Monday, May 16, 2011

3rd Benelux Wingsuit Formation Weekend - May 2011

3rd Benelux Wingsuit Formation Weekend at Schaffen, Belgium May 7 & 8

Load organising by Jarno Cordia and Costyn Van Dongen of Fly Like Brick.

Main camera and editing by Eli Gerris of Team Oxygen.
Stills by Costyn Van Dongen and Steve Braff.

Participants: Bart Vereecken, Benoit Syben, Costyn Van Dongen, Danny Van Oosterwijck, Eli Gerris, Floor Verschure, Jarno Cordia, Johan Wiltink, Magali Folkner, Martijn maas, Rob Jongkees, Steve Braff, Werner Pauchli, Yorick Bleijenberg

Sadly you where missing in this great video! Want to be part of it? Join us next time! ;)

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