: Flying over Belgium

Wingsuit formation jumps on Schaffen en Zwartberg.

25 way vertical challenge vol2

zephyrhills fl, 1-22-11 25 way vertical wingsuit challenge
sorry for not editing the video!

2011 - 05 - Schaffen C208 Exits

Some fun shots captured with Hans' GoPro camera on the strut of the airplane..

Wingsuit Pilots (according exit order):
Bart Vereecken
Hans 'Gadget' Schoeber
Jarno 'Mc' Cordia
Benoit Syben
Eli Gerris (camera)
Yorick Blijenberg
Edwin 'Mexicano' Veugelaars
Rob Jongkees
Martijn Maas
Johan Wilting
Floor Verschure
Werner 'The Venom' Pauchli
Costyn van Dongen

And last but not least, a 2 way exit for Nico & Danny.

Ground Effect

Oh, herro... Welcome back! Yes, buy! base-book.com
During the first week of May (2011), Mikey (mikesteen.com) and I managed to get out and enjoy some splendid alpine weather. Same old big dumb suit and GoPro cameras... we no make Mr. Fancy Pants, you know? Anyway, we really enjoyed flying these lines and I hope your summer will be radical, too.
Much love,

Friday, May 6, 2011

ProBase: Interview with Douggs

Check out the nice interview with well known basejumper 'douggs' at the ProBase Worldcup website.

X-Men: Meet Banshee

As part of the new X-Men: First Class movie, the character Banshee definately has a good wingsuit vibe going!

Check it out!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's getting closer and im LOVING IT

2011 - 04 - Zephyrhills, Flock & Dock 7.0 (trailer & movie)

The full video from the 2011 Flock & Dock event at Zephyrhills USA.

Camera & Editing by Jarno Cordia of flylikebrick.com
Additional camera by Tom van Dijck & Scotty Burns

This event was organized by:
Morpheus Technologies


All jumps in this video LO/Coached by Jarno Cordia of flylikebrick.com
Check out our website for more videos, free instructional videos and our flight scedule.

Wingsuit First Flight, Kolomna - Russia 2010

Edited movie showing my first three wingsuit flights under the guidance of Alejandro Lopez Arce from FlyLikeBrick.com. This was done over Kolomna, Russia whilst at the ToraTora (www.toratora.nl) Freefly Boogie.
My dream come true - to be able to fly like a Bird! The best feeling there is!!!
Next week in Seville - May 2011 - more Wingsuit videos to come! :)
Keep watching.........

Brento BASE

BB Team - Back

The Spanish wingsuit team Bad Boys just released a trailer to showcase the can of whoop-ass they plan to bring to Gap this coming August for the Wingsuit Competition.

Check it out!

Monday, May 2, 2011

SSX - Wingsuits

Check out this making of trailer on the new SSX game, showcasing a few hints of the wingsuit camera-suit the characters wear.

Seize the day (aka Twixtor Fever:)

More post-slowmotion editing experiments with some really nice shots from freeflying and wingsuit flocks with DSE.

Check it out!

Warming Up

A short but fun trip to Brento. Bart shot the images from the head camera (GoPro HD) and I shot the images from the belly camera (Sony CX105).

Heli Wingsuit - Chamonix - Gd Montets - Vampire 3

1st Wingsuit Base - Grand Paradis - Becca di Merlo - Vampire 3

1st Wingsuit Base - Karakorum - Pakistan - Phantom 2

1st wingsuit jump off a cliff above the village of Apo Ali Gone Askole on the road, village porters for our expedition to Latok 2. Cliff 300 m high and with 1000 m elevation to the camp.


Jeb released a new video edit, showing timewarped footage in a nice moody edit

Check it out