Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wing Suit First Jump Course

Louis Whittal and Mich Kemeter made the First Wing Suit Jump with the instruction of Jhonathan Florez.

More Moments

September-fun in my Apache X.

Love it!

Citroen Wingsuit

Campanha de divulgação novo Air Cross.
Produtora Delicatessen Filmes.
Direção e Fotografia Vitor Amati
Produção Davis Fabri

Flying the Crack - Taster

After seeing 'Grinding the Crack' by Jeb Corliss, two english base wingsuit flyers, head to Walenstadt for a closer look.
They end up getting closer than they ever imagined ...

Breitling Airshow Sion 2011 the movie !

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wingsuit Boogie Hungary 2011 - Siófok-Kiliti DZ

5th time took place the Wingsuit Boogie in Hungary, which is the biggest skydiving wingsuit and tracking performance competition of present time. The event was hosted by Siófok-Kiliti DZ, one of the nicest dropzone in Hungary, close to lake Balaton, with an amazing wiew of the hungarian sea. The 82 competitors from 16 countries attended in 3 different categories: wingsuit, tracking and naked tracking. Stay tuned for the dates and details of next year's event! For more info, results, pictures visit:

GoPro HD: Jeb Corliss and Roberta Mancino - Wingsuit Flyers

Shot 100% on the HD HERO® camera from ‪

Jeb Corliss and Roberta Mancino share their perspective into the world of proximity wingsuit flying and base jumping with their GoPro cameras. Watch to see onboard footage and personal interviews as they tell their stories of love and near death experiences.


0:05 Finn Riggins "A President, A Pacifist, An Auto Restorer"
Buy song at:

1:15 Ki:Theory "Both Forgiven"

2:53 Loch Lomond "Elephants & Little Girls"

5:05 Ki:Theory "We Will Become Ourselves Reborn"
Buy song at

7:18 Jared Mees & The Grown Children "Shake"


Monday, September 26, 2011

Wingsuit Rodeo - Sandra's 200th Jump

Wingsuit Rodeo - Sandra's 200th Jump

Dropzone: Skydive Colibri - Germany

Performer: Sandra & Robert

Video: Jukka

Music: Keith Mosley - Save Me

wingsuite norway, the few sunny days we got in 2011

midgetbase kittycat having fun ... summer 2011
a little prox-flying done in the safe feminine way

all music by Philter :

big thx to all my friends for the good times this summer, I love you :-)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Com Hem Äventyr

Com Hem är störst på tv och har fler äventyrsprogram än någon annan! Prova till exempel med vår digitala Tv-modul. Läs mer om vårt utbud på


Just a small clip to show the sight picture and sounds when flying for distance


Team Training in madrid 2011

team overflight training in madrid i would like to thank Sophie Lorimer for the editing of all the 2 weeks worth of footage.

Awesome Wingsuit Footage

It was a great afternoon at Skydive Carolina with some productive jumps. The record will be attempted tomorrow! Video shot by Scott Callentine.

Wingsuit Vertical Day 2

It was another weather plagued day, but the group managed to get three jumps in and they made the most of it!

Skydiving Kapowsin

Had the pleaser of getting up to Shelton, WA for some skydiving fun at the infamous Skydive Kapowsin.

A short video of a different angle on the Netheravon video

A short video of a different angle on the Netheravon video. In this movie we are practicing up and overs in a flock, we are trying to show that flocks dont need to be some 2D get there and break off work but can be made more challenging.

Jeb Corliss wingsuit skydiver flies through mountain cave

An American professional wingsuit flier on Saturday successfully performed a jump and dive through the Tianmen Hole - an actual hole through a mountain - in Hunan province, central China. The 35 year old American Jeb Corliss jumped from a helicopter 6,000 feet (1,830 metres) above the Tianmen cave, flying towards it, and went right through it. The professional wingsuit flier failed at his first attempt, but succeeded the second time round. "That was one of the greatest wingsuit flights of my entire life. Thank you China, that was amazing," he said after he landed safely. According to Corliss, the first attempt failed due to smoke brackets on his feet that did not work properly and forced him to take a detour. He has become the first wingsuit stuntman to fly in China.
RT on Twitter:
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And Some Comments from the jumpers

Wingsuit Flying commercial with JT Holmes

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Swizz the Shizz 20eleven - take 2

2 Awesome wingsuit flights (front & rear view) with amazing people in an incredible place. Swizz the Shizz 20eleven was off the hook.

Wingsuit Vertical Challenge Day 1

After a day filled with low clouds and torrential rain, the weather gods looked favorably upon Skydive Carolina and parted the clouds at 5:00pm. 5 loads got up including these two jumps shot by Mark Harris. Load 1 marked the largest flocking dive in the state of South Carolina with 21.

Training Jumps in Skydive Madrid for Team overflight

This is some training jumps from 2011 at skydive madrid wingsuit school for the 2011 world competition with TEAM OVERFLIGHT!

With A Spirit

Wingsuit flying is the sport of flying the human body through the air using a special jumpsuit, called a wingsuit, which adds surface area to the human body to enable a significant increase in lift.

A organized Nomad Skydiving event

A nomad Wingsuit boogie organised by myself and the Nomad Skydive team blue skies and Nice jumps all round!!

A weekend at netheravon jumping and helping others.

Jumping and training and helping others improve in skills.

JT Holmes: Basejumping in Wingsuit

Base jumper, JT Homes, talks about the dangers of gliding down a 800 ft cliff in a wing suit and shares a tragic story.

Skydiving Wingsuit Flight

Mit der Wingsuit über Krems
Sommer 2011


This song is created by The offspring all rights reserved. Amazed by The Offspring

Video My Marc Downing

Weekday wingsuit flying at Skydive Toronto.

Learning Wingsuit & FreeFly

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


A day with Jérôme in Annemasse. Only your mind limits your dreams.

Music : M83-Moonchild

Clouds vs wingsuit

Probably the first ever solo paragliding wingsuit cutaway BASE jump

Flying a Vampire 3 suit cutting-off from an acro paraglider above lake Garda. Practicing for a nearby jump here ;-)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Wingsuit - Mt Blanc - Petit Clocher du Portalet - Vampire 4

1er saut en wingsuit au Petit Clocher du Portalet avec Baptist Rousset et Matt Gerdes.​course.php?L=fr&Id=412

Lucid Dreams

For a full length/quality DVD version, email Sorry for the highly compressed and shorter internet version.

Lucid Dreams: A trip through Europe with Luke Hively & Brad Perkins, of the Dallas BASE Crew (DBC). Wingsuit BASE jumping, terminal wall BASE jumping, Eiger, heliboogie, kjerag, Norway, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, etc... GOOD TIMES!

My 1st Wingsuit Flight - Cinco de Mayo

My 1st Wingsuit Flight at Skydive Elsinore Wingsuit School with Douglas Spotted Eagle on the 5th of May 2011 - Cinco de Mayo!! FLY A WINGSUIT!!

BadBirds Schweighofen @ Wingsuitcompetition 2011 in GAP

Compilation of our jumps at the Wingsuitcompetition this year, well edited by Daniel Hellfeier. Reminds me of some great days in summer :-)

In Between

BASE Wingsuite in between Speedflyers. First in the world with two BASE wingsuites and two Speedflyers! Filmed in incredible beautiful scenery of Trollstigen (Troll´s Ladder) and Innfjorden in Rauma, Romsdal, Norway. Music by Philter. Enjoy!

Brutal wingsuit opening

An opening so violent that it turned the camera off ... i packed and deployed the same as always.. and voila! Good morning Jackass! :-) my neck is so swollen and stiff. X-fires are supposed to snivel!!

B.A.S.E XRW Speedflying and Wingsuitflying

Beni and Barry picked up some great footage flying together. Beni Spitfire 6 and Barry X-Bird.

Teaser Breitling Airshow Sion 2011 - Wingsuit Demo Team

Flying the biggest wingsuit formation ever in switzerland during the breitling airshow @ sion the weekend 16th - 18th of september 2011.
we have been jumping from 3 pilatus porter.
the organisation was done by paraclub valais.

sebastian jose


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Roch Malnuit - Vampire4

Wingsuit - Chablais - Pointe de l'Ecorchoir - Vampire 4

Wingsuit - Vallée de l'Arve - La Croix de Fer - Vampire 4

New rig first flight

Primer vuelo de wingsuit con mi nuevo equipo de paracaidas.
First wingsuit flight with my new rig. Sept. 17, 2011.

High Base Week Dolomites

July 2011: Vertical Experience's crew is going to Dolomites for climbing, hiking and base-jumping.
Civetta range, Monte Agner, Cima Grande di Lavaredo...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jeb Corliss on Conan O'Brian

The Dutch website Dumpert posted a 7 minute clip on Jeb Corliss visiting the talks-show to talk about his next project, flying through a hollow opening in a rockface.

Check it out here

Needle and thead - Wingsuit proximity base

Some of my favorite flights from Norway this summer.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good Vibes Boogie - 2011

Good Vibes Boogie - NZ's largest annual boogie at Skydive Able Tasman
This year saw 26 first flight students, NZ's first formation wingsuit load and the world's first wingsuit flight on a Petra by NZ Aerosports.
An all time boogie, Congrats to everyone at Skydive Abel Tasman for putting on an amazing show!​pages/​5D-Wingsuit/​200960470179

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wingsuit Flight from Paraglider: Flight Over the Columbia Gorge - Super Frenchie Diaries #5 on WIDSIX TV

Wingsuit Flight from Paraglider: Flight Over the Columbia Gorge - Super Frenchie Diaries #5 on WIDSIX TV

In this episode of the Super Frenchie Diaries with Matthias Giraud, you will witness the FIRST EVER wingsuit crossing of the Columbia Gorge, which is the the state line between Washington and Oregon. This flight makes Super Frenchie the FIRST person to fly via wingsuit from State of Washington to State of Oregon in a single flight.

On the 4th attempt, climbing to an altitude of 2900 ft, Matthias flew just shy of a mile in about 40 seconds of flight time.

Special thanks to: Daniel Randall (pilot) & Justin Boer (ground support) from Flystyle Paragliding school in Oregon -​

See more of the Super Frenchie Diaries at:

NZSS - 2nd wing suit fly

exit from 12500ft, pull at 5000ft, 66sec fly

294 - 295 - 296

3 Way Wingsuit with Chip, Sass

3 Way Wingsuit with Chip, Sass

Wingsuit with Chip, Sass. Zach videoed

Wings over Pittsburgh

Kirby Chambliss RedBull Aerial Acrobatics, wing-suit jumpers,...

tuta alare

wingsuit jump

Wingsuit d'avion....

ça y est !!! ça wingsuit...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

wingsuit flight.. bgd, sep 2011.

August 2011, wingsuit 2-way+wind

Dicovering that nice spot in Devoluy with Jonathan, we jumped despite the strong wind and I've been lucky enough to land without being injured.

Suunto Cam on the Eiger 2010

Joby's custom composite "hand cam" gives an exclusive view of the timepiece and the flight. Full HD 1080i.

X-Bird BASE jumping. September 2010.

Some GoPro stuff from this last trip to europe flying an X-Bird. This suit is fun as hell to fly!!! All the footage is in real time (not sped up or slowed down).

Friday, September 9, 2011

Wingsuit - Les Fiz - Pointe de Salles - Vampire 4

Saut depuis la Pointe de Salles effectué par un ami qui ne peut pas dévoiler son identité.​course.php?L=fr&Id=405

Canada 2011 - British Columbia & Quebec

Another good BASE jump and Skydiving trip.
A opportunity to visit good friends, sharing amazing moments, nice talks, and continue enjoying life.
BASE is Life! I love this Life!

Wingsuit basejumping UTW with lots of twists

First wingsuit in quite some time, so we made a jaunt up a local cliff to fly. Not a great flight (first time on the vampire) but pretty proud of my landing!!!! Hartman thought I was dead, but I wasn't. He did a great job looking for my body while I had a beer at the truck and did a little target shooting to try to get him to come back down.

Walden/Adam/Steve Burning Man Wingsuit Jump

WingSuit Skydiving in Brasil

This is a small compilation of jumps at Boituva (SP) and Resende (RJ), with my friends Ronaldo Nogueira, Gleison Barion.

Music: Audio Slave - Be yourself.

Fun after work

Base jump Bispen Norway 2011

Wing Europa

Editado por Cris Gonsalez

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wingsuit Boogie Pamiers 2011 By Sly

011 - 07 - Intl. Artistic Wingsuit Competition - Highlights

A short compilation of jumps made by all teams that competed in the 4th International Artistic Wingsuit Competition past July.

Sponsored by Larsen & Brusgaard, Phoenix-Fly, FlyYourBody & DeepSeed

1. Bad Boys - Spain (215)
2. Defy Gravity - Russia (171)
3. S-Fly Factory Team - France (164)
4. Easy 2 Fly - Italy (140)
5. FlyLikeBrick - Netherlands (139)
6. Bad Birds Schweighofen - Germany (134)
7. Colibri - Germany (130)
8. Aquila - United Kingdom (102)

1. Overflight - Spain (169)
2. Dead Bull Factory Team (81)

Wingsuit - Backloop

Jump demonstrating a wingsuit backloop. Jump made over Skydive Twin Cities in Baldwin, WI. 9/5/11

IFR base wingsuit jump

weather was supposed to be clear. italian weather man was wrong. enjoy.

Fly By,Teaser

Fuckin Awesome WIngsuit Rodeo. You gotta see this chick rip it up

Kirsten drinks a Red Bull in Style


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Detlef First Flight Wingsuit

wingsuit skydive first flight course with jarno cordia from airrebels

Aros in a NutShell

Some close-up flying with wingsuits, and 3 awesome flybys!
All done by Joaquim "Italiano" Forasetto and Mike Söderberg in Aros, Sweden.
The flybys was done by Italiano on the 3rd of september 2011.

Flyby Aros [Mojo Art & Design]

Some unsynced fun-jumps with Italiano and Polish.
At approx. 3.10 there's a flyby on 2 canopies.

Wingsuiting @ Skydive City 9.4.2011

Trying out my new Phoenix Fly Phantom 2 @ Zhills.

Wingsuit - Grand Paradis - Plan Cou - Vampire 3

Saut à Plan Cou en Italie pour être à l'heure à la naissance de ma fille Bella.​course.php?L=fr&Id=407

1e wingsuit

1e wingsuit sprong, olv Jarno van Fly Like Brick

Showreel for wingsuit basejumper Winnie Chang

I made this showreel for a friend in 2010 and was particularly taken back by the shot where she jumps off the side of a mountain with a camera attached to her head. It was a GoPro Helmet cam and just last week I bought one! It shoots at full 1080 HD and does timelapse too, though it isn't great in low light situations. Looking forward to taking it for a test run - perhaps the world's longest bungee jump from a breathtaking bridge in South Africa or white-water rafting in Victoria Falls. Bring on November!!!!!

adam in a wingsuit

adam in a wingsuit at skys the limit

Monday, September 5, 2011

Jeb Corlis Fanclub

New Zealand Jetpack Close to Commercial Reality

Well if you've ever dream of flying like a bird, New Zealand inventor Glenn Martin may be able to help. Recently, Martin flew his shoulder-mounted jetpack -- higher than any jetpack has flown before. Let's take a look at this amazing aircraft.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wingsuit First flight

Vergeef me de sentimentele muziek, past bij de fase van mijn leven op het moment denk ik.. Op een gezellige dropzone in het zuiden van het land (Seppe) mijn eerste wingsuit ervaring opgedaan. Ben helemaal in de wolken ervan.

Summer in the Mountains

A collection of flights with my phantom 2 and light weight rig held together mostly with gaffer tape and blue tac,

Wingsuit - Valais - Quille du Diable - Vampire 4

Départ ce matin de Chamonix avec Matt Gerdes. Par hasard on retrouve un Suisse, David Bugnon, qui vas sauter aussi à la Quille du Diable.

Départ à 3 et un superbe suivi de Matt de mon saut. Merci.

I Cant Stop

Wingsuit Base Jumping

Live Free Or Die

For Jeremy Graczyk

Highlights from the 2011 season, good times with great people

Special thanks to: Brian Drake and everyone who taught me how to drive stick (Ian Mitchard, Katie Hansen, Laurel Callen, Sean Bohisso) and BASE house Stechleberg (Johnny and Simon, I'll be back to crash the internet and sleep on the couch next year)

Music by: Pretty Lights (remix from Pink Floyd)

Friday, September 2, 2011


3D test, 4-th Artistic Wingsuit Competition, Gap, France
organized by team *Fly like Brick*
cameraman Stephen Harper from *Aguila* team

documentary about event, all teams in process....

Grab your 3D glasses!

EIGER mushroom wingsuit base jump

EIGER Mushroom wingsuit base jump.

wing-suit 1st step

..primo progettino con i-mac, da non prendere troppo seriamente...

XRW Lodi

XRW surf plus double dock

Skydive Elsinore - Wingsuit School

Skydive Elsinore added a new section to their website, showcasing their wingsuit school and facilities.

Check it out at

GOOD TO GO - BASE jumping Malaysia

In 2010 I travelled to Malaysia with a handful of Australian BASE jumpers to film them jumping off the KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur. The country is an amazing place and the people are just as special. This was by far the best trip I have done yet.

The movie features Lucky Chance, Mason Corby, Alex Duncan, Tim Fitzsimmons, Paul Webster, Jenny Gordon, Scatty Flockfeather, Chris Garcia, Scotty Disco and friends.


Editors note: watch the end credits for some interesting wingsuit footage

Some off my fligths this summer 2011. (a quicky..made at work ;-))


Sky Hitchhikin

Cool video of what happens when you hitch a ride from a wingsuit. The jump took place in Soulac, France during the Kristal summer boogie, September 2011. Hitchhiker is Matt Hill and wingsuit pilot is Sylvain Karpf. Additional video provided by Nicolas Goutin and Arnaud Picart. Follow the team on Facebook or at

Thursday, September 1, 2011