Monday, October 31, 2011


2 jumps with the new go pro hero2. First jump is in normal daylight, second jump is in dawn light


2nd backflying attempt


1st attempt at back flying. The back vents actually made the recovery harder. I have done linked rolls(scary roll) at 5k in the V3. Recovery was a breeze. Even this one loses so much altitude because of me being passive.

Summer 2011, Wingsuiting in the alps

A quick edit of my summer season jumping wingsuits in the alps..

WingBASE (Treinamento - Trike) [HD]

Esse vídeo mostra a segunda parte do meu treinamento para começar a fazer o wing suit BASE jump. Para mim, foi muito importante começar aos poucos. Saltando o equipamento de BASE jump de uma altura segura (3000ft) e ainda comandando a 1000ft. Se você quer saber mais sobre wing suit e BASE jump, continue lendo em:​blog/​2010/​10/​treinando-pa...


6 Way Wingsuit jump

6 people, 6 suits, 4 AOwls

Look At My Life

Quick edit of a few recent wingsuit flights! You'll noticed a few alien suits in this video ;) Other than the clip shown at the beginning and end, these are all from my perspective. Thank you Scotty Burns for shooting video of our jump yesterday.

Wingsuit 2ways 2011.10.29

Friday, October 28, 2011

BaseJump Monte Brento - Italy

G-7 Test Flight

Alien Technology Wingsuit Test Flight

Go Pro HD: Awesome Wingsuit Rodeo

Clips of the Boyz doing Wingsuit Jumps with me over Sevilla, Spain & Teuge, Holland. I feel like a bloody horse dragging their sorry arses across the skies!! I want to have a go at doing the Rodeo!!! Who can help me???
Filmed with Go Pro on R3 setting.
Flying a Phantom 2 Wingsuit by Phoenix Fly


recovering from an unstable exit in a wingsuit

Wingsuit Jump - Rodrigo

Wingsuit jump @ Boituva - Jul 2011

wingsuit opening

vage wingsuit opening

Wingsuit jump - Robots

Wingsuit jump @ Boituva - Oct 2011

I Believe I can Fly ( flight of the frenchies ) - Free segment

Hey Outdoor Lovers,

We would like to offer you this excerpt from our feature documentary -

Highlining pioneers Tancrede and Julien have come to the spectacular and atmospheric cliffs of the norwegian fjords to try and turn their ultimate dream into reality.

The talented pair have cemented their friendship over the past years exploring the sport of highlining, from the heights of the alps to the skyscrapers of Paris.

They now prepare to take their sport in a totally new and radical direction.
Join this unique group of friends on their journey to discover the true meaning of freedom.
Where living simply, laughing, having fun and exploring new places are all essential ingredients in their voyage into the unknown.

A 40 minutes Feature documentary available soon for download on my adventure video blog
Proceeds will go towards the Frenchies' next exciting adventure.

My Face Book page:​pages/​Seb-Montaz-Video-blog/​149892381710213

More about the Skyliners team:​pages/​Skyliners/​270006826367436

Director/Editor: Sébastien Montaz-Rosset
Sound design: Michael Denny​

Music kindly offered by


Most beautiful wingsuit flight

First ever wingsuit flight into the Butterfly valley, for the memory of Antoine Montant, who flew away on this day, as a butterfly...
Thanks for Joe and Sam who made it possible.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

FLB FFC - Benny Benard, Detlef van der Hoeven & Robin Awater

Detlef van der Hoeven

Seppe, NL(9000 ft exit)

PF Acro

Nice stable exit, but watch your heading. Where you look is where you go. Instead of fighting to correct a turn. Simply pick a heading, arch a bit and relax.
Though it cost a bit of altitude, nice recovery and good flying after.
Though the general body position was very arched, a FFC is not about performance. Its about safety. And the important safety aspect you need to be able to perform (exit, navigate, practice deployments, deploy) you performed well.
On the practice pulls, arch more. A lot more. Your legs are up, but the flat, even slightly de-arched body position keeps a lot of forward momentum as well as causing some mild wobbling/instability. And be a bit slower/relaxed. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. The second practice pull was a bit better in terms of relaxing.
Be a bit more visable with the wave-off, but good job taking a few seconds to speed up before deployment.
Again, arch a bit more on your actual deployment. But nice stable opening.

Two thumbs up!

Detlef van der Hoeven

Seppe, NL(9000 ft exit)

PF Acro



Robin Awater

Seppe, NL (9000 ft exit)

PF Acro

Nice exit. took a few seconds to find the right body position. Good job on navigation (not making a full 90 degree turn to carve around the cloud.
On the dummy pulls, make sure you arch at the hip as well. Though you do slow down a bit, the flat body position still has you carry a lot of forward speed into your opening. Arching more will make sure you have nice deployments.

Wave of was there, but could be a bit stronger so everyone sees your intention to open.
Mind the pull, and make a good strong throw when you do. The pilot is just let go here, and thus catches a bit of burble before finaly inflating.


Good jump (especially given the minimum altitude we had available). And compliments on removing the GoPro from its housing on those first jumps, avoiding distraction.

Pal Takats wingsuit proximity flying in Turkey

Many thanks to Barış and SkySports for the ride! Unfortunately the lens got a little bit foggy :-( so have to do it again! :-)

flying with le fish @ bex


Dos nuevos flyers de skydive madrid a disfrutar de los cielos hermanos!!!!!
fly or die.I.

Wingsuit Gliding Past the Hollywood Sign - Red Bull LA Swoopers

wingsuit opening

vage wingsuit opening

Monday, October 24, 2011

The HD HERO2: 2x as Powerful in Every Way.

Shot 100% on the new HD HERO2® camera from ‪

The HD HERO2 is the most advanced GoPro camera, yet. To celebrate its release, we traveled the world with some of our favorite athletes, adventurers, and filmmakers to see what we could capture and create with the HD HERO2. We hope this film inspires you to get out and do the same.

"We Can Make the World Stop" - The Glitch Mob
Buy on iTunes:

Birdmen (1 x 52 Min) HD DOCU

Producer : Team Thirteen Prod. Year : 2011 Theme : Wingsuit Freefall Languages : English
"Birdmen" is the first film to tell the story of the history of human flight, from its beginning in ancient times to its modern day incarnation as the world's most extreme sport: Wingsuit BASE Jumping. ALL humans dream of flying. This film is about the very real modern day practice of flying in exactly the same way that we have all dreamed about since we were children. The catch is that, unlike our childhood dreams, wingsuit flying is extremely dangerous and death lurks in the shadow of every flight.

Flying on Crack

Chopper Proximity Flying

Geoffrey King sent us a nice video for the 'inspirational' section of this website.
Check out this 1970's (?) Proximity Flying video!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Experience Zero Gravity

Join The Game - Multisport On Board Camera Shots

Join The Game : a multisport compilation of my best on board camera shots in Base Jumping, Rope Jumping, Ski Touring, Kayaking, Highlining, Skydiving, Paragliding, Speed Riding, Wingsuiting, Kite Surfing, Windsurfing, Monocycling, Mountaineering, Bicycle touring, Parachute Towing.

Join The Game : une compilation multisport de mes meilleures caméras embarquées en basejump, saut pendulaire, ski de randonnée, kayak, highline, chute libre, parapente, speed riding, wingsuit, kitesurf, windsurf, monocycle, alpinisme, parachute ascensionnel, cyclotourisme.

Music : Dead Pawn Company/Somebody Else

Brand of the Brave to the 7th

Wingsuit à Pierrefonds

Premier essai avec Lucien, quelques brèves apparitions de Tof en mode avion de chasse !

Vivement le stage avec Zun !




Skydive Colibri

A few of my friends Door Tom Van Oosterwyck

A few of my friends
Song: Ellie Goulding - Lights

Go Pro HD: Wingsuit Rodeo over Sevilla 2011

Did some Wingsuit Rodeo Jumps over Sevilla, Spain in September 2011 with Ruud, Peter & Alex. We managed to get the exit technique right, so everyone could have fun sitting on my back! I truly felt like a Horse...they are on my back having fun and I just have to drag their sorry arses across the sky.........!
Filmed with Go Pro HD Setting R3. Exit Height 14,500ft, they drop off at 6,000ft and then I fly on until 4,000ft and Pull!


Wingsuit flying @ Star, Idaho

Ed's First Wingsuit Flight

My First Wingsuit Flight

my wingsuit GTI

one of my first jump in GTI wingsuit, probably the most beautiful.
exit from AN-2
landing area - EPPR

WingsuitBadBirdsSchweighofen / Deadbullfactory

Wingsuit team Bad Birds Schweighofen from Germany on
4- th International Artistic Wingsuit Competition in Gap - Tallard, France.2011
Event organized by Team Fly Like Brick

Dead Bull Factory, wingsuiteam on 4 - th International Artistic Wingsuit Competition 2011, in Gap- Tallard, France.
Event organized by team Fly Like Brick.

I did ground camera, 2 short videos from plane from Stephen Harper, Aquila team.
It is wingsuit competition, I had use few second of video from, from Nepal, I just like idea of parachute and giving "cereals" to eagle.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wingsuit Flight 1st person

Nothing makes you feel more self centered than walking to the plane wearing a helmet with a 7 inch extension mounted on the front with a camera mounted on the end of it facing back towards yourself. MORE ME!!! Anyhow, this is a video of me flying my new Phantom2z wingsuit. No flocking, just level flight in the pattern as this was my "pre-second" (so I don't have to buy beer) jump using this mounting system. I got the extension bar and the Low Pro mount from and I'm very pleased with the results.

Wingsuits & Rodeos - Péronne 15/10/2011

La team des " Saouls Branleurs" à Péronne, rien que pour vos yeux, en wing et en rodéo. Avec une mention spéciale pour Audrey qui réalise un exploit en récupérant son "cheval" qui l'avait désarçonnée quelques secondes plus tôt à la sortie de l'appareil!
Un weekend de pure et douce folie comme on les aime ^^
Un grand merci à Toutoune pour m'avoir prêté sa S-Fly Expert.
A special wink to Aurel, Nico, Flav, Troll & Audrey!
Blue sky and soft landings mates!

Glishorn Wingsuit B.A.S.E

Wingsuit B.A.S.E with my T-Bird from the Glishorn (Wallis, Switzerland). Exit on 2500m, Landing on 670m.

Wingsuit Easytofly / Aquila / Overflight

Wingsuit team Easy to Fly from Italy on 4-th International Artistic Wingsuit Competition in Gap France, organized by team Fly Like Brick

Wingsuit Aquila Team on 4- th International Artistic Wingsuit Competition in Gap- Tallard , France, event organized by team Fly like Brick.

My personal big thanks to Stephen Harper for giving me helmet video from free fall jumps.

Wingsuit Over Flight team, on 4- th International Artistic Wingsuit Competition Gap, France


gets boring...
jump it, climb it, flight it, risk it...
but at all live it!

A film by Jéronimo / Octobre 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


New Ad for the Storm by PD

Forgot to change that before charring, it was a joke. The canopy is a Sabre2 . Had taken the Dbag out just before the jump to see if a smaller canopy would fit. Did not take my time putting it back in lol

Sunday, October 16, 2011

B.A.S.E. XRW part two

Beni Kälin on his Spitire 6 and Barry Holubeck on his Tonysuit X-Bird docking Speedflying and Wingsuitbasejumpung in the valley. Well done my friend`s! probably the first docking like this .....

Suren Weekly #39.1 - Wingsuit

First time with a wingsuit. Thanks a lot Paula and Mick .
Pedro broke is arm.... it can hapen to anyone.

Cant wait to get my wingsuit

Getting ready for WingBASE (Balloon) [HD]

Esse vídeo mostra uma parte do meu treinamento para começar a fazer o wing suit BASE jump. Para mim, foi muito importante começar aos poucos. Saltando o equipamento de BASE jump de uma altura segura (5000ft) e ainda comandando alto (2000ft) para pousar em um terreno completamente desconhecido. Se você quer saber mais sobre wing suit e BASE jump, continue lendo em:​blog/​treinando-para-o-wingbase-balao-e-trike

Euro Base 2011 - Wingsuit proximity by Tiger Odd-Martin

A few jumps in Europe with my friends.

Bridge Day 2011 Lowpull


Wingsuit Overflight team on 4*th International Artistic Wingsuitcompetition in Gap- Tallard, France, event organized by team Fly Like Brick.

My personal thanks to Patrick Wake for posting me videos from free fall jumps.
Is not from the Gap competition, the video is from before training in Spain.
Happy to use anyway

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Euro Trip 2011, "Vampire King is back"

Colibri & BBteam Wingsuit 2011

Colibri team, wingsuit team from Germany, recorded on 4- th International Artistic Wingsuit Competition in Gap, France.
Event organized by team Fly like brick.

Personal thanks to Jukka Biehl for allowing me to use two short videos
from competition jumps and speed ride photos.

Have a fun !

BB team wingsuit from Spain on 4- th International Artistic Wingsuit Competition in Tallard- Gap, France. Organized by team Fly like brick.

I am thanks-full to Daniel Aguilera that I could use photo "Fly or Die" and photo
of free fall of Paula and Miki.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Roughtcuts - Wingsuit skydive with Maartijn Maas - October 2nd 2011

Wingsuit funjump with Maartijn plus some mild CRW :)

Canopy - Wingsuit Contacts

The first weekend in Günzburg (Germany) where Moritz and Sandro are "working" on the Wingsuit-Canopy Relative Work (WCRW) project.
Enjoy the video! We are looking forward to the next weekend :-).

Wing- vs. Tracking Suite

2011-10-09 Oulunsalo, Finland, Earth


Defy Gravity wingsuit team from Russia
on 4-th International artistic wingsuit competition 2011 in
Tallard - Gap, France. Event organized by Fly Like Brick.

My personal big thank to team cameraman Dima Fisanov, for allowing me to use video from free fall

wingsuit 2way 2011 10 8

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wingsuit best of summer 2011 by Sly

Simon Wandeler on German TV

Check out the TV item here

Scroll to about 8:20 for some nice footage of wingsuit basejumper Simon Wandeler.

WS Race 2011 Teaser

Teaser of the full Docu comming soon of the ProBASE Wingsuit Race 2011, filmed and cut by the Tarradas Bros from Mediaevopro Productions.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Jumper Spotlight

Check out the Jumper spotlight on Skydive Elsinore's website.

Check it out at

2011 - 07- Gap WS Competition - Free Round (Practice jump)

And here's one of those (un-cut) jumps where it didnt all work as planned ;) Alejandro, Costyn and myself having fun, bumping and grinding over the beautifull Gap scenery and a sneaky flyby at the end :)

Chateau de Cartes

Phantoms à Peronne

Nico et Aurel' avec leur Phantom au dessus de Péronne

Sunday, October 9, 2011

"A deep dive into the sky"

Not exactly wingsuit flying, but impressive flocking nonetheless! :)

The aerobatic teams of Russia!

Envies d'air

Notre participation pour le Zot Movie Festival 2011.

Court métrage réalisé à la Réunion autour de 4 sports aériens.

Verdict lors de la soirée du 8 octobre dernier : prix du public et prix du jury.

Musiques :
- Philip Sheppard : "Crystallised beauty"
- (Please) Don't blame Mexico : "Panorama"
- Army of the Pharaohs : "Dump the clip"
- Creedence Clearwater Revival : "Up around the bend"
- No more patient : "Give me a kiss"


This is an edit for the 2011 NEPS awards event in Aspen. Part of "The Meeting", this event is a showcase of amateur movie editors. There are certain themes you must use, mine being 'the muppets'. This movie took 3rd place at this years NEPSA.

Chicks Rock 2011 - Wingsuit Edition!

Skydive Elsinore chicks rock boogie. 4 days of great jumps, fun parties and amazing people. A rough compilation of all the jumps from my camera.

Jeb's Wingsuit Training

Jeb Corliss training for the weapon expo in Abu Dhabi.

Man X Machine

This is the official video of Man X Machine, where Luigi Cani flies his wingsuit alongside an Aero Albatros. Check out​ for more awesome skydiving and BASE jumping videos.

First ever wing-suit flight around the Matterhorn

Wing-suit flight around all four faces of the Matterhorn in Switzerland, passing through Italian airspace.

Stage Wingsuit Corse 2011

Stage organisé par Azur X Trem Nîmes.
Coaching by Stéphane Zunino

Wingsuit Multiways

Wingsuit 4way with Tomo, Gorgonzola, Mr. Nakamura and Shin Ito at Tokyo Skydiving Club.

Wingsuit 4way with Mr. Nakamura, Shin Ito, Tomo, Gorgonzola and Yone at Tokyo Skydiving Club.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Need 4 Speed: Mountain Carving

This video features some of the expert wingsuit pilots from team "Need 4 Speed" carving around the European mountains in their Phoenix Fly V4 wingsuits.

Leaving a trail of smoke, the pilots skim inches away from the mountain at over 100MPH, experimenting with wingsuit proximity formation flying.

This is the second trailer for our forthcoming documentary on wingsuit BASE jumping, soon to be released on the Phoenix Fly and AdrenalinBase website and vimeo channels.

For more information, please check:

Editing & Post Production: Jarno Cordia

Music: Woodkid - Iron

For all media and press inquiries, including footage requests - please contact

For information on how to start wingsuit flying -

BASE Jump Colombia - 2011 Europe 01

Este es un video de Jhonathan Florez, practicando BASE Jump en los alpes Suizos. Gracias al apoyo de Coldeportes e Indeportes Antioquia.

Por Colombia

WS Gap 10/2011

Music by Ghinzu.

Friday, October 7, 2011


BASE Jumping and flying wingsuits in the desert in September 2011!

It feels like I spent September in the Desert. This is by and large one of my favorite spots to jump, camp, and hike, even though each trip is a mission in itself. It is so remote and barren, and the only signs of life you see is sagebrush and the occasional scorpion, tarantula, or rattlesnake. At least an hour from any kind of civilization or even cell service, it's a dangerous place but it adds to the mystique. Plus I'm convinced the starry night skies here are the best on earth. Enjoy some wingsuiting action!

Suz Graham Action Sports.

Matt Rubin's First Wingsuit Flight

Matt rocking his first wingsuit jump!

Wing Suit BASE Jump Europe 2010

This is a small compilation of my first trip to Europe, to learn Wing Suit BASE jump (part 2 of 2). The footage was tanken at Lauterbrunnen valley, located in the Jungfrau Jörch region. To learn more about Wing Suit BASE jump, continue reading at:​blog/​2010/​12/​wingbase-europa-2010-suica
Flag this video

Schweighofen 01.10.2011

Wingsuit fliegen über Schweighofen

First weekend with my new Phantom2z

This video was taken on the first weekend with my new Phantom2z wingsuit! Beautiful weather and blue skies so Skydive Alabama was the place to be. I learned a lot about wingsuiting this weekend, mainly that I have a lot to learn... but that 's half the fun anyways. Many thanks to Omar for all his guidance and encouragement throughout the weekend and to he and Walton for wingsuiting with me. Omar is in the blue/black, Walton is in the white/black and I'm in the navy blue/orange (standard disclaimer: I'm not an Auburn fan...these are just my colors). The music is a song from 1973 that has been my personal anthem since before I started skydiving. Most importantly, I will always owe a huge debt of gratitude to Pete Certain for teaching me to wingsuit. Thank you Pete, for opening this door.

Brett's Flyby

After a wingsuit rodeo on Brett's back, he gives me the awesome flyby after I open my canopy! Very cool


Wingsuit - Flug mit Base-Schirm ab Tandem-Gleitschirm

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fly Like Brick - Defy Gravity - WS Comp Gap

working version, here for couple of days. later added sound

working version, no sound yet, here for couple of days

Working Version.Hello guys, so here is just 1 minut from my video.
I started with fast song, if you like song for your team, write my some song titles.
you can post me photos /funny friendly/ of images that you like, any your personal philosophy, literature, photos of your travels, beautiful nature.
anything will help.
I am assuming 10 -15 minutes video. I still need for that maybe 1 months,
I am editing that in my free time hours.hope to finish soon.
good luck from andrea

Вингсьют рекорд России 2011

Рекордная вингсьют формация из 36 человек.
ДЗ Пущино.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2011 - 10 - V4 Balloon jump

An awesome wingsuit balloon jump from 9k, with 2 close flybys past other balloons at 5k and 4k. Sadly no POV video, but eagerly awaiting some of the pictures taken by the passengers during the flyby :)


Some video from nice wingsuit boogie at beauty place.
Video by Defy Gravity Team

Pal Takats wingsuit base jumping in Switzerland

Probably my life's strongest adrenaline rush so far... !

Wingsuit - Miroir d'Argentine

Sorti prématurément de l'avion alors que le pilote n'avait pas encore réduit les gaz (d'ou la boite en sortie !), cela m'a obligé à tirer une ligne droite pour impérativement passer le col avec le sommet du Miroir sur la guauche, et pouvoir tirer ensuite avec un minimum de 900 mètres sous les fesses au dessus de la vallée. Un vol plus technique que prévu au final....mais un beau souvenir de wing qui ouvre la porte à de nouvelles perspectives....

Gainer Flock

One of the wingsuit flocks from Chicks Rock 2011 at Skydive Elsinore. Gainer exits out of the Skyvan for fun and some nice flying by all.

Wingsuit flight over the Alps

Iiro and Jeb wingsuit-flying over the Eiger-Mountain in Switzerland.

GoPro 3D: Wingsuit Base Jumping in Norway with GoPro Bombsquad‬

Get your 3D glasses ready! :)

Shot 100% on the HD HERO® camera from ‪‪‬.

Take a 3D wingsuit base jump adventure with the GoPro Bombsquad - the Katthammaren Wall in Norway never looked this steep & deep.

GoPro Bombsquad Members include Neil Amonson, Jesse Hall, & Marshall Miller - check them out on



Learn about the 3D HERO System:



The Howls "Revival"
Buy in iTunes:​KVEfk

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flock University - Wingsuit Night Jump

A "UFO" jump - wing suit skydiving at Skydive Chicago for Summerfest X.

Roner Vision: Fall Adventures

Travel around this Fall with Erik Roner and fly through the sky, BASE jump a bridge, hit up movie a premier, play a golf tournament, train for winter and have a really good time!

Feel the air !

Here is our new video. The whole team is now wingsuit base jumping. Enjoy !

Music : Butch Clancy - Russian Lullaby​teamjalapenos

septembers fun :)

jumps me and my friends did over rotterdam september 2011


Wingsuit fun @ DZ Zwartberg september 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Teaser of the ProBASE competition

That's the Teaser of our ProBASE documentary!!!
Would like to thank all the jumpers and all the crew for do that amazing contest, and for sure Thank to Hubert for trust in our job.

"BASE Jump Wingsuit Flight Off Mount Baring" - Super Frenchie Diaries #6 on WIDSIX TV

"BASE Jump Wingsuit Flight Off Mount Baring" - Super Frenchie Diaries #6 on WIDSIX TV

In this episode of the Super Frenchie Diaries on WIDSIX TV, Matthias Giraud takes you deep into the Backcountry of Washtington State, near Stevens Pass... for an EPIC jump off the top of Mount Baring.

1000 feet to impact, 3000 feet total after wingsuit flight... Mount Baring provides an amazing landscape and a scenic backdrop that makes Frenchie nostalgic about his jumps in the Swiss Alps.

Music: "Teen Angst (Cover)" by Jon Barnard (Original Artist: M83) -​jbarn33

see more of Matthias Giraud at:

Stay tuned to WIDSIX TV for more of the Super Frenchie Diaries:

September 2011, Grand Brechon II

Back in that spot, I try to make a clean landing instead of ending up in the river once again.

Wing Suit BASE Jump Europe 2010 (ITALY) [HD]

Esta é uma pequena compilação da minha primeira viagem para Europa para aprender o Wing Suit BASE jump (parte 1 de 2). São algumas imagens do Mt. Brento, localizado entre as comundades de Arco e Dro na provincia de Trento. Para saber mais sobre Wing Suit BASE jump, visite:​blog/​2010/​11/​wingbase-europa-2010-italia


el ultimo paseo por Europa....grande viaje con buenos amigos y muuuucha diversión de todo tipo...

Hany & Josh


GoPro HD Jeb Corliss and Roberta Mancino - Wingsuit Flyers

wingsuit skydiver lands in a tree, crash, miracle.

Good wingsuit jump in Reggio Emilia, unfortunately we were too far from the dropzone and I was sure I had enough space to land inside the dropzone. BIG MISTAKE: WHEN YOU ARE NOT SURE ABOUT IT JUST LEND SAFELY OUTSIDE!!!! The camera is on my helmet so you can imagine that my whole body passed through the tree.

Luca Bonfirraro over Caltagirone wingsuit

Luca Bonfirraro over Caltagirone wingsuit Phantom 2

Wingsuit Bad Exit Recovery

Caught my ankle on the plane door while exiting for a vertical formation world record attempt and ended up stuck spinning and flipping. Collapsed my wings and arched to recover and stop the spins, then was able to locate the formation and fly into my slot. Ended up with a cut, bruised, and swollen ankle. Exciting flight to say the least.

Andreas 2nd Wingsuit flight - Aug 2011

Second wingsuit flight for Andreas Skeie over Sola strand in August 2011.