Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Volo - Quick Update and Some Silly Stuff

Just a video from a while ago, to kick things off.

(This is a video of Volo Airsport, a basejumping and wingsuit flight game currently being developed by me, Martijn Zandvliet. See​blog for more info.)

Wingsuit Kandersteg - Fisistock

Wingsuit les Diablerets - Quille du Diable

Wingsuit en Panama (Reportaje de television / TV Interview)

Reportaje sobre el wingsuit en Panama, realizado por el programa For Men en RPC Canal 4.

FLY 2010

Live Free or Die

Wingsuit BASE jumping in Switzerland and France
By: Scottie-Bob
To all my friends I've met along the way, your the shiz
RIP Jeremy Graczyk

Music by: Pretty Lights, Pink Floyd's "Time" Remix

First Balloon Wingsuit Jump

Balloon Jumps with Scotty burns, Rob harris, Forest dix. Special thanks to Bob's Balloons in Orlando

2011- 07 - Soulac, Venom FlyBy

A planned flyby using a PF Venom (wingsuit) past Jasper from and his canopy. No weights or retracted frontrisers. The wingsuit had a bit more forward speed compared to the canopy, and led to me slowly sinking out when I tried to brake and match speed.

Italian summer 2010

Some jumps in Dolomites and Trento region of Italy

cedric dumont: crack teaser

Wingsuit BASE in the spring of 2011

Russia: Wings 2010

Gap August 2011 - After Competition Flocking

A few wingsuit flights after the Gap competition. Some dynamic formations, some carving, some flocking... good times!

Wingsuit Proximity Flying - A day at the office

A day at the office with Jokke Sommer, flying some new slopes and playing around in the Norwegian mountains.

Camera and edit by Halvor Angvik

Music by Hans Zimmer and Justice

Easy to Fly Team

International Artistic Wingsuit Competition 2011 Gap-Tallard

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wingsuit BASE Jumping in Switzerland and France 2011

Wingsuit Proximity Flying in Switzerland and France during the 2011 summer season. Thanks to all my friends and my wife for such a fun and rain filled trip. Music by Against Me! used with their permission.

Rel Week Batchelor - 2011

5D Wingsuiting at Rel Week in Batchelor, Northern Territory, Australia.​pages/​5D-Wingsuit/​200960470179

Monday, August 29, 2011

Need4Speed: Cruise Control

Robert Pecnik of Phoenix-Fly carving around the Swiss mountains in his V4 wingsuit. Expertly filmed by Ludo Woerth, also flying the V4.

A short teaser for a longer documentary on wingsuit basejumping about to be released by Phoenix-Fly.
A full trailer is scheduled to premiere online in the coming 2 weeks, keep watching for details.

Editing & Post Production: Jarno Cordia

Wingsuit - Chablais - Pointe de Sans Bet - Vampire 4

Saut à la Pointe de Sans Bet en V4 avec Mica Roux et Nico Joubert.

Dolomites 11


One of the best jumps in the world

Wingsuit Jump 1 & 2 with T3 S-Fly Expert

This is the jump I made with Andy at Kapowsin for my first flight. I have to say it was more exciting than the first time I ever jumped, thanks!

Thanks again to everyone at Kapowsin for making me feel at home and helping to to reach my goal on this trip!

slomo on crack

More fun with twixtor :) I suck at using this program but i like the effect anyway :)

Brrr..., but not because it's cold!

counting trees

Sunday, August 28, 2011

S-Fly au boogie de Pamiers, 19-20 de France3

Red Bull South Korea Launch 2011 - Wingsuit Jump

Red Bull Air Force are: Miles Daisher, Charles Bryan, Mike Swanson and Jon DeVore (all USA) - Othar Lawrence did the ground coordination. Helicopter is a S-61 N (Sikorsky Aircraft) and the drop off is above the Hanriver in Seoul. After the jump out of the Helicopter, the Red Bull Air Force has a short flight close by the famous 63 City Building landing in a park right in front of it. Miles Daisher saying: „That was insane, that was so awesome a dream came true right there, thank you Korea; I can feel that in my Soul."

Wingsuit through cloud


Wingsuit base Veko 2011. Prodigy2

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011


So far this summer we have never jumped the same cliff twice... Much of this footage is from just-opened cliffs including the opening of Grand Rousse, 3500m (1850m flight). I just follow my friends around in the mountains; we hike, toss rocks, and sometimes we even get to jump. Special thanks to Roch and Seb, and to Super Top Secret.

Unfortunately I have a lot more footage than there is space in one song, so you'll have to wait a while for the rest... and there is much more ;-)

Much love,

(Music is by Jamie T)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2011 - 07 - FLB - Soulac Wingsuit Rodeo (Lana)

A short video showing a fun rodeo jump I got to video, on Lana riding Alejandro while cruising through the Soulac (France) skies!

Wingsuit camp Agosto the new age

Un divertido camp con la escuela mas nueva de ws de Skydive Madrid y con los Bad Boys team de fondo!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2011 - 08 - Hungary Rodeo Flocking (video by Dima Fisanov)

Some cool shots from a wingsuit flock in Hungary with Anuschka riding me (and giving me a bit of a swing around the sky after she exits me;)

Lots of good friends joining in on the jump (Paul, Elana, Kris, Floor, Eli, Dima etc!)
Thank you all for a great time in Hungary! More to come in the full video!

Balloon Jump, Park City, UT

GoPro Bomb Squad

Walking on a Dream
by, Empire of the Sun​GoProBombSquad

Exploring the Sky - Massachusetts

Wingsuit flying footage from Massachusetts over the July 4th weekend. An amazing sunset flight starting from 15,000 feet up departing from a DHC-4 Caribou, then dropping through the clouds and flying back home.

Wingsuit pilots: Josh Sheppard, Abe Sheppard, Justin Shorb, Matt Veno, Omnia Ibrahim, Justin Pabis, Matt Veno, Jeff Donohue, James Raimar, Rick Hough and more. Footage captured and edited by Richard Schneider.

Music: “Where is my Mind” by The Pixies.

Learn more at​wingsuit

David Zhang Flight 2

Monday, August 22, 2011

Roughcuts - Dynamic Flocking over Schaffen, Belgium

One of the dynamic flocks we did this weekend at DZ Schaffen in Belgium, practicing a horizontal to vertical 9way diamond.

2011 - 08 - Schaffen, Belgium (Spike Cam)

A short teaser showing Spike's view on one of the nice wingsuit formation flights we did past weekend in Schaffen, Belgium with a fun group of Belgian, Dutch and English wingsuit flyers.

I'm working on a full edit, with some great shots from Eli (who did outside video all weekend). More soon!

Jeb Corliss " Grinding The Crack"

Wingsuit - High Becca di Merlo - Vampire 4

Wingtip PC Pouch system for wingsuits

Field testing a prototype of a new PC deployement system for big wingsuits.

Higer. V Wingsuit Boogie - Hungary

MBSE (Hungarian BASE and Skydiving Sport Club) is organizing 5th time, one of the biggest wingsuit and tracking competition on the world, the V. WINGSUIT Boogie and Competition Hungary 2011, for those who are addicted to human flight. From 2011, the event was renamed for the memory of wingsuit jumper Mike Markó

Spread your wings

Wingsuits over Leutkirch at SkydiveNuggets.
Was fun to edit this video for you guys!!

Swizz the Shizz 20eleven

Awesome Wingsuit flights with awesome mates in Switzerland

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pimp my fly 2011 wingsuit edition

Wingsuit flying from the Pimp my fly -boogie DZ Utti, Finland. Includes first ever 2 plane wingsuit formation in Finland and 9-way vertical diamond and amazing 9-way flyby

beakfast flock 6000

Friday, August 19, 2011

Roughcuts - After comp Flock over Siofok Hungary

A fun after comp flock we did at the Minyolc boogie in Siofok, Hungary.

Scary almost-death wingsuit jump crazy nasty malfunction and not so fast skydiver.
OK...with the scary headline over, the truth is:
~If you can't pack, don't jump.
~if you can't identify the difference between a lineover, line twist, and a step-through, don't jump.
~If you have to geek the camera on a wingsuit deployment, don't jump.
~if you can't manage a big suit with low wingsuit jump experience, don't jump.

It just makes others look bad.

Wingsuit flying in Bispen

Finally got to start wingsuit basejumping and got a couple of runs by the popular road trollstigen :-) super stoked :-)

Shin Ito Wingsuit Flying in Tokyo Japan. July 2011

Shin Ito Wingsuit Flying in Tokyo Japan. July 2011.
By Mas Camera.
伊藤慎一 ウイングスーツ・フライング

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alps - August 2011

Few out of many jumps in Alps in August 2011. That video shows how much i love to fly and hike the big mountains. Thanks to all my friends who share amazing time with me. Hope to see you soon on the next trip.
Spread the love around the world and share it with your friends.

Wingsuit - Grand Paradis - Grande Rousse - Vampire 4

Ouverture d'un nouveau spot dans le Grand Paradis avec Matt Gerdes. Départ à 3500 m et 1850 m de vol.

Day 2, Mount Agner - The Coffee Table

Turbolenza Dolomites wingsuit BASE Tour 2011. Extreme jumps for extreme athletes: Maurizio di Palma, Roberta Mancino, James Boole, Noah Bahnson. Director Vania Da Rui.

Italian BASE week

first stop on the wingsuit oriented base trip :-)

Bispen 13.8.11. Me & Tiger(filming)

Wingsuit flyby

Wingsuit flyby presented by the Peregrine Flightschool and freefly PlanB.

Old flight new tricks

Wingsuit flight in Chame, Republic of Panama. Saturday 13th. august, 2011.

Wingsuit flight in Chame, Republic of Panama. Saturday 13th. august, 2011.

FFC: Paulien & Jarno

Right round

The right line around the crack

2011- 08 - Hungary, Anuschka PF Trackingsuit

Got to fly a wingsuit with my lady!
Anuschka in trackingsuit, Im flying my wingsuit. Awesome fun!

More video from our 3 week Summer Holiday soon!

Roughcuts: 2011 - 07 - Soulac Flock

A long edit is coming soon, but here are some quick bits from a fun (multi-point) flock Alejandro organized in Soulac, with me flying a slot on my back underneath the base :)

Special thanks to Yorick for burbling the base before break-off :p

2011 - 07 - Soulac Flocking (Spike Cam)

Some rough footage from Spike's camera, showing some of the dynamic wingsuit flocks Alejandro organised. I had a nice slot on my back underneath Bavo (backflying the base).

My POV from the same jump can be seen at

Sac & the Crack

Boogie Corbas 2011 part 1 - 3 by Sly


My second jump into the crack i still have to work on the fucking legwing flap to go more deeper :DDD

Norway Base 2011 - Wingsuit proximity by Tiger Odd-Martin

Base proximity from Norway 2011. Thanks to my friends for a great year. And a special thanks to the Base Crew for making Romsdalen so special.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Slopeflying in Stryn, Norway by Jokke Sommer

Wingsuit Base Jumping Through a Waterfall

Flying my wingsuit through a waterfall in Switzerland. Complete summer video coming soon.

Team Colibri - Freeround - Wingsuit-Competition Gap 2011

Team Colibri - Freeround - Wingsuit-Competition Gap 2011

Team Colibri - Round 03 - Wingsuit-Competition Gap 2011

Team Colibri - Round 03 - Wingsuit-Competition Gap 2011

Wingsuit - Phantom 2

My first jumps in a wingsuit, filmed with my GoPro...


Airboss 4 fun summer boogie - Wingsuit - Day 1

Wings over Spa - PCMN 5-way Wingsuit

5-way wingsuit @ Skydivecenter Spa

Monday, August 8, 2011

Magy's first wingsuit rodeo's

Magy's first wingsuit rodeos at DZ Zwartberg & Schaffen.

The Bull: Danny Van Oosterwijck
The Rider: Magali Folkner
The Chasers: Nico Costermans, Eli Gerris, Steve Braff
Edit: Eli Gerris

WingSuit MI-8 acro exit + trackker hunting

...2 ws 1 trackker crazy exit then... whatever ;)

Wingsuit jump from paraglider

Wingsuit@Skydive-Grenchen 08/2011

Some moves from our Wingsuit-Week and Freefly-Festival at Skydive Grenchen 08/2011

Dachstein - Mission Completed

How to fly Dachstein in summer (or winter?)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Little Girls, the Next Generation

This video is for all you little girls who want to fly!
I imagine we'll be seeing some Hello Kitty wingsuits in formation flight by 2025.

Steph Davis and Mario Richard make the first base jump from the Tofana de Rozes Pilastre in Cortina d'Ampezzo, courtesy of Massimo da Pozza and Mario Lacedelli and the Cortina inCroda festival.

all footage shot with GoPro Hero HD
edit by Steph Davis.


ORF2 Vertical Drop Beitrag

GoPro Skydiving Wingsuit Rodeo

I ride Jack and his wingsuit in the skies above Lithuania. Once we're stable Chris joins us and provides the extra camera angles.
This is my first attempt at creating a multi GoPro film, hope you enjoy.

Pat and Neil's Epic Wingsuit Rodeo


BASE-Jump off "Ultimate" Exit in Lauterbrunnen/Stechelberg/Mürren on 01.08.2011

Wingsuit - Gd Paradis - Verconey - Vampire 4

Nouveau saut en Italie dans le Valgrisenche. 1100 m de vol en V4.

WingSuit 2011

Sauts Wingsuit de Eric G.

A nice flight

Team Jalapeños member David Bunignon flying over the trees.​teamjalapenos

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wings over Moncton

A quick compilation of clips from wingsuit jumps so far this summer. Video courtesy of Serge Richard (, Jeff Nebelkopf (, Marcel Porelle, and myself.


Grab your 3D glasses!

FILE0208 t

High Nose to Air Glaciers.mp4

Just a Performance Flight in my new suit. From the high Nose to Air Glaciers landing zone.

I pull about 400 Ft.

Lauterbrunnen BASE .mov

A little video of some of my flights in Lauterbrunnen

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vertical Drop 2011 - by Verebes-Piroska Co.

Hope you'll like our short film made for Vertical-Drop's video contest.
If you like it, we would really appreciate your support by pressing the "like" button, so that we have chance to win the competition.

Enjoy! ;)

Riders and Camera:
Gábor Verebes (pilot)
Hubert Schober (pilot)
Kőber Tamás (ground footage)

Video edited by:
Andras Piroska​user1908688

"Scribble" by Underworld
album: Barking (2010)

2way w/ Oliver Gibbs, & water landing

1st 2way w/s jump.

Sputnik encounter

Re-entering the atmosphere somewhere over switzerland

Voodoo 2

Nouvelle visite du Jungfrau revisited

Via Ferrata, Switzerland

Vid taken by Jose Campos w/ OSProductions
Copyright: OSProductions LLC.

Learning to wing-suit base jump.

Fly for Free II

Wingsuit flight II. Panama City, Republic of Panama. 31-7-2011

Skyfest 2009 - Outtakes

We had fun at Skyfest '09. Scott and Chris Gray were the wingsuit organizers and the usual crew flying in the flock

Wingsuit Weekend at Østre Æra, July 2011

An awesome weekend at Østre Æra, 29 -30 July. First flight courses, flocking, long flights and BIG smiles :)

Thanks to Oslo Fallskjermklubb and all the participants for the good times!

Organisers: Tom Erik Heimen and Linn Mikkelborg

Video: Tom Erik, Kristoffer, Fredrik L. and Linn

Edit: Linn Mikkelborg

Jump 261 - 265

2 Way Wingsuit with Chip

2 Way Wingsuit with Yegor. With flat spin

2 Way Wingsuit with Yegor

4 Way Wingsuit with Chip, Yegor, Ole

2 Way Wingsuit with Ole. Docked.

CORTINAINCRODA 2011 - Steph Davis (Base jump TOFANA DI ROZES)

Terza edizione di CortinainCroda, quest'anno tutta in rosa, dedicata alle donne, l'altra metà del cielo

Base jump expedition - Prokletije part III

Prva BASE jump expedicija u Crnoj Gori.Skakaci: Robert Pecnik - Hrvatska ( ), Uros Ule - Slovenija, Anniken Binz - Norveska, Hannes Kraft - Nemacka. Skokovi sa Devojackih stena - Prokletije....2008.godina

Monday, August 1, 2011

Extreme Sensations

This is a video created at the Dachstein BASE Jump event in July 2011 for the Vertical Drop Video competition. Looking for many likes to go and win!!


Wingsuit First Flight Course

Wingsuit First flight course at Parachute Montreal with Grant, Philippe, Clementine and Scott i have a great weekend

Cour de premier saut en wingsuit a Parachute Montreal avec Grant, Philippe, Clementine et Scott j ai eu une belle fin de semaine

Fly for Free

Wingsuit flight in Panama City, Republic of Panama. 31-7-2011

I Just Realized

Wingsuit Flight in Panama City, Republic of Panama. July 2011.

July at SNE

Compilation of jumps done in July at Skydive New England.