Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Exploring the Sky: Wingsuit Aerial Fleet

Wingsuit pilots from all over the world recently gathered to test the limits of flying in large vertical fleets. It is a new discipline that is now possible due to the tremendous forward speed of wingsuits which allows pilots to fly directly above one another in close proximity while carefully avoiding each other's slipstreams.

There were 36 pilots in the group (also 2 camera flyers), and even with tight spacing the fleet was still over 6 stories high (72 feet), which you can see at 3:09. This was the largest vertical formation ever flown.

The weather made for frequent delays, but when we did get an opportunity, the clouds and lighting were spectacular.

Additional Footage Courtesy of:
Jeff Donohue (vimeo.com/user559252)
Josh Shepperd (youtube.com/wingsuitdrummer)

Music: Start Shootin' by Little People

Learn more at picturecorrect.com/wingsuit

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