Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Transformers 3 - Dark Side of the Moon

Last night I got to attend the Dutch premiere of the new Transformers film.
For the wingsuit freaks among us, the film is definately worth checking out.


Though the typical epicness of a Michael Bay film (explosions, patriotic slowmotions, weak plot, more explosions) may not be your kind of thing, there is of course the highly anticipating and much advertised wingsuit and basejumping scene to go and see.

Without going to much into the story-line, the wingsuits are a key part of the Army's deployment into robot infested central Chicago. They exit Osprey aircraft, and fly into town in formation.
The (long!) scene is a mix and match of real footage and 3D animated characters flying past the camera. For those familiar with wingsuit flying and the dynamics, the full CGI shots do take you out of the story a bit. Showing insane glide ratios, physics that dont feel entirely right. But all in all, the real shots thrown into the mix are what make it all worth while.
Especially the shots of the stacked formations, seen in 3D from the top, make for some amazing visuals.

Just when you think the coolness is over, there is a bonus basejumping scene that takes basejumpers and makes them a major part of the attack strategy on the bad robots.

If you're a basejumper or skydiving wingsuit flyer this is for sure a film worth seeing.

Jarno Cordia

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