Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wingsuit Competition 2011 France

4-th International Artistic Wingsuit Competition in Gap- Tallard, France. Training, Rules, Results, Award Ceremony. Event organized by team Fly Like Brick, this year with help Fly Your Body. 1. BB team, Bad Boys, Spain 2. Defy Gravity, Russia, 3. CERPS S-Fly factory 4. Easy to Fly,Italy, 5. Fly Like Brick, Netherlands 6. Bad Birds Schweishafen, Germany, 7.Colibri, Germany 8.Aquila, United Kingdom.
Intermediate 1. Over Flight, Spain, U.K, 2. Dead Bull Factory, Belgium, Netherlands.

Guys wears wingsuit and accessories from Larsen and Brusgaard, Phoenix - Fly, Fly Your Body, Deep Seed

All over the year training for competition, jumping hundreds of times. / 1 jump aprox. 20 eur /
Sponsors / companies, individuals / are welcome to support competition, individual teams, Air Rebels - VOLO wingsuit computer game development

Main focus of documentary *Born to Fly* :
I saw many coooooolll helmet video recordings, which are actually good with out any editing. Then I just got upset that we can see a lot of politicians and actors, but sport people / wingsuit guys are not that much recognizable in videos, wearing helmets. You can see here, they all very handsome, focused with passion, positive minded and happy. In training days a lot of fun and adventure just in one day guys were focusing for the competition.
*It is always great opportunity for you to meet another wingsuit guys and share your personal wingsuit experiences.*

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