Tuesday, December 13, 2011

From the Archives: 2010 - 02 - Chase da choppah

This footage has been sitting on my HD for ages, so I decided to give it a quick editng whirl!

Back in feb. 2010, on our way back from Lusanne, Swiss, Mr 'no Gloves' Benedict (aka FreifallSpoiler) and myself (El McCordia Magnifico) where lucky to meet up with the awesome PiiFish (He could tell you his real name, but he'd have to kill you) and the tantalizing Virgin Burner (according to who, Camo never went out of style).

A chopper was arranged, and we did some fun jumps with a beautifull though mottahflippin cold view.
Sadly the sharp edges on my new legmount cut my bootie right in half as I boarded the plane, but luckely the Stealth2 flew fine without it. Halfway into the jump, the chopper popped into frame, and I couldn't resist chasing it down!

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