Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sydney Harbour First (& only) Wingsuit Flight

December 2011. Glenn Singleman, Heather Swan and Vicente Cajiga flew wingsuits from Rose Bay to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, landing in Barrangaroo. Due to the necessary permissions the jump took a number of years to organise. Jump was 3.5N Miles. 30k head wind, 3.10 seconds to opening at 4000ft AGL.

Plane: Cessna Caravan from Sydney Skydivers. Pilot: Adrian Geissman. Air crew: Mick Hill. Ground Crew: Elise Vale, Ove Jorgenson, Cath McGee. Thanks to Sydney Air Traffic Control, Phil from Sydney Skydivers, Sam from the Barrangaroo Authority, Graeme Hill and the Australian Parachute Federation, the NSW Premer's Dept and the NSW Police Dept (the Rocks). Wingsuits - Glenn and Heather - the Apache X and Vince the X-Bird by Tony Suits.

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