Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This is the end!

Thank you all for reading wingsuitnews the last 2,5 years! What started as a fun
‘for the love of the sport’ project, grew and grew into a website that draws close
to 400 unique visitors per day, and has seen a total of over 100.0000 visits.

Back in 2009 wingsuitnews.com saw one or two updates a week with 2 or 3 videos posted.
These days there are close to 20 or sometimes more new videos daily, making maintaining the website
close to a fulltime job. With all the cool subscription features on Vimeo, Youtube
and the massive sharing on facebook wingsuitnews.com is growing a bit out of style.
Hence the decision to call it a day!

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
Costyn, Jarno, Andreea, Eli, DSE
February 28, 2012

Note: The wingsuit event callender will stay up on this URL and continue to be maintained.
If you have wingsuit events you want to see added, just mail news@flylikebrick.com or simply PM one of the above people on dropzone.com

Monday, February 27, 2012

Swiss Alps wingsuit proximity flying 2011

A review of my second year of wingsuit BASE jumping. Pure, beautiful Swiss Alps - enjoy.

Thanks to my fellow jumpers for showing me exits or sharing great memories. Thank you Ueli for making it possible. Wish we could fly together.

Wingsuit: Phoenix-Fly Vampire 3 & 4
Rig: Asylum Profile & Feather

Music: Ronald Jenkees - Guitar Sound (www.ronaldjenkees.com, www.youtube.com/ronaldjenkees)

Feeling generous? Please consider www.wingsforlife.com

BB Team Camp Wingsuit Febrero 2012 Ocaña

Wingsuit Docks

Apache Wingsuit Burble Opening

Canopy opening with Apache wingsuit in full flight. Note the D bag coming out straight then canopy inflation in burble, resulting in 8 line twists.

I am going to study openings in different positions so we can work out the very best way to pitch with these large wingsuits.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jeb Corliss - Grounded

ACTIVE O2 "Making Of Wingsuit"

Agency: Heye, Group
Production: Hager-Moss
Director: Chris Paterson
BASE Jumpers: Andy West and Dave Barlia

Testing my new wingsuit camera view

Just testing a new mount I pieced together. Nothing special in the jump, just putzing around. Filmed on a GoPro Hero2, Phantom 2 wingsuit.

Wingsuit in Puerto Rico 2012

Wingsuit in the 10th. Puerto Rico Freefall Festival. 15-19 February, 2012. Wingsuit Pilots: Alberto Conte, Fidel machuca, Scott Callantine.

Suren Weekly #7 - 2012

4 wingsuit jumps, including some back flying attempts by Pedro (really failed!!!) and some artsy stuff by Sofia and Ricardo. One jump with Clara, doing some carving (strafing, for all the FPS fans out there) and turns. Fantastic Sunday :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

One Step Beyond Trailer

Very nice photography in this one! :)

"In life it’s our choice whether we laugh or cry – and I chose to laugh”

One Step Beyond takes us behind the scenes for a close up look at the lives of people
involved in extreme sports.

Géraldine Fasnacht, world-renowned snowboarder and base jumper, invites us into the small and close-knit community of today’s real life supermen - wingsuit flyers...
We join her on a rollercoaster ride across the full spectrum of human emotions, catapulting from total euphoria to devastating loss, living life at full force and in glorious technicolour.
Until one day, out of nowhere, a dramatic event changes the course of Géraldine’s life and forces her to reconsider her chosen path. In the face of tragedy, she decides to pick herself up and get back on the ride, to be swept up in a whirlwind of adrenaline.
This bare bones, honest account gives us a window into the lives of ordinary men and women who have chosen to take an extraordinary path in life.

Fasten your seat belts, we hope you enjoy your trip!

This full length documentary will be available on my blog from march, 8th sebmontaz.com

More about Géraldine: facebook.com/profile.php?id=717415498

Thanks for your precious help:
Matthieu, Original Music: facebook.com/MattOuaki
Antoine, Motion Design: hardy-antoine.fr/
Florent, Sound design: zikali.com

Director/Editor: Sébastien Montaz-Rosset

You can access more informations about the film: facebook.com/pages/Seb-Montaz-Video-blog/149892381710213


Skydive Europe - WingSuit Camp

The birds are unstoppable!


Teaser freeridedays 2012

Interview Arnaud Darbon- Zot Movie Festival

J'ai eu l'honneur de rencontrer Arnaud Darbon, l'un des fondateurs et organisateurs du Zot Movie Festival. Et comme vous le découvrirez dans cette Interview, le Zot Movie Festival bouge, évolue et prend des risques... Attendez-vous à une édition 2012 détonnante ! Arnaud nous explique tout ça et revient sur l'histoire de ce festival... Du Lifestyle pur jus !

Suren Weekly #6 2012

Wing suit full flight docking: check. 1m 48s in the air: check. Sub 100km/h vertical speed: check. Landing in the middle of sheep: check. Fun as always :)

BIRDMAN "Teaser"

Teaser for full length about the history of BASE jumping through the eyes of wingsuit pioneer Andrew West.

Wingsuit BASE jumping in Switzerland

This is a quick clip from my 2011 trip to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland for some Wingsuit Base Jumping. This year I was jumping a brand new Vampire 4 produced by Phoenix Fly. Sorry guys, no Grinding the Crack here... maybe next trip!

Angels tears

Nous savons que la terre n'appartient pas à l'homme, c'est l'homme qui appartient à la terre. Nous savons que toutes choses sont reliées. Tout ce qui arrive à la terre arrive au fils de la terre. L'homme n'a pas tissé la toile de la vie, il est seulement un fil du tissu. Tout ce qu'il fait sur à la toile, il le fait à lui-même." Seattle, chef Indien Suquamish

J'ai réalisé ce court métrage avec la GoPro960 HD qui a une focale fixe. La forme créative se veut onirique, car je voulais raconter cette histoire à la manière d'une légende ou d'un conte, où la nature et notre terre étaient au centre de cette narration. A travers une passion, la vraie vie est tissée de milliards de fils invisibles mais tous connectés à notre univers. Les larmes de notre mère la Terre sont un signal envoyé à notre coeur pour nous rappeler que l'homme en est l'un de ses fils.

Camera, mise en scène, scénario et réalisation: Jérôme Rochelle
Lieux: Aveyron (France) pour les paysages, Haute-Savoie (France) pour les vols en wingsuit, Aragon et Catalogne (Espagne) pour le BASE jump.
Participants: Romain Wagner, Hubert Schober, Jérôme Rochelle
Matériel: GoPro960 HD
Date: Février 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Experience Freedom

A New Video From InfinityList.com
The Cinematic Sports Experience
Chapter 1: Experience Human Flight (vimeo.com/22428395)
Chapter 2: Experience Zero Gravity (vimeo.com/29017795)

Light off - Music up - Full screen!

We are very proud to be working with the some of the worlds most talented Skydive, Base Jumping and Wingsuit athletes. Our aim through this video is to showcase their work and open the doors for other athletes and filmmakers and provide opportunities for greater exposure. This is The INFINITY LIST Mission and we do it in eight adventure sports categories. It's what we do.


The Experience Freedom Journey will take you through the world of skydiving and Base Jumping in some of the most amazing and scenic locations in the world.

Special Thanks to the following:

Fr. Tedd Rudd 1976 – 2011
Thank you for bringing colour to so many peoples lives.

Chris “Douggs McDougall

Roberta Mancino

Barry Holubeck

Jeff Nebelkopf

Ben Lappin
2009 National Intermediate Champion
2008 New South Wales Champion
2008 3rd place Victorian Championsips
2008 Victorian Sportsman Champion

5D Wingsuiting’s Brett Newman and Adrian Aquardo

Yarra Valley Helicopter. Craig and Andy

Brad Goble, Pat Smith, Chas Mackinnon, Ossie Khan, Vicki Allen, Alana Jayde Bertram, Jill Grantham, Justin De Waad, Haas Herbert, Jon DeWet, Mike Tibbits, Tom Sierakowski

Produced by:
Betty Wants In

Melbourne Skydive Centre

Shot on a GoPro
Music: Immediate Music – “Surrender To Hope”

Monday, February 13, 2012

3 Fun Things

Wingsuit flying end 2011 / Freefly begin 2012 by Sly

Wingsuiting Part 2 ver 2

The more complete video.

¡Wingsuit Uno!

Skydive Elsinore Wingsuit School flock attempt.

Missing the Paradise

BASE jump is not just about jump... (don't expect to many jumps on this video)
One of the better feeling I have since I start BASE jumping, is the positive vibes around the activity.
Now I know, how is the felling of Happiness.
I enjoy life to the fullest, because every day is a gift, because you have to enjoy the simple and the complex of it, you live once, you have to live, because life is now.
This video is dedicated to the friendship, and to the son of Helane and Leandro, that soon will born.
Edition: Ramón "Chapa" Rojas
Music: VCR - The XX

Teaser freeridedays 2012

Highlights 2011 - Red Bull Skydive Team

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Final Jump

Explorer: The Man Who Can Fly : SUN FEB 12 8p et/pt : http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/explorer

Dean is finally ready to take an amazingly impressive leap, and the crew is dangling hundreds of feet in the air to shoot it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

First Wingsuit Flight - KPOW 2/5/12

First wingsuit flight with Scott Callentine at Skydive Kapowsin 2/5/12 CAW!

Suren Weekly 4 & 5 2012

Lots of fun, as always. Getting better at wing suiting as a team. One jump with the Cannonball men (Fernando and Pedro) where Ricardo loses air and tumbles on top of my container, hehe. It's not easy to catch those guys in the air :D

- Off zone landings, fence jumping involved :)
- Clara practices back flying;
- Getting better and better at flying our wing suits;
- Lots of docking and flying over and under each other.

Wingsuiting with Kuts and Friends part IV

Wingsuit Flying in 2011 with the Flying Family

Wingsuit Videos: Wingsuit vs. Pilatus PC-6 Airplane

Oh, no big deal... just a wingsuit jumper going up against a Pilatus PC-6. These wingsuit jumpers are totally insane.

About the plane:

The Pilatus PC-6 Porter is a single-engined Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) utility aircraft designed by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland. First flown in 1959, the PC-6 has been built in both piston engine and turboprop powered versions, and has been built both by Pilatus and by Fairchild Hiller in the United States. It remains in production as of August 2011.

Falling with Style: Donald Schultz vs. The Sanuk Streaker

Sanuk's favorite adventure addict and smile seeker Donald Schultz takes the Sanuk Streaker to new heights, wing-suiting from a hot air balloon hovering at 6,000ft.

Wingsuit FFC with Bart @ Skydive Elsinore Wingsuit School

Bart does his FFC at Skydive Elsinore Wingsuit School

Superbowl Acura ad - Jet Powered Squirrel Suit

2012 - 01 - Leon Hunt (Bridgewater, Australia)

A quick cut of some of the highlights of wingsuit coaching jumps I got to do with Leon Hunt. He did his first flight course at the boogie, and within 20 jumps managed to get up to frontloops, backloops, backflying and working on levels and transitions.

Check him out!

Camera & Coaching:
Jarno Cordia

Friday, February 3, 2012

2012 - 01 - Wingsuit vs Tracking - Part 1 & 2

Eli Gerris leading a flock of wingsuits in his PF trackingsuit at Bridgewater DZ, Australia during the Phoenix-Fly Wingsuit Camp January 2012. Eli clocked a 111 seconds from 13.000 ft, setting an avg fallrate of 70 MPH with a rocking forward speed.

Camera: Jarno Cordia - flylikebrick.com
Flockers: Jason, Darren, Douggs, Doan, Matt, Andrew, Tibbitts, Leon, Jan etc.

Eli Gerris leading a flock of wingsuits in his PF trackingsuit at Bridgewater DZ, Australia during the Phoenix-Fly Wingsuit Camp January 2012.

Shot on a small format camera, so colors are a bit dark due to the low light.

Camera: Jarno Cordia - flylikebrick.com
Flockers: Jason, Darren, Douggs, Doan, Matt, Andrew, Tibbitts, Leon, Jan etc.

Making of "CODE - The Movie"

Production: oinkfilm.de

Director|DoP|Editor: Nepomuk V. Fischer

Canon 7D / 60D
Canon 50mm 1.4
Tokina 11-16mm 2.8
Canon 17-55mm 2.8
Canon 70-200mm 2.8
GoPro HD

Edit with Final Cut Pro


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Transcendence Trailer

How awesome is this? :)

Over the past year and a half I have been working on a project exploring some of the psychology behind the extreme sports experience. While researching the topic I came across work by Dr Eric Brymer and began to read his thesis. His findings were so interesting that I decided to approach him about turning some of his work into a documentary. In May 2011 I left NZ to film and interview Eric in Australia and gathered what would become the structure to this film. I have worked with some amazing athletes including William Trubridge, Alison Gannett, Mike Abbott, Jokke Sommer and will be shooting with Vanessa Quin in the coming weeks. This is just a taste of what is to come in the film. Expect more interesting insights into what goes on in the body and mind of these athletes as they develop their skills throughout life all the way through their chosen extreme activities and see how they develop as a person as a result of it all.
This film is due to be released through a series of premieres in New Zealand in April. There will also be a premiere at this years Voss Ekstremsport Veko in Norway in the last week of June. We are also looking at dates and venues in California, Colorado, Quebec.
For more information on the film or if you are a company who wishes to sponsor this project please contact Josh at -

Thanks very much to everyone who has made this project happen! Without you I would not be able to share this film right now! Please share this with all your friends and family and help me spread the good word.

World BASE Race 2012

"The World Fastest Flying Human Being"


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Need4Speed: Insight

Team Need 4 Speed are back in this extended length video documentary.

The first in a series of videos to be produced in 2012 featuring the members of the BASE proximity flying team - Need 4 Speed - this video focusses on Robert Pecnik, wingsuit designer and owner of Phoenix Fly.

Skimming close to the ground at speeds of over 100MPH, this video shows some new lines, as well as exploring the team dynamic.

For more information, please check:

Pilots: Robert Pecnik, Jeannoel Itzstein, Joakim Sommer, Edo Senica, Tom Erik Heimen, Harry Kloska
Camera: Ludo Woerth
Editing & Post Production: Jarno Cordia airrebels.com

Nathaniel Mechaly - Bibliothéque
Nathaniel Mechaly - Destiny
Nathaniel Mechaly - The School
Hybrid - Formula Of Fear

For all media and press inquiries, including footage requests - please contact Macca@Phoenix-Fly.com

For information on how to start wingsuit flying - WingsuitSchool.com/blockquote>

BASE Impressions 2011

Suren Weekly #3 2012


Citroën - Wingsuit - Versão Diretor

wingsuit new age

Valery Rozov, wingsuit base


First Wingsuit Jump

John and I doing our first wing suit jump at Skydive City with Scotty Burns./blockquote>

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Team Oxygen Flocking EU11

Compilation of wingsuit flights made with some good friends during the spring and summer of 2011

Main camera & Edit: Eli Gerris

Additional camera: Bavo, Danny, Jackie, Spike

Music: Hybrid - Break My Soul


Alexey Drozdov
Anuschka Boender
Benoit Syben
Bavo Vleminckx
Bart Vereecken
Bassie Nys
Costyn Van Dongen
Danny Van Oosterwijck
Dimi Fisanov
Elana Cain
Eli Gerris
Floor Verschure
Gábor Szelei
Gregory Kvasha
Hans Schoeber
Ildikó Kovács
Jackie Harper
Jarno Cordia
Johan Wiltink
Magali Folkner-Braff
Martijn Maas
Paul Cain
Rob Jonkees
Spike Harper
Steve Braff
Vasil Zhuravel
Werner Pauchli
Yorick Bleijenberg
And many more who's name I can't remember right now :)

Thank you all for an awesome time!! :)

Monday, January 16, 2012


White,red and black suit - Aleksey
Yellow suit - Jos
Blue and white - Andrus

Daredevil base jumper breaks legs in mountain crash

More news channels are picking up on the accident:



Jeb Corliss crashes into Table Mountain

A YouTube user uploaded footage of Jeb accident, showing him clipping the terrain on a flyby past a ledge. Luckely he managed to deploy his canopy.

Jumper hurt in leap from Table Mountain

A TOP international base jumper has badly injured his leg in a crash-landing after jumping off Table Mountain today.

Jeb Corliss is revered by many as one of the world’s foremost base jumpers and wingsuit pilots, and successfully “flew” off Table Mountain last week.

Base jumping involves using a parachute to jump from fixed objects such as bridges, antennas, and cliffs.

Corliss, 35, was airlifted from the mountain by an Air Mercy Services helicopter and taken by ambulance to Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital.

The Californian’s friend, Joby Ogwyn, had already jumped when Corliss made his attempt.

A shaken Ogwyn said he could not explain what had caused the accident.

“It could have been a strange gust of wind; it could be that he got too close to the mountain,” Ogwyn said.

“I’m not sure what happened. I heard a sound – it sounded like Jeb hit a ledge, it sounded like he hit it twice, pretty hard.

“Apparently he’s speaking,” he said.

Metro EMS said Corliss had jumped from the Africa Face ledge and crashed at India Venster.

He had injured his lower leg and knee.

Base-jumper breaks his legs

A well known American base-jumper broke both his legs in an attempted jump from the summit of Table Mountain on Monday.

It was the second time in one week that Jeb Corliss attempted the daring feat.

Table Mountain National Park's Merle Collins said Corliss did not have permission to jump.

“We received a report that an accident occurred on the mountain, but discovered it was the same guy that based-jumped from Table Mountain last week without a permit,” she said.

5D / Soul Flyers Camp

5D / Soul Flyers Camp - 2011


5D/Soul Flyers invite only camp held in 2011 saw the countries top wingsuiters meet for a week of jumps previously unseen in Australia.

The camp introduced a new style of movement wingsuiting to Australia that 5D have been progressing over the last 12 months.

Stay tuned for the 2012 5D / Soul Flyers camp!

Music: M83 - Midnight City
Footage: Adrian Acquado, Paul Tozer, Vince Reffet


Enjoying our first wingsuit jumps of 2012. Benoit and myself doing some nice and relaxed flying set to the layed-back tunes of Jack Johnson.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

wingsuit-soaring (short cut)

Vasco flying away

Vasco - one of the pilots at Skydive Europe - flying away from me in my wing suit :)

Suren Weekly #2 2012

I know i'm repeating myself but damn... flying wing suits is awesome!

SEBAS to Walgreen's

A Nice and long Wingsuit Flight over Sebastian FL. Length of the flight 4min 18sec.. Flew into a 13kt headwind for most of the flight. Suit- X2. Exit alt- 13.3k Dply- 2.5k

Wingsuit 2 ways 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cloud Surfing --- (Wingsuit Adventures With Aviator!)

Wingsuit Jump From Helicopter

All the things that truly matter,
Beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace
Arise from beyond the mind.

Awesome stunt video: Wingsuit flyer conquers China skies

Sebastian Invasion 2011

This is just a first edit of this video. I'll be making a few upgrades then re-uploading a better version, but this is good enough for now. Huge thanks to Jeff Nebelkopf, Taya Weiss, Richard Parkin, Pedro Silva, and Miles for the portions of video which aren't my own. A future version of the video will credit you all appropriately.

For my first (BEER) real video in the sport, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. Credit for that goes to DV, who has made some unbelievable tutorials for using lightworks beta. I couldn't have made this video without either the software or his insightful introduction to the program.

Skydive Surfcity "Doin Work"

his video was made to remind this staff how much fun we have together. Skydive Surfcity is located near Santa Cruz in Watsonville, Ca and lands their students onto the beach of Monteray Bay. Video is film threw 2011 season mostly shot by Matt Rosado and Volker Hagg. The edit was cut together by Connor Maxen and Matt Rosado. Enjoy the staff jumps and bloopers.

Suren Weekly #1 - 2012

Night jumps: check. New wingsuits: check. Boy, talk about a fun week :D

Suren Team Promo

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/surenteam
More videos: http://vimeo.com/groups/suren

Wingsuit Maceio 2012,FreeflyRob & Cobra

Sydney Harbour First (& only) Wingsuit Flight

December 2011. Glenn Singleman, Heather Swan and Vicente Cajiga flew wingsuits from Rose Bay to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, landing in Barrangaroo. Due to the necessary permissions the jump took a number of years to organise. Jump was 3.5N Miles. 30k head wind, 3.10 seconds to opening at 4000ft AGL.

Plane: Cessna Caravan from Sydney Skydivers. Pilot: Adrian Geissman. Air crew: Mick Hill. Ground Crew: Elise Vale, Ove Jorgenson, Cath McGee. Thanks to Sydney Air Traffic Control, Phil from Sydney Skydivers, Sam from the Barrangaroo Authority, Graeme Hill and the Australian Parachute Federation, the NSW Premer's Dept and the NSW Police Dept (the Rocks). Wingsuits - Glenn and Heather - the Apache X and Vince the X-Bird by Tony Suits.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Skydive City Zhills Holiday Boogie 2011 - Wingsuit Edition

Flocking @ zhills for the holiday boogie

Wingsuit jump and beer

El ultimo dia del año con un saltito en globo con nuestros amigos de viento cero,colegas del aire y mucha cerveza !!!así se despide un año!!!

Justin Alien Wingsuit

BASE Jump Wingsuit Flight Off Mount Baring - Super Frenchie Diaries #6 on WIDSIX TV

BASE Jump Wingsuit Flight Off Mount Baring - Super Frenchie Diaries #6 on WIDSIX TV

In this episode of the Super Frenchie Diaries on WIDSIX TV, Matthias Giraud takes you deep into the Backcountry of Washtington State, near Stevens Pass... for an EPIC jump off the top of Mount Baring.

1000 feet to impact, 3000 feet total after wingsuit flight... Mount Baring provides an amazing landscape and a scenic backdrop that makes Frenchie nostalgic about his jumps in the Swiss Alps.

Music: "Teen Angst (Cover)" by Jon Barnard (Original Artist: M83) - http://soundcloud.com/jbarn33

see more of Matthias Giraud at: MatthiasGiraud.com

Stay tuned to WIDSIX TV for more of the Super Frenchie Diaries: http://widsix.tv

3way Bødalsfjellet - Wingsuit proximity formation by Tiger and friends

A 3 way with my best friends and idols Jokke Sommer and Halvor Angvik. Thanks to them I learned alot in ws proximity the last year. I was honoured when they asked me if I wanted to do a 3way proximity with them this summer.
This is the result :) Turn up the volume and enjoy.

Wingsuit Base Jumps in HD

Cloud jumper

Flying around clouds in my wingsuit. 2011

Wingsuit BASE jumping


All rights belong to their respective owners

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Flight of the Microwave Dinner: Softer Than Ever 2011

Dougs posted his 2011 video:

Apologies for such a shitty edit but i have to much on at the moment, but here is some fun from 2011 :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Armando the wolf

...un paseo por Toledo...un bonito día de Diciembre...

B.A.S.E. Perspectives - Switzerland

Warm fuzzies and cold pricklies in The Valley. A big mad thank you to all the total legends that made this trip awesome:)


A Different Feeling - The Avalanches

Earth People - Dr. Octagon

Passenger - Deftones

Float On - Modest Mouse

Jericho - Asian Dub Foundation

Ryan, Chuma, Woody, Mavs, Rogers, Tibbits, Donald Schultz, Douggs, Pepe, Mick, Swifty Swift, Chad, Millsy, Jeremy, Scottie Bob, Ian.

Extra Vid by:
Ryan, Mavs, OnScope Productions (Pepe), Woody, Scottie Bob.

King of the Bongo

Jumping out of a hot air balloon in the Arizona sunrise.

There could be something more fun than this. But I don't know what it is!

All footage shot by Steph Davis and Mario Richard with GoPro Hero2 HD

Balloon Wingsuit Jump Cutaway

little cutaway action after a balloon jump.

Motionsports Adrenaline Wingsuit - Quicklook

A demo that only has one part of the complete game.


1st dive of the GHOST-3, Opening a practice, being conservative opening at 5000 feet, an pull opening lazy

1er salto con el GHOST-3, una practica de apertura, conservador abriendo a 5000 pies, y piloto perezoso de regalo

WS Skydive

Rodeo's with Puffy's on top?

New Years in Florida, midnight wingsuit jumps were all time, yet here are a few money and DerP flicks to chew on. Dragon Slayers were everywhere!

Monday, January 2, 2012

WS Base

The most amazing skydiving stunt

This new skydiving move is call Mister Bill Dause.

Basically a this is a mister Bill XRW jump and then a transfer to a Wing suit rodeo

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Live in...

White,red and black suit - Aleksey
Yellow suit - Jos
Blue and white - Andrus

Gravity Rules But People Still Fly !

Like this mash-up ? Like this page ! https://www.facebook.com/KiddJahmann
Music by SynSUN - https://www.facebook.com/psysynsun
"Stay High" - "Dancing Machines"

wingsuit rodeo jump

This is a Rodeo Wingsuit Jump over Skydive Deland, Florida on 12-31-2011. Cool way to close out a fun year of jumping.