Thursday, July 7, 2011

Scary italian exit from this summer

Woke up in the morning smelling like sweat and antibiotics and with a raging fever. The only thing in the car worse than my headache was the artificial lemon scent I put in to disguise the horrible smells from my sick body.

The choices was to either suffer in my hot car or ascend a mountain and try to walk it off. After walking and climbing for what seemed like an eternity, but actually was about 4 hours. This exit point presented itself as the best available to us. Not a huge rockdrop, dangerous to jump 10 degrees too far left or right, and scary to approach it. My fever ridden body was definatly not happy 3 minutes before the jump. But once I was on the edge ready to go I actually liked it. Everything was under control, and It turned out to be one of the coolest exit points I have ever jumped. Let this video be a lesson of all the cool stuff that might happen if you dont stay in bed when you are sick.

Check out the video here

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